Zogg readied himself.

preparing to charge the robot as it steadily trudged towards him, "4...3...2...1" the mech said, thentransformed into its assault mode,

"YX-1293...attack, target Engage..."

Zogg was amazed at the appendages and strange looking protrusions that grew from the holes in the "metal golem's" sides.the mech then shot several energy projectiles towards Zogg who stood defiantly and swatted all the projectiles away with his axe

"That monster can use magic too?!.."

Zogg bellowed mightily his scream echoing throughout the mountain. then chanting a spell, axe in one hand and a fireball on the other he shot the spell towards the mech, the spell hitting then engulfed the robot completely with flames, yet it was unfazed because of an energy barrier protecting it.

Zogg shouted then threw his boomeraxe towards the mech which deflected by the mech's energy shield spun back into Zogg's hand

the mech retaliating then sent more energy shots from its blasters riddling the mountainside with holes,
while the shots continued flying, Zogg charged and swatted away continuously the energy shots from YX-1293's blasters, bellowing into his own battle state, he slammed away all the shots that came his way spinning and smacking away. The mech's sensors detecting the futility of discharging shots then switched its weapons .

this time one of its arms discharged a purple-hued energy sword readying itself for close combat. Zogg chanted a spell then screaming threw his axe towards the mech while releasing a large spinning ice disc twice his
height then unleashing the spell on the Mech. Zogg bellowed preparing
himself to trade blows with his axe with the mech's sword.


Zogg spun himself in a frenzy howling and chopping his axe, the mech catching the axe with its own blade then traded weapon blows with the barbarian


screamed Zogg losing himself in his battle frenzy the barbarian flanked the mech and chopped sideways testing the fighting skills of the mech,

YX-1293 in cold calculating accuracy stopped every blow and launched its own barrage of attacks stomping and hammering its sword into Zogg who responded to the attacks in skillful and blunt fashion, blow by blow countered in turn by Zogg who was impressed with the speed and accuracy of the strange "metal Golem".throwing his boomeraxe to the side and leaping backwards he landed, positioned himself then quickly cast a flaming wall spell to separate himself from his adversary.

YX the mech merely stomped over the barrier and continued its assault, the axe Zogg threw then found its mark and hit the mech at the side, finding its mark hitting and burying itself in the side of the mech, who continued to fight regardless, slamming its blade diagonally towards Zogg, who caught the

blow with the timely return of the thrown axe,the mech stomped the ground and prepared to charge, Zogg then stomped himelf and Howled mightily, his warcry shaking the ground he then cast a firespell and formed a flame axe on one hand and his own boomeraxe in the other, dual wielding two axes he raised both weapons in a bellowing challenge to the charging mech, both combatants now charging each other then locked weapons with the impact,

thanks to the sideward throw Zogg did earlier the shielding of the mech was now disabled, as Zogg noticed his flame axe now going through and doing damage on the mech who was now having difficulty fighting the howling barbarian three times smaller than it,

it raised its blasters ready to shoot Zogg down, but Zogg already had anticipated the "shooty" parts of the mech and began with his great strength to chop his axe, finding the energy blasters as actual weakpoints, he jumped on top of the mech and chopped and smashed pummeling the mech downwards

as YX-1293 went down on one metal knee.....


YX went down on one knee reeling but was not yet beaten, Zogg saw the ice disc he casted earlier stuck on the top of the mech, the disc had cut open a hole in the mech's armor, he used this as an opening and raised both his magical flameaxe and the other Boomeraxe high into the air to land a defeating blow but the robot proved to be unyielding, activating its own shielding to cover its metal skin it glowed and was now covered with an energy coat preventing the warrior on top of it from striking the final blow. YX spun itself around stomping and smashing in an effort to fling the chopping barbarian on top of it,

unable to hold on to something the screaming Zogg was then flung off landing with a loud thud on the ground, his massive muscled frame sturdy enough to withstand the impact, Zogg stood up immediately and shrugging off the damage Zogg laughed , his blood racing, he was enjoying the moment of the battle, roaring and bellowing to charge once more

"Thokk!!! God of battles!!!! DO YOU SEE AND HEAR ME??! GRANT ME STRENGTH TO FIGHT!!"

then bounded forward, Howling and spinning his two axes towards the waiting mech, YX now raised it's other arm and activated it's shielding

"Attack Mode at 40% efficiency, divert available energy at left arm shielding" it's system sensors indicated. if machines could feel fear this was probably the fear that the robot was now broadcasting

a large energy shield then spurted out of its left arm as it readied itself to fight the barbarian once more, its energy blasters shooting off towards Zogg who swatted them all away,
the mech despite being 3 times taller and larger than Zogg was having difficulty fighting the ferocious Zogg. who went to the side and leapt backwards, pausing to cast another magic spell one larger and more powerful than before.



Zogg released his flame axe, disintegrating it into thin air and concentrated all his will, focusing the mana reserves his large muscled body could muster and chanted under his breath a powerful spell he had mastered from the spellbook he once read, icicles then started to fall upon his enemy a taste of what was yet to come then with

both arms holding his axe Zogg unleashed his spell, Ice Storm!!!" howling shafts of ice and wind then befell the mech, slowly freezing it still, covering it in a tomb of ice, Zogg ran straight at the mech, summoning all his mighty strength chopping with his axe holding in with both arms

and leaping into the air axe raised poised to strike, his scream echoing throughout the mountain,

"mighty thokk!!! I gain this victory!!!"

the blow cracking and smashing the frozen mech into the ground as Zogg dropped his blow like a rampaging boulder, YX-1293 could do nothing even it's shielding on both left arm and the energy coat covering it proved useless as it was frozen solid in place and took the full force of the blow,

breaking the ice holding the mech, YX sputtered and dropped into the ground beaten as Zogg landed from his spot on top of the mech and shouted and pumped both his arms and hands at the same time into the air celebrating his victory. a mighty battle well fought, Zogg then went back into his cave and resumed eating his bear stew. with the broken mech still sparking from the damage it received.

The next morning Zogg finished his breakfast and went over to the downed mech, and thanked it for giving a good battle

"Zogg gives you thanks for fighting well!"

then readied himself for the journey down the mountain, it was then when he started to walk that YX then started to get up. Zogg looked back and readied his axe, elated to have another go with the mech, but this time it was different, YX then sounded off,
"kzzT. activating repair mode.....nanomachines online........full repair E.T.A 3 hours"

then started marching towards Zogg, Zogg then giddy raised his axe in the ready, but the mech stood still in front of Zogg quietly staying put.Zogg was perplexed

"No fight?"

the mech stood there for the longest time until Zogg gave up in fighting it, then started to walk away, Zogg after a few paces then looked back and saw the mech behind, following him

"Kzzt! target acquired.....Protect protocol engaged"

Zogg then spoke to it saying

"Zogg no need protect..."

but the mech still followed him..... perhaps it was the powerful blow made by Zogg to its processing circuitry or Zogg's fire spells frying its main brain core, it seemed Zogg had now a new ally...







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