Accidental dungeon

by spuelschrank

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Magic Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A man, reincarnated into a magic world, fought his way to the very top, only to have to start again after an accident. He find's himself turned into a dungeon core and now he has to do it all over again. Maybe this time, he can even rise higher than he climbed before.

On his side he has his trusted partner Luna - a dungeon fairy, for him she was more like a deus ex machina.


The story is written in the third person and contains multiple points of view. At the moment this would be the mc, Luna and a young starting adventurer.

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1st Anniversary
Top List #400
Word Count (VIII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - The ritual ago
Chapter 1 - A new beginning ago
Chapter 2 - The visitor ago
Chapter 3 - Luna's adventure ago
Chapter 4 - Getting ready ago
Chapter 5 - A new home ago
Chapter 6 - The big bad wolf ago
Chapter 7 - Expansion ago
Chapter 8 - Unintended consequences ago
Chapter 9 - The bear ago
Chapter 10 - The arrangement ago
Chapter 11 - Expansion II ago
Chapter 12 - Return ago
Chapter 13 - The work never stops ago
Chapter 14 - Minor issues ago
Chapter 15 - A serious discussion ago
Chapter 16 - Expansion III ago
Chapter 17 - Plans ago
Chapter 18 - Back again ago
Chapter 19 - Reinforcements ago
Chapter 20 - Coming up with a plan ago
Chapter 21 - The raid ago
Chapter 22 - Aftermaths ago
Chapter 23 - Taking inventory ago
Chapter 24 - Experimenting ago
Chapter 25 - A lot of goblins ago
Chapter 26 – Clean coal ago
Chapter 27 – Training montage ago
Chapter 28 - Mana cultivator ago
Chapter 29 - Another meeting ago
Chapter 30 - Test ride ago
Chapter 31 - Explanations ago
Chapter 32 - Guildmaster ago
Chapter 33 - Exam ago
Chapter 34 - Developments ago
Chapter 35 - The dive I ago
Chapter 36 - The dive II ago
Chapter 37 - The dive III ago
Chapter 38 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 39 - Another serious discussion ago
Chapter 40 -Beasts ago
Chapter 41 - Just go for it ago
Chapter 42 – Regional Headquarters ago
Chapter 43 - Dungeon business ago
Chapter 44 - A new team ago
Chapter 45 - The dive continues ago
Chapter 46 - Tough situation ago
Chapter 47 - Human ago
Chapter 48 - The new floors ago
Chapter 49 - Motivation ago

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Standard dungeon story

Intresting back story, but nothing exceptional as of chap 6, I have high Hopes that by chapter 10 it will deserve 5 stars


Good start, but has stupidest world mechanic ever.

Reviewed at: Chapter 49 - Motivation

This story is pretty good for the first dozen or so chapters, but escalates far too much too quickly afterward.  It's good that there's such limited points of view, keeping the story focused where it should be, but there's spelling issues all over the place, which can be distracting and diminish readability.

The major problem that the fic has besides the spelling and escalation though, is that it includes the worst, most annoying, moronic world element ever imagined; cultivation.  It's barely a thing that's mentioned early on, thankfully, but as the story continues, it becomes more and more prominent, talked about near constantly by several characters.

Toby Ziegler

Promising Premise, Dismaying Delivery

Reviewed at: Chapter 49 - Motivation

I knew I was in for a bumpy ride from the first pages. Despite the sometimes jarring grammar and the often speech-like dialog, I found myself interested in the story. So I read it all the way to the end.

If grammar is an issue for you, you should probably pass on this one. Likewise, if character development and natural dialog are important to you, keep moving on.

However, if you can overlook these basic storytelling elements, the author's tale of what an immensely powerful wizard with memories from his modern society beginnings does to cope with being accidentally absorbed by a fresh dungeon core can most certainly work for you.


Great Story Ruined by Lack of Editing

Reviewed at: Chapter 49 - Motivation

Unfortunately, the reading process is hampered by missing words, duplicate words, incorrect words, and incorrect tense.

These errors are consistent throughout the chapters, and become very annoying, ruining the flow of the story for the reader while he/she is immersed in the story.

Although there are many editing issues, I've listed below consistent errors that occur repeatidly throughout chapters up to where I stopped reading (chapter 49):

"sight"  --> sigh

"sighted" --> sighed

"hit" --> had

"the" --> they

Overall, I like the story...but become very annoyed by the constant errors that could be easily remedied if the auther proof read (aloud) the chapters before posting. I also checked the math used in the mana regeneration throughout the chapters, and to the authors credit, it's correct.