by RinoZ

Anthony has been reborn! Placed into the remarkable game-like world of Pangera.

However, something seems a little off. What's with these skills? Bite? Dig?


I've been reborn as a WHAT?!

Follow Anthony as he attempts to adjust to his new life, to survive and grow in his new Dungeon home!

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Table of Contents
845 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Bleary days ago
Retreat from danger ago
Body of Iron, heart of flame ago
Raid ago
The furious Tiny, the delectable feast! ago
Breaching the surface ago
Cultural exchange ago
Whoops ago
New home ago
Territory ago
Strange new life ago
It all comes back to mana ago
Just so skilfull ago
Embers ago
Core farming ago
Transform and roll out ago
Whispers in the dark ago
Flee from fire ago
Crafting of the JellyMaw! ago
Diggin is the song of my soul ago
Back into the breach once more! ago
Rising! ago
Brawlin' ago
The beating goes on ago
Anthony, beyond human ago
Monster Unleashed ago
The human menace ago
The Queen ago
The path forward ago
Within the mind ago
Talking points ago
Flames rising ago
The mini escapade ago
Small fish, smaller pond ago
The risk, the reward ago
Desperate times ago
The case for cooperation ago
Fall like dominos ago
A tunnel is always the answer ago
Assault on the surface ago
Premiums are going way up ago
Gateway ago
Into the palace ago
Battle to the doorstep ago
The Queen circumstances Part 1 ago
The Queen's circumstances Part 2 ago
The Queen's circumstances Part 3 ago
The sweetest voice ago
The endless nightmare ago
Those who descend, that which rises ago
Settling new lands ago
Green thumb ago
Combine harvester ago
The finer vegetation ago
Salad ala carte ago
Stairway to Biomass ago
Field trip ends, itching begins ago
Laying the foundation ago
Core, what is it good for? ago
Well behaved ape ago
Options abound ago
Exceed mortal kind ago
Words with the White Wizard ago
Low Rider ago
The work of the mind ago
The pain inside ago
The day that changed Pangera ago
Unexpected company ago
Rumour has it ago
Inconvenient ago
Ape slap ago
The surge ago
Dire lightning storm kong ago
Crinis unleashed ago
Playing with water ago
The Croca-Army ago
The Marsh Expanse ago
Tentative exploration ago
Battling the marsh ago
The next wave ago
A tasty feast ago
Surface situation ago
Humans and their needs ago
Improve thyself ago
Quick! Status report! ago
Spendin' ago
Upgraded and ready to roll ago
The world below part 1 ago
The world below part 2 ago
The world below part 3 ago
The world below part 4 ago
The world below part 5 ago
New dawn ago
The boys (and girl) are back in town ago
Compression obsession ago
The state of play ago
The A(nt) team ago
Farewell surface ago
Assault begins ago
Contact ago
The new Croc on the Bloc ago
Magical Ant ago
Feast of Croc ago
Skirmish conclusion ago
Expeditious retreat ago
Once more into the expanse ago
The wonders of nature ago
More marsh exploration ago
New growth ago
The rebel child ago
The Push ago
Woodstuffs ago
Undying ago
The bigger they are ago
The encroaching doom ago
Eye of the Beast ago
Eye of the Beast 2 ago
Eye of the Beast 3 ago
Eye of the Beast 4 ago
To consume the beast ago
The spoils and return to the surface ago
Discussions ago
Misunderstanding ago
Confrontation ago
The Priest ago
Learnings and Worship ago
Sudden Attack ago
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree ago
The troops arrive ago
Battle of Unity ago
Gathering thoughts ago
Changing Ways ago
Changer of ways ago
I mutate, therefore I itch. ago
Hey big spender ago
The ancient itch ago
The new Crinis ago
Getting down to work ago
Preparations continue ago
Check out my skillz! ago
Grinding all day, grinding all night ago
Time advances rapidly ago
The day draws near ago
The feast, the grind, the spend ago
The final preparation ago
First words of a new era ago
Another voice from the dark ago
Training day ago
New rules ago
The waking monarch ago
The new colony takes shape ago
The beast slumbers no more ago
Lining up those ducks ago
The second phase ago
Diving into the depths ago
Back from patrol 1 ago
Back from patrol 2 ago
Triumph of traning ago
Naming the Twenty ago
The first Council ago
Purpose going forward ago
Anthony sallies forth ago
Delving once again ago
Aphid Association ago
The grind of battle ago
Modified Aphid ago
Counting the gains ago
My finest creation? ago
Feast averted ago
The Queen has a new pet ago
The second council ago
Scouting report ago
Surface Situation ago
Deflect ago
The impact ago
Colony building ago
The surface is just so draining ago
City under attack ago
Bird is the word ago
Salvation? ago
Flexing profile ago
Just barely ago
The children of the beast ago
Bring down the commander ago
The stuff of nightmares ago
Leap of faith ago
Mind War ago
Chapter 302 - The Fall ago
Don't mess with Momma ago
The sound of the inevitable ago
Regroup ago
Stealth ant rides forth, status update ago
Return to the others, the plan ago
Spending and patrol ago
Making motions ago
Settling in ago
Approaching Liria ago
The opressive sense ago
Over the wall ago
The beast itself ago
Flight from Liria ago
The escape ago
Advance ago
Fleeing south (again) ago
Reunite with the family ago
Mother of Planning ago
War Council Part 1 ago
War Council Part 2 ago
Crinis Evolves ago
New Crinis, Spending up ago
Belonging ago
Consultation ago
The forward HQ ago
The first ambush ago
The first ambush part 2 ago
Musings ago
Regroup ago
Stepping forward ago
Crafting the future ago
The third ambush part 1 ago
The third Ambush Part 2 ago
The third Ambush Part 3 ago
Third ambush part 4 ago
Third ambush part 5 ago
Revel ago
All revved up and.... ago
Ant + Simian ago
Hatching a plot ago
The never ending ambush ago
Planning is hard ago
People Helping People ago
Tussling with Mage Slaves ago
Angry Wizard Lizard ago
Ride the lightning ago
Cradle of the end times ago
Dignity of the Eldest ago
The final stretch begins ago
Tempting fate ago
Go Time ago
Timely Intervention ago
Lightning Crashes ago
Dangerous Games ago
Council Councils ago
At least stamina is levelling up! ago
Get 'em ago
C'MERE ago
Level 40 ago
Return and Nest ago
Wrestling with the core ago
Crushed ago
Evolution Begins! ago
Rounding out the evolution ago
Sinking ago
The soldiers life ago
War Queen ago
The Dark Army ago
The approaching tide ago
Contact ago
The boldest soldier! ago
Pushes and pulls ago
The Queen strode forth ago
The Queen Effect ago
Her time will come ago
The Patient Ones ago
A new perspective ago
Fight for your life ago
Croc around the Block ago
The Leeroy Initiative ago
Shadow Offensive ago
Mosh Pit ago
Gotta go fast! ago
Dreaming ago
Stand against ago
Shaping Up ago
Stay Away ago
The Paragon's Fight ago
Twisted Mind ago
Communal Will ago
Attack the mind ago
It's gettin' hot! ago
The person within ago
Dialogue ago
Sacrifice ago
The Boom Times ago
The Beast Falls ago
The Conclusion, The Feast ago
Heat is falling, heat is Rising ago
Food Coma ago
The church of Anthony ago
Unexpected meeting ago
Conversations with a Wizard Lizard ago
Let's get back to business ago
Aphid Time, Spending up ago
Hello again my old friend ago
Search for the Sophos ago
Tunnel Time ago
Shadow Flower ago
The Sophos village ago
Formo Returns ago
Day Spa ago
The real art of core shaping ago
The Fires of Industry ago
Road to recovery ago
Hospitality ago
Crinis Evolution ago
Gratuitous Death Sphere ago
Departure ago
Gate to the Second Strata ago
Breaking through to the other side ago
World of Shadow ago
Goals and responsibilities ago
Wrong Legged ago
Tunnels of shadow ago
Stupid Ape ago
The Wizards' favourite ago
The Monsters Come ago
Dust to Dust ago
The Deep ago
Wide open spaces ago
Reunion ago
Reunion Part 2 ago
Light the way ago
Crustacean sensation ago
Digesting Gains ago
Advancing into the unknown ago
The upper reef ago
Attack from two sides ago
Fishing for levels ago
Devastation ago
Devastation part 2 ago
My head hurts ago
Grinding for kicks ago
Fighting in the Shadows ago
Stone Skin, Fast Feet ago
The hunt is on ago
They're Coming ago
Spider to the fly ago
The latest candidate ago
Face to ... thing ago
Custody ago
Not a fan ago
Gateway ago
Escaping? ago
Run! To Captivity! ago
Chapter 458 - Changing Circumstances ago
Chapter 459 - Locked up ago
Chapter 460 - Honesty is refreshing ago
Chapter 461 - Too much honesty is maybe not so great ago
Chapter 462 - The Legionaries Tales ago
Chapter 463 - Morrelia Awakens ago
Chapter 464 - Was dancing to the ... ago
Chapter 465 - The monster in the mirror ago
Chapter 466 - So Bohemian like me ago
Chapter 467 - The rock in my corner ago
Chapter 468 - Strategising ago
Chapter 469 - Putting the ducks in a row ago
Chapter 470 - Opening Night ago
Chapter 471 - The first fight ago
Chapter 472 - Getting bogged down ago
Chapter 473 - Tiers of magic, delicious meals ago
Chapter 474 - Eye of the tiger, mouth of a teamster ago
Chapter 475 - The Regimen ago
Chapter 476 - An unlikely ally ago
Chapter 477 - Another Perspective ago
Chapter 478 - Meanwhile, back at the colony ago
Chapter 479 - Antdustrial Revolution ago
Chapter 480 - If you got it, spend it ago
Chapter 481 - In the red corner ago
Chapter 482 - Envy ago
Chapter 483 - The real master of magic ago
Chapter 484 - The secret technique of my elders ago
Chapter 485 - Demonically delicious ago
Chapter 486 - The shock of it all ago
Chapter 487 - I feel potential here ago
Chapter 488 - Back at it ago
Chapter 489 - Meeting of the minds ago
Chapter 490 - The Worm Conspiracy ago
Chapter 491 - Why so much pain ago
Chapter 492 - The shape of the days to come ago
Chapter 493 - The round that wasn't ago
Chapter 494 - Dangerous Satisfaction ago
Chapter 495 - Deal with the devil - ant ago
Chapter 496 - Idle Monster ago
Chapter 497 - Keep the train going ago
Chapter 498 - No Tickle ago
Chapter 499 - What comes next? ago
Chapter 500 - The rumble below ago
Chapter 501 - Trade ago
Chapter 502 - Holy ground ago
Chapter 503 - Round four ago
Chapter 504 - Speed. I am not speed ago
Chapter 505 - Gaining Traction ago
Chapter 506 - Getting too far ago
Chapter 507 - Imminent escape ago
Chapter 508 - Mostly Chatting ago
Chapter 509 - Worm Your Way In ago
Chapter 510 - The Horror ago
Chapter 511 - How to outwit a scholar ago
Chapter 512 - Daring do ago
Chapter 513 - Flight for freedom ago
Chapter 514 - Pay the bill ago
Chapter 515 - Fly, you fools! ago
Chapter 516 - Closing in on closing in ago
Chapter 517 - Pursued ago
Chapter 518 - Triad in front, triad behind ago
Chapter 519 - Fight for freedom ago
Chapter 520 - A new kind of mayhem ago
Chapter 521 - Rescue from the dark ago
Chapter 522 - The Creeping ago
Chapter 523 - The early Colony gets the worm ago
Chapter 524 - Diversions ago
Chapter 525 - The Fear ago
Chapter 526 - The SAS of Colonies ago
Chapter 527 - Barging In ago
Chapter 528 - Bringing the Shapers home to visit ago
Chapter 529 - The trek ago
Chapter 530 - The royal Hunt ago
Chapter 531 - The next generation pt1 ago
Chapter 532 - The next generation pt 2 ago
Chapter 533 - Who's tracking who? ago
Chapter 534 - Run? Fight? ago
Chapter 535 - A game of cat of mouse ago
Chapter 536 - Being Bait ago
Chapter 537 - What are you really made of? ago
Chapter 538 - The heck are you doing?! ago
Chapter 539 - Stabbed in the heart! Who's to blame?! ago
Chapter 540 - They really want me stabbed! ago
Chapter 541 - War commences ago
Chapter 542 - Battle concludes ago
Chapter 543 - Incredible advances in medical technology ago
Chapter 544 - The long walk home ago
Chapter 545 - The heart of the Legion pt 1 ago
Chapter 546 - The Heart of the Legion pt 2 ago
Chapter 547 - The Heart of Legion pt 3 ago
Chapter 548 - The Heart of the Legion pt 4 ago
Chapter 549 - Arriving home ago
Status update ago
Chapter 550 - The new nest ago
Chapter 551 - Tickles denied ago
Chapter 552 - Words with Mother ago
Chapter 553 - A busy day in the antborough ago
Chapter 554 - Upturning the applecart ago
Chapter 555 - Council meeting ago
Chapter 556 - What's going on up here? ago
Chapter 557 - Would you go to war for some insects? ago
Chapter 558 - Picking up something I'd rather not ago
Chapter 559 - Strange new surrounds ago
Chapter 560 - Taking Stock ago
Chapter 561 - Waking ago
Chapter 562 - Scouting Report ago
Chapter 563 - This is different ago
Chapter 564 - Ant squad, assemble! ago
Chapter 565 - Attack on Rylleh ago
Chapter 566 - Attack on Rylleh pt 2 ago
Chapter 567 - Attack on Rylleh pt 3 ago
Chapter 568 - Attack on Rylleh pt 4 ago
Chapter 569 - Attack on Rylleh pt 5 ago
Chapter 570 - Attack on Rylleh pt 6 ago
Chapter 571 - Attack on Rylleh pt 7 ago
Chapter 572 - Attack on Rylleh pt 8 ago
Chapter 573 - Attack on Rylleh pt 9 ago
Chapter 574 - Attack on Rylleh pt 10 ago
Chapter 575 - The aftermath ago
Chapter 576 - Silent Halls ago
Chapter 577 - Downward growth ago
Chapter 578 - The dark web ago
Chapter 579 - The truly disgusting face of the foe ago
Chapter 580 - Prepare to strike ago
Chapter 581 - Attack on the eight-legged ago
Chapter 582 - The great working pt 1 ago
Chapter 583 - The Great Working pt 2 ago
Chapter 584 - The Great Working pt 3 ago
Chapter 585 - The Great Working pt 4 ago
Chapter 586 - The delegation pt 1 ago
Chapter 587 - The Delegation pt 2 ago
Chapter 588 - The Delegation pt 3 ago
Chapter 589 - The Delegation pt 4 ago
Chapter 590 - Free from webs ago
Chapter 591 - Exploration and sweet, sweet skills ago
Chapter 592 - Gathering once more ago
Chapter 593 - Advisors ago
Chapter 594 - The simplest way ago
Chapter 595 - Where the hell are they?! ago
Chapter 596 - Creeping doom ago
Chapter 597 - Doing the Rounds ago
Chapter 598 - A Strange New World ago
Chapter 599 - Who are these Folks? ago
Chapter 600 - Punching out the Numbers ago
Chapter 601 - Finessing the Numbers ago
Chapter 602 - Improve Thyself! ago
Chapter 603 - Outward Bound ago
Chapter 604 - Back in Action ago
Chapter 605 - Elementary my dear... deer ago
Chapter 606 - First Contact ago
Chapter 607 - The Welcome Stranger ago
Chapter 608 - Hat's off to you ago
Chapter 609 - The fire and steel ago
Chapter 610 - A hive of activity ago
Chapter 611 - The work of war ago
Chapter 612 - A determined enemy ago
Chapter 613 - The stone endures ago
Chapter 614 - Marshal the colony ago
Chapter 615 - A chat with Titus ago
Chapter 616 - The Rage ago
Chapter 617 - Easy breezy ago
Chapter 618 - The Press ago
Chapter 619 - In the dark, but not alone ago
Chapter 620 - In the mouth of madness ago
Chapter 621 - Blissful danger ago
Chapter 622 - Ah, nards ago
Chapter 623 - The enemy advances ago
Chapter 624 - Death Comes ago
Chapter 625 - Vengeance ago
Chapter 626 - Short ... and sharp ago
Chapter 627 - Growth, then growth ago
Chapter 628 - Differing views ago
Chapter 629 - The Cavalry Arrives ago
Chapter 630 - Elemental Soup ago
Chapter 631 - The New Construct ago
Chapter 632 - Put through the paces ago
Chapter 633 - It's da bomb ago
Chapter 634 - Mind Games ago
Chapter 635 - A New Way Pt 1 ago
Chapter 636 - A new way pt 2 ago
Chapter 637 - A new way pt 3 ago
Chapter 638 - A New Way pt 4 ago
Chapter 639 - The Churn ago
Chapter 640 - it's progress, I suppose. ago
Chapter 641 - Monkey Business ago
Chapter 642 - Fists of fury ago
Chapter 643 - The Prize ago
Chapter 644 - RnD ago
Chapter 645 - Heart of Glass ago
Chapter 646 - Suiting up ago
Chapter 647 - The Sound of the Beast ago
Chapter 648 - Armoured Kong ago
Chapter 649 - The Hunger ago
Chapter 650 - Under the Sea ago
Chapter 651 - One Day More ago
Chapter 652 - What does it take to get Biomass around here? ago
Chapter 653 - Daughter's fear ago
Chapter 654 - Diplomacy with the damned ago
Chapter 655 - The Siege pt 1 ago
Chapter 656 - The Siege pt 2 ago
Chapter 657- The Siege pt 3 ago
Chapter 658 - The Siege pt 4 ago
Chapter 659 - The Siege pt 5 ago
Chapter 660 - The Siege pt 6 ago
Chapter 661 - The Siege pt 7 ago
Chapter 662 - The Siege pt 8 ago
Chapter 663 - The Siege pt 9 ago
Chapter 664 - The Siege pt 10 ago
Chapter 665 - The Siege pt 11 ago
Chapter 666 - The Siege pt 12 ago
Chapter 667 - The Siege pt 13 ago
Chapter 668 - The Siege pt 14 ago
Chapter 669 - The Siege pt 15 ago
Chapter 670 - The Siege pt 16 ago
Chapter 671 - The Siege pt 17 ago
Chapter 672 - The Siege pt 18 ago
Chapter 673 - The Siege pt 19 ago
Chapter 674 - The Siege pt 20 ago
Chapter 675 - The Siege pt 21 ago
Chapter 676 - The Siege pt 22 ago
Chapter 677 - The Siege pt 23 ago
Chapter 678 - The Siege pt 24 ago
Chapter 679 - The Siege pt 25 ago
Chapter 680 - The Siege pt 26 ago
Chapter 681 - The Siege pt 27 ago
Chapter 682 - The Siege pt 28 ago
Chapter 683 - The Siege pt 29 ago
Chapter 684 - The Siege pt 30 ago
Chapter 685 - The Siege FINAL ago
Chapter 686 - The Bell Tolls for Thee ago
Chapter 687 - What was lost, what was gained ago
Chapter 688 - Close to power ago
Chapter 689 - The Breaking Wave ago
Chapter 690 - Turing over a new leaf ago
Chapter 691 - Moving on up, moving on... etc ago
Chapter 692 - The wonders of science ago
Chapter 693 - Waves gonna wave ago
Chapter 694 - Charge toward evolution ago
Chapter 695 - I spied a spider ago
Chapter 696 - Seizing the levels ago
Chapter 697 - 80 Achieved ago
Chapter 698 - All you can eat ago
Chapter 699 - Ugh... planning ago
Chapter 700 - Final mutations pt 1 ago
Chapter 701 - Final Mutations pt 2 ago
Chapter 702 - The core of the matter ago
Chapter 703 - Evolution pt 1 ago
Chapter 704 - Evolution pt 2 ago
Chapter 705 - Evolution pt 3 ago
Chapter 706 - Evolution pt 4 ago
Chapter 707 - The magnificent beard ago
Chapter 708 - The Sanctum of Sleep ago
Chapter 709 - The Sanctum of Sleep pt 2 ago
Chapter 710 - The sanctum of sleep pt 3 ago
Chapter 711 - The Sanctum of Sleep pt 4 ago
Chapter 712 - Royal High Tea pt 1 ago
Chapter 713- Royal High Tea pt 2 ago
Chapter 714 - Live Evil pt 1 ago
Chapter 715 - Live Evil pt 2 ago
Chapter 716 - Live Evil pt 3 ago
Chapter 717 - Live Evil pt 4 ago
Chapter 718 - Live Evil pt 5 ago
Chapter 719 - Awakening ago
Chapter 720 - Mother's Love ago
Chapter 721 - And Thwacks for all ago
Chapter 722 - What's been going on ago
Chapter 723 - Going on tour ago
Chapter 724 - The Paragon Emerges ago
Chapter 725 - The Paragon Fights ago
Chapter 726 - Real Strength ago
Chapter 727 - Need to work fast! ago
Chapter 728 - Delve ago
Chapter 729 - The flaming pillar ago
Chapter 730 - Pillars of the world ago
Chapter 731 - Demon Fight! ago
Chapter 732 - Demon Subdued ago
Chapter 733 - Infernal Conversation ago
Chapter 734 - New recruits ago
Chapter 735 - Straight from the ranch ago
Chapter 736 - Resting Up ago
Chapter 737 - Flowing Spirit ago
Chapter 738 - The grind of war ago
Chapter 739 - Bubbling from beneath ago
Chapter 740 - The one true path ago
Chapter 741 - Surfs up! ago
Chapter 742 - Status Update! ago
Chapter 743 - Look within thyself ago
Chapter 744 - Upgrading ago
Chapter 745 - Generally fighting ago
Chapter 746 - City Livin' ago
Chapter 747 - City Livin' Pt 2 ago
Chapter 748 - Visitation ago
Chapter 749 - Visitation pt 2 ago
Chapter 750 - The return ago
Chapter 751 - The Charge ago
Chapter 752 - Something stopped us ago
Chapter 753 - The stench of decay ago
Chapter 754 - The first of its kind ago
Chapter 755 - Gravity has a mind of its own ago
Chapter 756 - Clean Up ago
Chapter 757 - Tree talk ago
Chapter 758 - Holding the line ago
Chapter 759 - Do the evolution! ago
Chapter 760 - The Apevolution ago
Chapter 761 - A horrific evolution ago
Chapter 762 - Hanging with the eyeball ago
Chapter 763 - While you were sleeping ago
Chapter 764 - A brand new pain in the neck ago
Chapter 765 - A harmonious cycle ago
Chapter 766 - The new kids ago
Chapter 767 - The gang mutates ago
Chapter 768 - Out to fight in the new digs ago
Chapter 769 - I wish I hadn't seen that ago
Chapter 770 - Pupal Stage ago
Chapter 771 - Is it getting damp in here? ago
Chapter 772 - A taste of what is to come ago
Chapter 773 - Getting hot in here? ago
Chapter 774 - A glimpse of the fourth ago
Chapter 775 - The boiling rage ago
Chapter 776 - Getting Classy ago
Chapter 777 - The new way ago
Chapter 778 - What happens when the water recedes ago
Chapter 779 - War Planning ago
Chapter 780 - Getting down in the tunnels ago
Chapter 781 - Emerging talents ago
Chapter 782 - Receding waters, rising tides ago
Chapter 783 - Introducing the new blood ago
Chapter 784 - Forge World ago
Chapter 785 - the hammer of the future ago
Chapter 786 - Measurements ago
Chapter 787 - Mad Mages ago
Chapter 788 - Spatial Senses ago
Chapter 789 - Advanced Tactics ago
Chapter 790 - Heading Out ago
Chapter 791 - Evolution ago
Chapter 792 - The Mutation Discussion ago
Chapter 793 - Decisions, decisions ago
Chapter 794 - Mind Your Step ago
Chapter 795 - The path that has been chosen, the name that has been taken ago
Chapter 796 - Poking Our Noses In ago
Chapter 797 - Descending ago
Chapter 798 - Low Society ago
Chapter 799 - Discussions With Royalty ago
Chapter 800 - Tourists ago
Chapter 801 - Tour Guide ago
Chapter 802 - You Can Call Me Al ago
Chapter 803 - Where?! ago
Chapter 804 - Rumble in Demon Town ago
Chapter 805 - Maybe it's time to leave? ago
Chapter 806 - What Goes on Above ago
Chapter 807 - What Goes on Above pt 2 ago
Chapter 808 - A Breakthrough, A Revelation ago
Chapter 809 - Laying Low in Leng ago
Chapter 810 - Just Can't Keep Out of Trouble ago
Chapter 811 - Pride Cometh ago
Chapter 812 - Before The Fall ago
Chapter 813 - Yes, I Know That's Not How Gravity Works ago
Chapter 814 - A Demonic Crack ago
Chapter 815 - What Lies Between ago
Chapter 816 - Rhymes With Drops ago
Chapter 817 - Awakening ago
Chapter 818 - Tunnel of Love ago
Chapter 819 - Playing Out Once Again ago
Chapter 820 - Scuttles, Schemes and Broken Dreams ago
Chapter 821 - The Ants Go Marching ago
Chapter 822 - Sudden War ago
Chapter 823 - Battle in the Streets ago
Chapter 824 - Confronting Our Demons pt 1 ago
Chapter 825 - Confronting Our Demons pt 2 ago
Chapter 826 - Confronting our demons pt 3 ago
Chapter 827 - Confronting our demons pt 4 ago
Chapter 828 - Confronting our demons pt 5 ago
Chapter 829 - Confronting our demons pt 6 ago
Chapter 830 - Confronting our demons pt 7 ago
Chapter 831 - Confronting our demons pt 8 ago
Chapter 832 - Fallout ago
Chapter 833 - Diplomacy ago
Chapter 834 - Council Meeting ago
Chapter 835 - Fancy Stylin' ago
Chapter 836 - New Bling ago
Chapter 837 - Tunnelling ago
Chapter 838 - The Bear Market ago
Chapter 839 - Express Train ago
Chapter 840 - Long Overdue Upgrades ago
Chapter 841 - Mutating Makes the World Go 'Round ago
Chapter 842 - More Choices in Menus ago
Chapter 843 - Nope ago
Chapter 844 - Grind it out ago
Chapter 845 - Too Many New Toys ago
Chapter 846 - The Reborn City ago
Chapter 847 - A Spoonful of Sugar ago
Chapter 848 - Offense Is Best ago
Chapter 849 - Hatchling Hatches … Again ago
Chapter 850 - Movement ago
Chapter 851 - Ambition ago
Chapter 852 - Running Rings About the Place ago
Chapter 853 - There's a bear in there ago
Chapter 854 - I Spy a Spy ago
Chapter 855 - Sarah Meets her Demons ago
Chapter 856 - Asura Bear ago
Chapter 857 - More huntin' ago
Chapter 858 - The Very Best ago
Chapter 859 - Assault on Orpule ago
Chapter 860 - Assault On Orpule pt 2 ago
Chapter 861 - Assault on Orpule 3 ago
Chapter 862 - Assault on Orpule 4 ago
Chapter 863 - Assault on Orpule 5 ago
Chapter 864 - Assault on Orpule pt 6 ago
Chapter 865 - Assault on Orpule pt 7 ago
Chapter 866 - Assault on Orpule pt 8 ago
Chapter 867 - Assault on Orpule pt 9 ago
Chapter 868 - Assault on Orpule pt 10 ago
Chapter 869 - Assault On Orpule pt 11 ago
Chapter 870 - Assault on Orpule pt 12 ago
Chapter 871 - Assault on Orpule Final ago
Chapter 872 - Landing Is The Best Part ago
Chapter 873 - Less Than You Expect But More Than You Think ago
Chapter 874 - Ponder, Ponder ago
Chapter 875 - Old Friends ago
Chapter 876 - Leisure Time ago
Chapter 877 - The Lesson ago
Chapter 878 - Adventure ago
Chapter 879 - Suit Up ago
Chapter 880 - The History ago
Chapter 881 - Finger Pistols ago
Chapter 882 - A Whole New World ago
Chapter 883 - Use The Force ago
Chapter 884 - Get That Worm! ago
Chapter 885 - Diplomatic Immunity ago
Chapter 886 - Little Talks ago
Chapter 887 - Wriggle and Worm ago
Chapter 888 - Big Brain ago
Chapter 889 - Blooming Potential ago
Chapter 890 - The lay of the land ago
Chapter 891 - Limits? We Don't Need No Stinking Limits! ago
Chapter 892 - Scout's Honour ago
Chapter 893 - Darkness Eternal ago
Chapter 894 - Pushy Lizards ago
Chapter 895 - To Thirty! ago
Chapter 896 - Raised in the Shadow pt 1 ago
Chapter 897 - Raised in the Shadow pt 2 ago
Chapter 898 - Raised in the Shadow pt 3 ago
Chapter 899 - The Roots ago
Chapter 900 - No Fault ago
Chapter 901 - To Be Tolly ago
Chapter 902 - Sizing Up ago
Chapter 903 - Rising Sands ago
Chapter 904 - Rising Sands Pt 2 ago
Chapter 905 - Rising Sands Pt 3 ago
Chapter 906 - Face off ago
Chapter 907 - The Enemy ago
Chapter 908 - Something Grander ago
Chapter 909 - Soul Crushing ago
Chapter 910 - Drawn Down ago
Chapter 911 - The Realm of Myth ago
Chapter 912 - The Creed ago
Chapter 913 - The Most Brutal Of All ago
Chapter 914 - Digging In ago
Chapter 915 - The Rush ago
Chapter 916 - Hold the Line ago
Chapter 917 - Colony v Colony pt 1 (of two hundred) ago
Chapter 918 - Colony vs Colony pt 2 ago
Chapter 919 - Colony Vs Colony pt 3 ago
Chapter 920 - Clean Up ago
Chapter 921 - Worm on a Hook ago
Chapter 922 - Realms of Myth ago
Chapter 923 - The Tree Fort ago
Chapter 924 - Put a Toe out in the Fourth ago
Chapter 925 - On The Trail ago
Chapter 926 - Lingers on the Palate ago
Chapter 927 - Hunting for Speed ago
Chapter 928 - Hot on the Trail ago
Chapter 929 - The United Ant's Front ago
Chapter 930 - Death of a Star ago
Chapter 931 - Promise ago
Chapter 932 - Shadow of Fear ago
Chapter 933 - Tolly Tours ago
Chapter 934 - The Tally Man ago
Chapter 935 - New Toys ago
Chapter 936 - Biomass Spending ago
Chapter 937 - Wake the Beast ago
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Chapter 939 - I'm Home pt 1 ago
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Chapter 941 - Colony Assault ago
Chapter 942 - Something New This Way Comes ago
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Chapter 950 - When a Man Meets a Lizard ago
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Chapter 956 - Ancients Shmaincients ago

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Entertaining, but needs better formatting

An entertaining novel similar to the others in the genre. Fairly unique in that the MC embraces his inner ant, and there are hints of worldbuilding and lore through interpersed interludes. The writing is casual, and has decent humor mixed in. Anyone who enjoys light litrpg elements and a reincarnation into monter story will enjoy this one.

A glaring issue is the formatting, where it clearly shows that the author copied and pasted from the site he originally published on, without fixing any formatting issues (like font size and paragraph spacing) that arose from that. There are also a fair number of typos.


MC is stupid, rly, very stupid.

 I don't know it so disappointingly, why mc is soooooo stupid, god, and he so bad. I like fiction like Kumo desu ga, nani ka, there was mc-bug too (but spider) that why i wanted to read Chrysalis, but sorry it so, so stupid all plot. God why i waste my time for this.


M.J. Markgraf

While the story isn't bad I found the MC rather dull and repetitive. The grammar leaves a lot to be desired. I would recommend you install a program like Grammarly it would fix 90% of the grammar mistakes.


One of my favorites story in RR.

Antmazing story featuring non human lead, non bipedal, isekai, LITRPG, monster evolution, consistent update and where MC strives for community rather being loner with great plot progression.

Early chapter need editing because grammar mistake and text size change regulary.

Highly recommended this story.


896 Chapters (and counting).

A lot has happened, and yet on the other hand things are really only just beginning to pick up speed.

The main character, Anthony, is clearly stronger than average for monsters on this level of the dungeon, but at the same time he is only on the 3rd level of the dungeon.

There is a lot of talk about ancient rituals, world shattering events, and unstoppable monsters. Yet we've only really just started to hear the whispers of it all.

A complex network of political interactions is unfolding, and yet the groups we currently know about can be counted on one hand. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There is enough groundwork set up for another 1000 chapters. But at the same time some limitations of the story are showing up. For example: the ant colony is showing itself to be an industrial powerhouse. There is only so long before the ant’s technology growth surpasses the technology of all other known races. The colony is expanding at an exponential rate, there is only so long before they reproduce by millions per day. Once you have a billion ants that are all trained and equipped as elites ~ the story will start to fall apart. Power creep is real. Already past city ending threats. Then what? Nation ending threats? World ending threats? Multiverse ending threats??

So the only worry is for the author to be able to tie up the big story arcs (bottom of the dungeon, end of world type of things) before the little story arcs have spiralled out of control.


One last note.

Chapters are SHORT . Very short sometimes.

Not a big problem if you can binge read 800+ chapters. But can get frustrating once you are reading the chapters as they release.


The story and characters here are great.  The plot progresses quickly and the naritive is light and amusing.  The grammar and spelling is pretty bad but the story is good enough that I'm able to ignore it.  I'm not sure why many of the other reviews don't like when he finds the colony.  I mean he's an ant now so it makes sense he would have an insinct to find and fight for his colony.  Either way the story progresses quickly so if you continue to read those "issues" with the story will resolve themselves.

Reigsta Di Raizel

 Thanks for the novel enjoyed to read it and like it very much and have alot op pleasure to read it and again thank you for it! It really is amazing story that you must just read and it really gives the vibe of enjoying to read the story.


Quirky & Fun Monster MC story

I enjoyed reading this story for the most part. It's an interesting non-human MC litRPG story inspired by So I'm a Spider, So What? (which I think is really cool BTW).

The only thing I dislike is that the MC is constantly talking to himself. I find it to be annoying and it feels like it takes up like 50% of the story.

I have never in my life thought anything in a weird third person style like "Hey Smannesman you can do it Smannesman!". And I doubt any sane person has. And I don't get the feeling the MC is insane, he actually seems very well adjusted for what he apparently went through.


Deserves 3star for being able to waste my time

Reviewed at: Chapter 1 - Anthony Reborn

Generic shounen protagonist. The only difference I can find between him and other shounen protagonist is he kills people, yup he does that. But then he whines about it like an wounded dog. Fyi I don't like murder hobo protagonist. Cuz I'll probably die because of them...well because of cringe mainly. But anyway the protagonist have usual philosophy of I will kill monsters but not human(he is a monster). And of course because of his naivety the colony has suffered...but weirdly he never thinks of that. Probably cuz he's dumb as wood. And tbh the plot is pretty lame. It's about ants who have gotten intelligent. So yeah you would expect some tension between them cuz of their different thoughts but that never happens for they are brainwashed when they were in their eggs. But still evolution and stuff are fun to read....and sometimes a bit annoying too. But yeah it was able to make me read more than 700 chapter so it deserves a 3 star I guess....


I really like the way the story is starting, thank you so much for this entertainement. I love anthony and the xway he's seeing things so far.

Titus looks to be be a badass, waiting to see where all this stuff is bringing us!

I'm gonna binge reading your story i reckon!

Grammar is ok, system seems to be alright, i need more chapters to be certain, and will update my review with it :)