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Alright. I was planning to post this yesterday, but I got busy. So, lets talk.



One problem I am currently having with my novel is that my early chapters are not good, and because of that, my ratings are lower and many readers are getting put off by the lower quality of my early chapters. Which is atleast fifty, probably more.

Now, I could attempt to rewrite and fix up the chapters, but I hate rewriting and the whole process will take several months atleast, of which, no new chapters would be created. That is unacceptable as I am attempting to grow my readers and patreon.

Another option, one which I am no longer sure of, is to start the second Arc of this novel as a standalone. Which I think it could be done. Unfortunately, that would delay the release of that Arc on RR until I have a good thirty chapters saved up.

Thankfully, I've been thinking for a long time and I have an arguably better idea.

I'm going to continue releasing the second Arc chapters here until I have 30 chapters, and then I will transition to the standalone. This way, all my readers will continue seeing new chapters.

So. Thoughts? Good plan? Bad?

Anyone have better ideas?

A note from Cliff Hanger

I will probably delete this post later.

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Flammenwerfer ago

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    Flammenwerfer ago

    Honestly, there's no real good solution to this. If I were in this situation, I'd try to do both and slow down the release rate while shoring up the earlier chaps. But you have your own problems to worry about too, so just do what you feel is best

      pyrak ago

      This, I know that a few authors have done that, just set a cetaice amount of time aside for reworks while still putting out regular chapters at a much slower rate.

      Vihyungrang ago

      In fairness though, several stories have also died during such editing periods. It's not an uncommon problem, as a writer gains more experience writing and hones their style and gains more focus with what they want from the story. The problem is that if the releases slow down too much, many readers will lose interest and drop the story. That leads to the writer losing motivation and interest, and the rest is history.

      fanobody ago

      Honestly, i only folow the Quasi story and why i didn't put a five star is because i think the other part of the story is of lower quality. You should just separate your two story in two story.

    StormWhiteHd ago

    Ummm I mean a bit of a stopgap could be to get some readers that are willing to edit, go back to those first chapters and see if they can tune them up for you a little.

The Storylord ago

welp. If we still get chapters, I think the rrl readers will be happy.

    H1togami ago

    If Ron Burgundy says it then THATS THE TRUTH!

    yeah, agreed

    charlespk2008 ago

    AGREED. stopping when your not at risk of burnout is going to bother the readers more, maybe lose you viewers.

    disaster scenario: you rewrite the chapters and throw your self off your groove.

    nice idea: the "start from the arch you like", making the new arc so people can jump into it would be great, especially for people that didn't like the dungeons and power building of before.

sb3n ago

What do you mean by standalone?

It won't follow Quasi, or explaining it would be spoiler?


(edit: I hereby request acknowledgement of my first FIRST) 

Lord Sosvodiris ago

That sounds like good plan to me and so far I see no downsides.

Nomad1791 ago

I think it's a good plan but I gotta ask what's wrong with the earlier chapters? Simple mistakes?

MaliMi ago

Sounds like a good compromise if you do not want to rewrite the early chapters.

Sagaaa ago

I'd say is as good a plan as any we'd come up with so...

lwt's go for it

EverShadow ago

It's an interesting idea, but I think it's risky. A lot of people already do like this story, and you have a pretty good viewer base. There are some low reviews, but most stories have those. I think you could keep going here and still be fine.

My main concern is how reading the second arc will feel for new readers. There has been a lot of worldbuilding and character development in this story so far. If people jump into the story now without knowing what came before, they're going to be lost. Unfortunately, if you take the time to rebuild a lot of the development you've done already, you're going to bore a lot of the readers you have now.

If you think there's a way for you to pull it off, then go for it. Just keep in mind that it is a risk.

P.S. It's been a great story so far. Similar to a lot of LitRPG's, but unique enough to make it very fun. Thanks for writing this far.

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