Domineering Knowledge

by Crimsonfell

Original HIATUS Adventure Drama Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead LitRPG Male Lead Strategy Strong Lead

In a world where knowledge defines strength, humankind face off against themselves in a game of wits, strategy, and deception they made called "Virtuoso". Theee are 3 rounds in a game of Virtuoso.

Round 1: General knowledge. Players are given the chance to ask 20 questions on an agreed subject to the opponent, and whoever gets the most correct answers win the round. 

Round 2: The game of deception. Here, the two people tell 5 statements backed up with information to confuse the other; 2 truths, 2 lies, and one decoy statement. The opponent must decipher whether the statement is true or false. A wrong assumption by an opponent gives a point to whoever said the statement.

Round 3: A gauge of wisdom. In this last round, a person not acquainted with any of the players will be randomly selected from a crowd and asked to stand in front of them. The players are given 5 minutes to determine the person's livelihood, personality, and economic status. The person who guesses more accurately will be the winner of the round.

From small bouts like a disagreement to deciding the ruler of a kingdom, everything is dictated by who wins a game of Virtuoso. Status, wealth, power and fame comes with winning game after game of Virtuoso. Frey, a naive and warm-hearted 7-year old orphan boy with mediocre intelligence finds himself struggling to live his day to day life at an orphanage as a servant for the older kids smarter than him as a result of always losing a game with them. One day he discovers that his pendant isn't an average pendant, but a family heirloom.

What secrets are hidden within the necklace? Follow our young protagonist as he embarks on his journey to rule everything with his wits!

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