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A thousand spells in your pocket, for a price.

So the email told Mathias, a creative teenager dreaming of freedom on a conquered Earth where magic is a resource to fight over, and a dragon despot rules the stars. The mysterious Magik website offers him the chance to purchase magical powers online, so long as he fulfills the requests of hidden benefactors. He accepts.

Now embroiled in a power game he barely understands, Mathias decides to do the only sensible thing: build a crack team of magicians, monsters, and would-be knights to take down their oppressive dictatorship. An easy Quest, right?

Magik Online updates every Wednesday and Friday on the main website. You can check it out there.

The cover was done by the amazing ChasingArtwork.

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I passed over this one a few times, but turns out it's actually about a person using magic. The game thing from the first chapter is quickly rendered irrelevant by plot introducing itself, and the true setting is revealed.

Bit of bait and switch I could have done without, but that's fine.

So far it's been a basic revenge story on 'system gives quests to do exactly what you're already doing' rails, but the metaplot about what is actually going on with all the magic is interesting, if as of yet not gotten to. (Ch 15)

Haven't gotten enraged by typos yet either, so that's a plus.

However, most of the introduced characters have been somewhat 2d; the ones that couldn't be described by an adjective in short order become noun-noun-nouns; ie cyborg knight priest. Hopefully they gain a bit more character development as the story progresses beyond 'this is how I gain this noun', as currently the ones I like best are minor characters.

Berserker Gargoyle Mercenary ftw.

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Magic returned and then the dragon empire invaded

This is a story that plays in a post magic apocalypse setting. When magic returned to Earth it didn't come with a magic system, but an invasion from an interstellar draconic empire. Humanity didn't stand a chance and was conquered and annexed.

The story starts years after said apocalypse following the life of a teenage game developer who's got a worrying affinity with using illegal AI. This very tendency aroused the interest of an unknown sponsor, giving him access to magic and allowing him to do more than just petty sabotage against his alien overlords.

Overall this is a good story, I wouldn't call it realistic, but it demands far less suspension of disbelief than most other LITRPGs. There seems to have been significant effort in worldbuilding, making for interesting antagonists and protagonists. It also shows the ambiguity of a rebellion. Allying with people you'd otherwise rather not.

The MC is rather standard. Mother abducted by the aliens, so he's got reasons for a grudge, smarter than he's got any right to be, so he can pull off whatever he does. It's easy to empathise with him. Despite his teenage age, he's not an edgy anti-hero.

I'm honestly not sure what to think about the antogonists. The big bads seem to be walking clichées. The Evil Empire, the petty tyrant dragon, the Demon. On the other hand the lesser antagonists are far less so. The Imperial policeman trying to protect the locals from evils both demonic and subversive. I hope we'll see more of those. The nasty part of being a rebel is that good people are your worst enemies.

Overall I'd definitely recommend reading this. So far it's been a rather exciting read.

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Really great so far! The Magic system is very intresting and I like the characters so far! I hope this story gets more attention because it deserves it!

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Well written with excellent pacing and good characters/dialogue but... it breaks my suspension of disbelief. Considering the monumental difference in power levels, that the mc gets away with some of the things he does without getting stomped like an overripe grape, is frankly unbelievable. Its incredibly convenient that lie detection or mind reading spells don't seem to exist. Not to mention magical detection/tracking spells conviently not working or not being used at all, I could keep going. All the ignored or hand-waved plot holes add up to me being continually pulled out of the story.

Andross Guile
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A world conquered by scifi dragons with the power to wield magic, a vast interstellar empire that grows continuously. The world is rich in wonder and intrigue. The characters are almost alive and they seem as of yet not to be shielded by plot armour. 

On the originality score it's top-notch. The world has an Orwellian feel to it with mysterious ministries vying for power and yet staying in harmony. The magitech reminds me of other stories yet with its own twist. It's deeper and more magical than the usual LitRPG fare. 

On the RoyalRoad stage I'd put this story in the top 5. On the world stage perhaps in the top 1000. There are syntax mistakes far and few between, such as writing "maring" instead of "marring", but nothing a small wince can cover. 

This is a fantastic story that needs only very little polish to be among the very best in its genre. 

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Clickbait name. I love it

The fact that the words online and system are so overused that whenever you see them in the name of a title, the first thing that comes to mind are the stereotypes, if you can call them that. The simple fact that this novel just overturned what i expected makes it all the better. That and the writing is decent. I have no idea what this will turn into, but this is epic.

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Nice job of a novel. Recommend checking this one out.

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The story of a noble advanced dragon empire that mixes technology and magic to stand against evil. These dragons seek to protect all races from Genocidel maniacs, A.I. revolutions, psychopathic criminals, and ever consuming elementals.

Whoops actually it's about the humans that don't like being ruled by another race and want freedom for Earth, even though the dragons are probably the most merciful of the powers of the galaxy.

Fun story, call me unpatriotic but I'm hoping the dragons win.