It was a cold and comfortable evening in the land of the barbarians as Zogg roasts his chicken on a flaming fire, for him there was

comfort and satisfaction, as he sat by his favorite sitting log and contemplated the day's happenings, a little pillaging and some raiding here and

there, Zogg was content living in his hut joining the others in search of plunder and riches, and his hut was particularly stocked with gold and

jewels, Zogg grabbed his roasted chicken and carved it with his axe, an enchaned axe that would return when thrown, Zogg himself was no ordinary

warrior....he loved to study books which was quite an oddity among his people,whose preoccupation was on martial prowess a heavy built and muscled reaver

he chanced upon a treasure trove of a long dead wizard whose only treasured possessions were a full set of elemental spells of fire, water, wind and earth.

Zogg was curious in his mind and studied the books, and with studious practice was able to cast his first fire spell, then a water then wind and earth, and unlike his

the other barbarians who only practiced with weapons. swords,axes,spears,maces. he continued to read the books until he was able to reach a mastery a mage could only blush at,


Zogg looked around and surveyed his hut, he was particularly proud of it as he had built it himself making it so he could store his treasures inside

and no one would dare take loot from a barbarian, Zogg who was six spans tall(feet) and 131 stones heavy(kilograms) was a powerfully built fellow

tempered with the fires of constant battle and hardened with the wear and tear of the elements."Zogg is pleased! today was a good day. much battle done and loot taken for oneself!" as he took a bite from his chicken and chewed the soft meat,

all that changed in an instant as Zogg looked at the night sky and saw only a burning rock fall towards him, "A Fire Demon from the sky! come do battle with Zogg

foul beast!!, Zogg challenges you!!!!! Zogg brandished his axe and bellowed challenge, one wonders of how a warrior would challenge a meteorite to single combat, but Zogg does not care, only that it would be a good battle

Zogg chanted quietly and then casts a water ball spell towards the meteor then charged forward towards the falling rock which fell directly on his hut, his water blast spell rendered inate, the flaming blast launched Zogg backwards and making him fall in a the river beside his home.

the cold embrace of the water welcoming him as he swam upwards to see what the grokk had happened
wading back into the riverbank he raised his hand and summoned back his axe which being enchanted was indestructible as it spun back into his palm.

Zogg looked around and saw his hut totally destroyed and his treasure? melted into a pulpy mass. he looked around to see what else he could salvage

from the burning wreck and wondered "so it was not a fire demon? What could make such powerful boom? Zogg is perplexed..." Zogg surveyed his home which was now a burning wreckage

and saw a crater from which not a star rock could be found but a strange shining mystical orb. Zogg went closer for a look and as he went closer

the orb shone brighter and projected an image of a lady bedecked with jewelry, the most beautiful lady  Zogg had ever seen in his life.


the lady spoke softly but urgently as if she had limited time, please, I implore you warrior... help my kingdom regain its lost treasure, Zogg looked at her

and beheld the orb in his hand the woman spoke once more "the orb you hold before you is our most precious trearure. the orb of

great intention, I had no choice but to send it away to keep it from Yordac's hands, my time is limited, I had intentionally sent it away to find

a great warrior to return it to us the kingdom of outerspacia, I am princess Theria and to whomever this orb has chosen, yordac has already

sent powerful men to take the treasure by force, you are our only hope! " the orb then dimmed and the message was lost "by throk!" said Zogg, what

is this outerspacia? "he had never heard of such a place yet he remembered the desperate plea of the beautiful woman and then thought to himself "perhaps the men that woman has mentioned are skilled in battle?" Zogg then thought that if the orb was

that precious then he could find a worthy foe to match his prowess in battle," but he was stumped as to where to locate the kingdom, then remembers

the great library of Illumia, perhaps it could provide a location of the unknown kingdom. now decided, Zogg went and dragged the melted treasure and

hacked off a portion to keep for his journey buried the rest then .packed supplies for a long journey setting off on his quest to find the star princess.



Zogg walked across the lands of his people and greeted fellow barbarians asking if any had an idea where the lands of outerspacia were. but

to his dismay not a single one knew, no matter how well travelled barbarians are, what with the pillaging and raiding other kingdoms, not one did not know where it was

zogg went farther and farther away from his native land, until he noticed that the land he walked on was not of his anymore, he traveled

steadily and after a day's walking night fell and he rested on a cave in one of the mountains he climbed, chanting a fire spell he started a fire and

contemplated the day, "this meat is good! as he carves up a giant wooly bear he found earlier' casting a firespell from his hand he incinerated the beast

and dragged it's cooked remains to a cave to eat. he then opened a spellbook and started reading the contents, something he always had done before. 

night fell and Zogg contemplated his coming adventure into Illumia, he relished the thought of going to the kingdom and seeing the sprawling shelves of the library.

"there will be lots of spellbooks in the library, more spells for me to learn!!"

this thought excited him as he lay down to rest for the night, until he saw another burning rock fall towards his cave from the sky, Zogg saw it and immedietely sprang into action, beckoning to his boomeraxe he called to it as it spun towards him and landed neatly on to his waiting hand

then went towards the landing meteor, the thought of a fiery rock landing on his head did not even make him hesitant as he had no fear, or perhaps
forgot how painful it was being blasted by one, the fiery meteorite then landed blasting the mountainside spraying rubble everywhere,

Zogg ducked and hid behind a boulder and waited for the rain of rocks to finish falling then inspected the crater where it fell, but where the blast was, was not another orb but a large metal boulder.

"by throk! another orb? large to be one..."

the metal boulder then rose to thrice zogg's height and unfurled itself and transformed in front of Zogg's eyes...into a large mech.

"entry sounded off in a metallic voice
"target spotted.,,,,surrender orb....."you have 10 seconds to comply!"
then paced forward in a robotic walk.

it sounded off


Zogg was excited to the bone and his insides tingled, here was the battle he had been waiting for,

"throk will be pleased tonight!" zogg eagerly said,

this would not be a dull night after all, and readied his weapon to fight!
barbarian with an axe vs giant mecha.



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