Accidental dungeon

by spuelschrank

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Magic Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A man, reincarnated into a magic world, fought his way to the very top, only to have to start again after an accident. He find's himself turned into a dungeon core and now he has to do it all over again. Maybe this time, he can even rise higher than he climbed before.

On his side he has his trusted partner Luna - a dungeon fairy, for him she was more like a deus ex machina.


The story is written in the third person and contains multiple points of view. At the moment this would be the mc, Luna and a young starting adventurer.

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Word Count (VIII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - The ritual ago
Chapter 1 - A new beginning ago
Chapter 2 - The visitor ago
Chapter 3 - Luna's adventure ago
Chapter 4 - Getting ready ago
Chapter 5 - A new home ago
Chapter 6 - The big bad wolf ago
Chapter 7 - Expansion ago
Chapter 8 - Unintended consequences ago
Chapter 9 - The bear ago
Chapter 10 - The arrangement ago
Chapter 11 - Expansion II ago
Chapter 12 - Return ago
Chapter 13 - The work never stops ago
Chapter 14 - Minor issues ago
Chapter 15 - A serious discussion ago
Chapter 16 - Expansion III ago
Chapter 17 - Plans ago
Chapter 18 - Back again ago
Chapter 19 - Reinforcements ago
Chapter 20 - Coming up with a plan ago
Chapter 21 - The raid ago
Chapter 22 - Aftermaths ago
Chapter 23 - Taking inventory ago
Chapter 24 - Experimenting ago
Chapter 25 - A lot of goblins ago
Chapter 26 – Clean coal ago
Chapter 27 – Training montage ago
Chapter 28 - Mana cultivator ago
Chapter 29 - Another meeting ago
Chapter 30 - Test ride ago
Chapter 31 - Explanations ago
Chapter 32 - Guildmaster ago
Chapter 33 - Exam ago
Chapter 34 - Developments ago
Chapter 35 - The dive I ago
Chapter 36 - The dive II ago
Chapter 37 - The dive III ago
Chapter 38 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 39 - Another serious discussion ago
Chapter 40 -Beasts ago
Chapter 41 - Just go for it ago
Chapter 42 – Regional Headquarters ago
Chapter 43 - Dungeon business ago
Chapter 44 - A new team ago
Chapter 45 - The dive continues ago
Chapter 46 - Tough situation ago
Chapter 47 - Human ago
Chapter 48 - The new floors ago
Chapter 49 - Motivation ago

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Finally, a rational dungeon master

It starts a little generic.  Reincarnator from Earth becomes a dungeon, dungeon fairy shows up to answer his questions, because of backstory he has way higher mana regen than normal so grows much faster, ect. Still, a common story type can still be good as long as it has likable characters and a few origional twists of its own, which this does.

The part that puts this above other dungeon stories for me is Neo's plans for killing humans.  He doesn't turn sociopath just because he's a dungeon now, but neither does he whine and moan about how he doesn't want to kill anyone.  Instead he plans to make a fair but chalenging dungeon where people can become stronger as long as they plan properly, accepting that some overconfident idiots will die, while deliberately targeting the scum adventurers (something I've always wanted to see a dungeon do).  It's... well... rational.  Like an actual person became a dungeon and thought "I don't want to die, but I also don't want to become a deranged murder hobo.  How do I balance those?"

Originally there were some grammer isues, mainly because the first 14 chapters were all released in 1 day, without time to edit in response to reader comments.  After those comments and editing, those problems have mostly been fixed.



Good Start, written as of chapter 12

This is a solid start to a dungeon story not ground breaking but nothing that looks like it will break the story later. The choice of giving greater mana regeneration also will let the dungeon grow more quickly skipping over too much "dungeon has killed a cockroach, 0.001 mana gained" (not this story just illistrating a point. Author warns about english not being their native language but the only mistakes seen so far are limited to homophones "witch" instead of "which" etc. Which don't distract from the flow of the story.

So overall a B+


Another (good) Dungeon Core Novel

The Accidental Dungeon is a good dungeon core novel.  There is very little innovative about it; it follows the same tropes about dungeons as most dungeon core novels (a crystal dungeon core, a dungeon fairy, ranks from G to A to SSS for adventurers, etc.), but the author puts enough of his own twist on these familiar themes to keep the reader interested.  The main character (the dungeon) is unique.  Instead of the normal clueless human being randomly changed into a dungeon core, this book features a high-level wizard who accidently turned himself into a dungeon core.  He acts more intelligently and methodically than most dungeons, and although he starts with some major advantages for building his dungeon, this does not make him seem overpowered because he lost so many of his powers at the very beginning of the book. 

There are a few grammatical mistakes as the author warns in the description, but at no point do these mistakes make a sentence or paragraph impossible to understand, and are unlikely to distract the reader from this engaging and fun story.


An OK Start minus some editing issues.

This is readable, So far there's nothing particularly unique about the plot or premise. World Traveler who ends up in a dungeon core, pretty standard stuff. The fact that you had him living in the world for a few centuries makes it a bit different, but I've seen stories where a powerful wizard is placed in a core before as well. That being said the execution isn't bad. that earns some points.


The part that gives this series a ding is the grammar. The story flips back and forth between first person and third person perspectives, often in a single sentence. There are dozens of misused words, an example is using "meld" instead of "melt" when talking about excess heat in the core (which as a diamond would not melt at all, it would burn like coal)


I hope this story can realize its potential

As of chapter 42, the story is a good and easy read. It feels like an intro of a story that can become really good or mediocre. 

Tl;dr: Imo this story has potential - The characters, except for our protagonist, need some work, but you should give it a chance.


The characters are likeable, but up until now all, but the protagonist and his fairy, are two-dimensional and stereotypical. There is a lot of missed potential here to give the story and its supporting characters depth by introducing sub-plots and some slice of life scenes from the villagers or adventurers perspective.

The protagonist is different enough from the rest in this genre to be interesting. He uses his modern day knowledge to improve his dungeon and creatures, but I'm missing the knowledge of his past 300 years dwelling in the "new" world. He uses bits and pieces, but nothing really major except for the magic or rpg-system. In his time on this plane he could have encountered mutated or corrupted variants of the normal forest animals or at least some knowledge about different possibilities in this direction. A bit of missed potential here, but maybe that's just me.

Most of the characters are missing motivation, which is a major point in character and plot or story design. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I quite liked the pacing of the story. There are no major issues, but my dislike for time skips while in a not-protagonist POV.

As a non-native English speaker, i can't say much about your grammar other than that i didn't notice any major issues.


Overall i liked the read. The story flowed rather well and the has an interesting take on a rather static genre. I'd like to read another couple dozen of chapter to rate it better, but maybe I'll change my review later.

For the author: I hope you'll stick with this story and improve it. Best of luck


The Fairy Lucy is quiet funny just like how you would think a juvenile fairy should act.

The story of an reincarnated immortal trying to create a dungeon to do his bidding then become said dungeon is like the ultimate kick in the teeth.

Have great mana regeneration from the get go really helps him start his dungeon and not overly large as he can only grow to certain size with each level can also help him grow slowly. the rabbit mr floppy is so weird and creepy but atleast he has a very unique mount for his unique fairy


The story is fine, not groundbreakingly different than other dungeon core stories, but pretty enjoyable. The problem is that while the story threads that are picked up are fine, the author isn't very good at telling stories. Conversations between characters feel kinda off. Descriptions are kinda barebones. There is too much math and not enough imagination. The focus is put on the core's mana and lifeforce generation and not on the inhabitants of the dungeon or the look and feel of the dungeon. 

In short, it lacks highs and lows, creativity and character. A very basic kind of dungeon core story.


Excellent Dungeon Story

This is certainly one of my new favorite dungeon core stories to read! 

The main character is rational in his decisions, his fairy companion is funny, and the other characters presented make logical choices on how they act. 

I'm liking the idea of how the magic system seems designed so far and I look forward to more chapters in the future!


Thanks for your work! I like it very much! Few allowed herself to dream. If you like, you can use it as a cover.



a good solid dungeon story with good char background and an interesting mc and side mc's


the grammer is good and cant find big errors

the style is nice with steady dungeon info clear and easy to read

the story is nice and give's a good air of the size of the world it give details but does not fall into the problem of having a wall of text