God of Sacrifice

by Evil

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Dungeon High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Mythos Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

An Oath held until final breath, A doorway that brings only death.

Levi, a Royal Knight, is commanded to be a sacrifice so that the King may flee the Palace alive and dies shortly afterwards. But in doing so, he becomes something... More.


Cover from https://www.angelarium.net/af-angel-of-anger/ 

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Very Interesting Concept

I originally clicked on this novel expecting an angsty novel like that one LN were the dude gets left in a dungeon. But instead this novel's title is literal and the whole concept has made me excited to see how the novel turns out. I think it might still be good even if it turns into a powertrip if done right. I recommend reading this novel just mainly for the interesting concept. The grammer is fine. It read smoothly for a RR novel and the dialogue doesn't make everyone sound retarded. Also the main character is slightly unique as you don't see too many do-your-duty types and I like how you made him a god of sacrifice that was not angsty and annoying. I really hope you use the God part to your advantage and have your character act more like a god instead of an OP MC that wanders around pretending to be human and then shocks everyone with his powers if insta-killing and pure autis . . . manliness. So good job, ignore he haters, please continue the story, and enjoy writing your novel.

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As far as I can see this has very little in the way of the generic character idolatry commonly seen in fictions with similar titles. I enjoyed the first two chapters and this spurred me to write a review rather than simply bookmark the tab.

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Amazing so far (Up to chapter 9)

The mix of real feeling characters and an interesting world makes this very engrossing and i have not seen any grammar issues.

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I am not good to review but i can say i enjoy this story so far (chap 12) . Well built etc.. 

You say you start this story for fun and i think you make a better story than planned 

Keep the good work , i support you 

( sorry for my poor english not native etc.. )

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Don’t expect proper grammar in this one. This novel is really good, to a point. The setup is very reminiscent of that  light novel dungeon hestia one. That’s fine, it was a decently engaging anime, but this novel takes a darker tone. However, it somewhat compromises some logic, as if it wasn’t already in the other one. It also feels like it was not written with an endgame. How do I put in a spoiler tag in the iPad. SPOILER - I want to use the little girl as an example of what I mean when I say it compromises on some logic. Pretty sure every one has heard of Chekhov’s gun. The interaction up to a certain point is stellar and really endears you to her character. And then the shit drops.  We get the info, through comments under the story that Dolos is the god of trickery. So why would he kill a little girl especially when there is nothing to be gained and it seems more to the form of the god of torment. It seems more like a plot convenience than a natural progression of character. Now there may be foreshadowing to using that later on in the story which would be true to the name of trickery but until chapter 13 I was not really observant. Instead of a possibly clever reveal of big bad there is haha I am generic sadistic bad guy and I kick puppies for a living. Motive to climb the tower is established even before this point, although not a strong one. Then there is the explained appearance of best friendo like a god damn alien.  It also becomes apparent resurrection is possible, so where is that after cute generator of traffic dies. Especially with all and I mean all -2 of the Gods waiting at the gravesite. It could even be said she had no reason to exist as motive exists even without her and she is swiftly dispatched, it is the writing equivalent of ntr. The most that could be said is she strengthens some of the feelings already present. SPOILER END        Characters are pretty decent in interaction but not in action.          Story is pretty good.     

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Totally not relevant or anything but if you find a little girl getting killed by an ancient god after finding out her brother was killed after being abandoned by his party, then THIS is the comedy for you, my friend. 

Few times were someone else is talking but it sounds like the MC. Pretty readable outside of that issue. 

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Interesting plot. Has style

This is definitely a different feeling from those OP 'I'm a God so get the fuck out of my way' stories. The MC is more realistic and cool.

The way it's moving, even if it's a power Trip as long as it had the depth, then it would be completely fine. Character depictions and thoughts are enough to cover any gaps.

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Great character but story needs a direction.

So have read till ch 14. The character of MC is fresh for a lack of better term. He honors his oath and is willing to keep regardless of the circumstances.

With that being said, the story in a general sense is missing something. Like a dirction or a motivation. When I say motivation, its for the ones who are reading this. I as a reader need motivation to keep reading this, something to look forward to which I believe this story is lacking. Spoilers ahead

Spoiler: Spoiler


 So what should we as readers look forward to in the next chapters? The story is a bit fast paced and has a vague plot. Need more meaningful interactions, a tragedy tag and this a personal opinion but the comedy tag is a bit misleading and not compatible with the story in general. Still this holds great potential and Ill be editing as the story goes on if something changes.

Grammar can be improved, Style is pretty standard and the characterization great.

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Good and different but...

This story is good and different, but sadly the author decided to different pow:s while maintaining first person. I think that's super-whacko and basically unreadable. I usually just skip such chapters but that isn't a perfect solution. I'm removing the bookmark. Author: give a shout out if you change how you do your pow:s. Or don't, but your story is good, I like it, I just can't stand that one thing.

  • Overall Score

Well written and praise the sun

a solid tasty read with a protagonist who is likeable.


Deus Vault.