Inexorable Chaos

by Quasieludo

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon Female Lead GameLit Grimdark Harem High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Ruling Class Secret Identity Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

When a summoned hero returns back to earth after they have completed their job and saved the world, do they then live a normal life?

The answer is usually Yes. They get married, make kids, and then eventually die.

But not all heroes are made equal.

Some of them find such a life boring.

So instead, they do something more interesting.

They sell themselves to the gods.








This story will contain 2 and 3-dimensional characters.

Extensive Worldbuilding.



Sex/ Drama/ Love/ Harem

Constantly Changing POV's

Multiple Main characters.

Overpowered characters.

Messed up shit-- You have been warned.


Link to Cover. I don't own it... yet.

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  • Overall Score

I have high hopes for this story.

I’m loving this story so far, it grew on me very quickly. At first I was wary as I was thinking it would turn into another OP MC story right away. Sure the MC is looking to become extremely powerful but it’s not like the normal OP MC where they can never be beat and can shoot laser beams that kill gods with ease or something. This MC survives by using knowledge litterally gained from countless lifetimes worth of personal experience and by being as quick witted as he is strong also with some occasional outright bluffs thrown in for good measure. I highly recommend this story. 

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All the right stuff in all the right places.

The story overall is amazing. It gives just enough to make the characters endearing and character building, and yet leaves out enough cause speculation and suprises along the way.

-The style is unique. It gives off the feeling of fantasy, yet not the awestruck fantasy as usually (thought it does have those moments) it gives the view of a proffesional who is just making his job as enjoyable as possible. Getting paid while he's at it.

- The story overall is amazing. It gives just enough to make the characters endearing and character building, and yet leaves out enough cause speculation and suprises along the way.

-The characters have so many paths they can go down for building. While the MC seems like a clear cut guy, we don't know enough about him for it to seem boring. I won't really talk about other characters too much for spoilers sakes but the other ones either aren't as clear cut as you originally think or they follow the trope in their own unique twist.

-I catch a few spelling mistakes here and there and maybe a word in the wrong place every once in a while, but not bad. If wanted, just msg me and I can do an edit check on the entire book.

Overall score 3 five stars and one four star. Since I don't count grammer nearly as important the entire thing gets a five star. Congrats! *confetii*

Andross Guile
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Good Story, Terrible Syntax

This is a decent story with a semi original plot and likeable, if somewhat idiotic characters. The non-summoned characters might technically be people but they act like NPCs.

Now to the massive con: THE SYNTAX IS ATROCIOUS!!! Seriously, the most glaring error was instead of writing "Franky's" you wrote "Frankies". Unless you have many people called Franky you never write the plural of a name. 

What's slightly irritating is the sexual stuff in the story. I don't mind NSFW stuff but it's done terribly here. I don't know why you added it at all. It's jarring and annoying. If you have such raunchy characters, don't make fade to black sex scenes, it doesn't fit thematically.

The flashbacks should be made obvious. You should at the least make headers that say: 2 months earlier or something because it takes a few sentences to understand that we're somewhere completely different in the narrative.

And to my final criticism: It's laudable that you cleaned up your syntax somewhat in chapter 18 but you must edit the rest of your chapters. Take a day off from writing and edit properly. I guarantee you'll go up by a couple hundred in the rankings if you do. I almost stopped reading because it was so awful. 

Otherwise, well done and I hope to read more.

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best twist on summoned hero trope

One issue that you tend to have when you read a LARGE amount of story's like I do is that you tend to get tired of same old same old happening. You really only can stand reading about a certain trope happening so many times before you can pretty much give an almost verbatim explination as to what a story's plot is going to be when you find their trope. A perfect example of an overdone trope that pretty much everyone knows by now is the "summoned hero" trope which either is "kill the demon king" or "your summoner's are @ssholes" but after reading this I can say with a great deal of excitement that this has NOTHING to do with those tropes, infact I am quite pleased to say that I have little idea of what's gonna happen and I excitedly looking forward to it.:)

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Spoiler: Spoiler


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Excellent blend of old and new!

I am loving the story.  This story takes a tried and true concept of hero summoning and game boxes and manages to still be fresh and entertaining.

i was a little confused at first with the perspective shifting to different MC’s or viewpoints.  If the story had ended on one of those when I first started reading it would have been horrible.  Luckily I started reading after 18 chapters were done and I can see how the viewpoint shift is going to enhance and make the story better.

My only complaint as ever when I finally find a great story is that I want more immediately.  That being said I would rather the author take their time and continue to put out a high quality product than face speed and a decline in quality.

Keep up the great work and ignore any of those haters that only bring negativity to any situation.

josh keely
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I honestly have no complaints

yes the mc is overpowered but he has a legitimate reason to be overpowered he has done this isekai shit 17 times already if it wasnt easy by then he'd be a dumbass. He is also not perfect he is a cocky lil shit but he has every right to be he's good at what he does and takes pride in it and his results speak for themselves he is an "imma stomp a mud hole in your ass the most efficiet way possible" kinda mc and  I love that and the best part is you get to see this fucker from other's points of view amazing masterstroke good sir! 

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Good beginning, looking for more

I really like the story. I've read all so far published chapters (23).

Good points:

  • Fresh storyline concept, very much to my liking
  • Funny engaging characters
  • Fucking isn't taboo and is a normal part of the story
  • Fully exposed mature content, no sugarcoating the shown reality
  • Fantasy setting and RPG elements
  • Future potential of the story; empire building, heroes confrontations, epic battles, uncovering secrets of the world, god of trickery, slice of life scenes helping in world background exposition, etc. 

To be improved points:

  • Realese rate - from my experience on RR stories with regular, say every 3 days, realeses maintain high popularity and ratings. I believe that in time author will grow in experience and confidence which would let him write the story faster. 
  • Some chapters are little too short, some chapters are just long enough but don't have enough story progression or world exposition to be satisfied (like chapter 23) 
  • Not enough of the main character, the guy is funny, his hilarity mainly comes from the contrast of a guy who wants to have fun and is laid back while in life or death struggles , side chars. are obviously important in the world building, but aren't as entertaining 
  • Quickly improving editorial level of the story
  • I suspect the Author doesn't have sketched up the overall main or side story plots yet, same with this and the next arcs in more detail, potential story lines of high and low level of importance for the total story development have grate potential to intertwine and expand on each other in the future but without the anchor points in plot thought out in advance the storyline cohesion will suffer along with the overall quality of the product. 

In short great potential both for the story and the Author. 


  • Overall Score

I find the mc quite amusing and the story is quite good.

  • Overall Score

the story got great worldbuilding

I like the MC Quasy quite a lot. I see a promising story with stable updates.