by RinoZ

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Magic Reincarnation

Anthony has been reborn! Placed into the remarkable game-like world of Pangera.

However, something seems a little off. What's with these skills? Bite? Dig?


I've been reborn as a WHAT?!

Follow Anthony as he attempts to adjust to his new life, to survive and grow in his new Dungeon home!

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1st Anniversary
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I Am Flying (VIII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Anthony Reborn ago
Coming to grips ago
Monstrous Associates ago
The first prey ago
To the victor goes the spoils ago
Exploration is perilous ago
Cohabitation ago
Titus ago
To live is to learn ago
The Study of the Beast ago
Forced from home ago
The trail ago
Arachnid < Insect ago
The express lane ago
How to last hit ago
Currents and undertows ago
The deep roads ago
The world below ago
The harvest ago
Offence is defence ago
Eye for an eye ago
Once more into the breach ago
The invasion ago
Core of the problem ago
New frontiers ago
Conqueror! ago
Long roads ago
True lords of the domain ago
Croc landing ago
Juniors are for light duties ago
Unwelcome guests ago
Seeking but not finding ago
A mutation sensation ago
Camping out ago
On the hunt for XP ago
Battle! For Darwin! ago
I hunt, therefore I ant ago
Rudely Interrupted ago
Finally! Evolution! ago
Check out my new ride ago
Follow the yellow brick .... pheromones ago
My family need more education ago
Blood is thicker than ichor ago
Something never seen before ago
My mother is a giant monster ago
The Colony ago
On the hunt with my brethren ago
Anthony and the giant centipede ago
Nest assault ago
Storm of blades ago
Royal Intervention ago
R and R ago
Skill up! ago
Back to work ago
Timber ago
Anthony's colony growth strategy ago
Practice makes perfect ago
Hunger for Wolf-Dragon ago
The first war of the hill ago
The first war - war never changes ago
The first war - war is mother to us all ago
The first war - winner takes it all ago
Core concern ago
Right to the core ago
Mutation trepidation ago
The human factor ago
These guys are a serious pain ago
Drawing a line ago
The evolving situation ago
Using the power of the mind ago
Too effective!? ago
Finer things in life ago
Establishing the network ago ago
Reconnect with my people ago
I can't bear it ago
Crossroads ago
The (actual) evolving situation ago
Chatterbox ago
Birth of the mage ... ant ago
Flex the mental muscle! ago
Mechanic in training ago
The ants new move ago
The gravity of the situation ago
Voluntary Beating ago
Still more to learn ago
Tunnel solution ago
Once more to battle! ago
Splendid Chap ago
Conversation with a mind ago
Breaking ago
Prelude to the second war ago
The second war of the hill ago
The colony flexes ago
Anthony's fight ago
Anthony's decision ago
The family ago
Digging commences ago
Experiments in mechanics ago
Concerning Tiny ago
Storm Kong ago
The great dig! ago
Rising Tide ago
The roar that follows the dark ago
Kong fury ago
The endless battle begins ago
Counter attack ago
Experiments with Gravity! ago
Something weighing on your mind? ago
Temporary reprieve ago
The reality of the wave ago
Interloper ago
The vigil ago
Bleary days ago
Retreat from danger ago
Body of Iron, heart of flame ago
Raid ago
The furious Tiny, the delectable feast! ago
Breaching the surface ago
Cultural exchange ago
Whoops ago
New home ago
Territory ago
Strange new life ago
It all comes back to mana ago
Just so skilfull ago
Embers ago
Core farming ago
Transform and roll out ago
Whispers in the dark ago
Flee from fire ago
Crafting of the JellyMaw! ago
Diggin is the song of my soul ago
Back into the breach once more! ago
Rising! ago
Brawlin' ago
The beating goes on ago
Anthony, beyond human ago
Monster Unleashed ago
The human menace ago
The Queen ago
The path forward ago
Within the mind ago
Talking points ago
Flames rising ago
The mini escapade ago
Small fish, smaller pond ago
The risk, the reward ago
Desperate times ago
The case for cooperation ago
Fall like dominos
A tunnel is always the answer ago
Assault on the surface ago
Premiums are going way up ago
Gateway ago
Into the palace ago
Battle to the doorstep ago
The Queen circumstances Part 1 ago
The Queen's circumstances Part 2 ago
The Queen's circumstances Part 3 ago
The sweetest voice ago
The endless nightmare ago
Those who descend, that which rises ago
Settling new lands ago
Green thumb ago
Combine harvester ago
The finer vegetation ago
Salad ala carte ago
Stairway to Biomass ago
Field trip ends, itching begins ago
Laying the foundation ago
Core, what is it good for? ago
Well behaved ape ago
Options abound ago
Exceed mortal kind ago
Words with the White Wizard ago
Low Rider ago
The work of the mind ago
The pain inside ago
The day that changed Pangera ago
Unexpected company ago
Rumour has it ago
Inconvenient ago
Ape slap ago
The surge ago
Dire lightning storm kong ago
Crinis unleashed ago
Playing with water ago
The Croca-Army ago
The Marsh Expanse ago
Tentative exploration ago
Battling the marsh ago
The next wave ago
A tasty feast ago
Surface situation ago
Humans and their needs ago
Improve thyself ago
Quick! Status report! ago
Spendin' ago
Upgraded and ready to roll ago
The world below part 1 ago
The world below part 2 ago
The world below part 3 ago
The world below part 4 ago
The world below part 5 ago
New dawn ago
The boys (and girl) are back in town ago
Compression obsession ago
The state of play ago
The A(nt) team ago
Farewell surface ago
Assault begins ago
Contact ago
The new Croc on the Bloc ago
Magical Ant ago
Feast of Croc ago
Skirmish conclusion ago
Expeditious retreat ago
Once more into the expanse ago
The wonders of nature ago
More marsh exploration ago
New growth ago
The rebel child ago
The Push ago
Woodstuffs ago
Undying ago
The bigger they are ago
The encroaching doom ago
Eye of the Beast ago
Eye of the Beast 2 ago
Eye of the Beast 3 ago
Eye of the Beast 4 ago
To consume the beast ago
The spoils and return to the surface ago
Discussions ago
Misunderstanding ago
Confrontation ago
The Priest ago
Learnings and Worship ago
Sudden Attack ago
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree ago
The troops arrive ago
Battle of Unity ago
Gathering thoughts ago
Changing Ways ago
Changer of ways ago
I mutate, therefore I itch. ago
Hey big spender ago
The ancient itch ago
The new Crinis ago
Getting down to work ago
Preparations continue ago
Check out my skillz! ago
Grinding all day, grinding all night ago
Time advances rapidly ago
The day draws near ago
The feast, the grind, the spend ago
The final preparation ago
First words of a new era ago
Another voice from the dark ago
Training day ago
New rules ago
The waking monarch ago
The new colony takes shape ago
The beast slumbers no more ago
Lining up those ducks ago
The second phase ago
Diving into the depths ago
Back from patrol 1 ago
Back from patrol 2 ago
Triumph of traning ago
Naming the Twenty ago
The first Council ago
Purpose going forward ago
Anthony sallies forth ago
Delving once again ago
Aphid Association ago
The grind of battle ago
Modified Aphid ago
Counting the gains ago
My finest creation? ago
Feast averted ago
The Queen has a new pet ago
The second council ago
Scouting report ago
Surface Situation ago
Deflect ago
The impact ago
Colony building ago
The surface is just so draining ago
City under attack ago
Bird is the word ago
Salvation? ago
Flexing profile ago
Just barely ago
The children of the beast ago
Bring down the commander ago
The stuff of nightmares ago
Leap of faith ago
Mind War ago
Chapter 302 - The Fall ago
Don't mess with Momma ago
The sound of the inevitable ago
Regroup ago
Stealth ant rides forth, status update ago
Return to the others, the plan ago
Spending and patrol ago
Making motions ago
Settling in ago
Approaching Liria ago
The opressive sense ago
Over the wall ago
The beast itself ago
Flight from Liria ago
The escape ago
Advance ago
Fleeing south (again) ago
Reunite with the family ago
Mother of Planning ago
War Council Part 1 ago
War Council Part 2 ago
Crinis Evolves ago
New Crinis, Spending up ago
Belonging ago
Consultation ago
The forward HQ ago
The first ambush ago
The first ambush part 2 ago
Musings ago
Regroup ago
Stepping forward ago
Crafting the future ago
The third ambush part 1 ago
The third Ambush Part 2 ago
The third Ambush Part 3 ago
Third ambush part 4 ago
Third ambush part 5 ago
Revel ago
All revved up and.... ago
Ant + Simian ago
Hatching a plot ago
The never ending ambush ago
Planning is hard ago
People Helping People ago
Tussling with Mage Slaves ago
Angry Wizard Lizard ago
Ride the lightning ago
Cradle of the end times ago
Dignity of the Eldest ago
The final stretch begins ago
Tempting fate ago
Go Time ago
Timely Intervention ago
Lightning Crashes ago
Dangerous Games ago
Council Councils ago
At least stamina is levelling up! ago
Get 'em ago
C'MERE ago
Level 40 ago
Return and Nest ago
Wrestling with the core ago
Crushed ago
Evolution Begins! ago
Rounding out the evolution ago
Sinking ago
The soldiers life ago
War Queen ago
The Dark Army ago
The approaching tide ago
Contact ago
The boldest soldier! ago
Pushes and pulls ago
The Queen strode forth ago
The Queen Effect ago
Her time will come ago
The Patient Ones ago
A new perspective ago
Fight for your life ago

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Entertaining, but needs better formatting

An entertaining novel similar to the others in the genre. Fairly unique in that the MC embraces his inner ant, and there are hints of worldbuilding and lore through interpersed interludes. The writing is casual, and has decent humor mixed in. Anyone who enjoys light litrpg elements and a reincarnation into monter story will enjoy this one.

A glaring issue is the formatting, where it clearly shows that the author copied and pasted from the site he originally published on, without fixing any formatting issues (like font size and paragraph spacing) that arose from that. There are also a fair number of typos.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Much Better Than I Expected

When I read the story's summary, I thought it was one of those cheap 'I've been reincarnated in a fantasy world' books. Which is to say, unoriginal trash. I was wrong. The story is well-written, has a great plot, realistic protagonist and fleshed out side characters. Light novels have a bad reputation, but this one is great.

  • Overall Score

They are just ants

I got up until Storm of Blades, and to be honest I was really enjoying it. The journy of an ant gaining power to try and find his colony was pretty entertaining, up until he actual found it. It wasnt a drop in quality or story that turned me off it, but the mc. Once he found the colony he seemed to fall into a 'for the hive' mentallity where he threw himself into protecting the hive, even going as far as to make almost suicidal decisions to potect said hive. But they are just ants. There is no super intelligent ant he can talk to or build a connection with, there is no bond that could expain his thoughts. They are just ants he keeps throwing himself infront of in order to protect. It would be like me fighting a bear to protect a duck, sure I'd be sad if it died, but its only a duck. 

Can someone explain this to me, because it really brought down my enjoyment. 

  • Overall Score

Yes I made the pun...

Do I regret it?



  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink. Here's mine.

Chrysalis is a great Story, Novel, Lit-RPG or whatever you'd like to call it. Is it perfect? No but Nothing is that is a simple fact of life.

It's an enjoyable; easy enough to read story that is gripping while still not taking itself too seriously. The humor used brings a smile to my face; helps to melt away the seriousness of everyday life that we all put up with. 

Along with these fact's the Author is kind enough to publish it for free on Royal Road. When it could easily, in my opinion be sold or blocked behind paywall like other novels on different websites I won’t mention. 

Chrysalis has a great story, releases frequently, doesn’t charge, is easy to read; has a compelling story. Can a reader really ask for more? I believe not.

Message to the Author

Thank you RinoZ, I sincerely appreciate the work you put into your novel/story it’s noticeable; after starting my own novel I can say that my respect and opinion for your work has only grown and that is the reason I am leaving this review. You take the time to put forth your work into the world, this is my humble thank you for doing so.

-Sincerely Mauger

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Amazing world, mentally handicapped protagonist

The world is very interesting, with a unique take on evolution and the dynamic of monster interactions. However, this all falls so painfully short of the sheer stupidity of the protagonist, who likely is autistic to a scary level.

Otherwise, good story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Fun Action Comedy, Marred by Grammar Problems

The long, meandering tale of an insane human boy reincarnated as a monster ant in a fantasy world.


Good comedy, good character interaction, good worldbuilding, TERRIBLE spelling errors and formating problems.


I especially enjoy the main character; it's not every day we get such an amusingly unhinged protagonist. Would recommend.

Seventh Sage
  • Overall Score

Straight from the business district

I really enjoyed it at first. Interesting concepts, and I can’t wait to see how some of the world’s mysteries are solved. My problem is, even with daily releases (bless you RinoZ), it seems like the story is being drawn out too much, and with short chapters where it seems little happens. I still enjoy it, but I’m going to let a backlog of chapters build up before I continue. 


Plenty of jokes. Anthony’s business district seems to be over used, give his commercial zone a break, or the market will be over saturated with product. 


Overall a good read. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This is a great example of a bad example, probably one of the worst monster protagonist novels i ever read. why you ask? simple, first the author is using the characters stupidity to hide how awfully bad his character design is.

secondly he constantly changes POV as a replacement for any decent world building, thirdly the system he made is all over the place with no resemblance of any common sense i mean what the hell is "cunningness, might, toughness" could you even use any worse description of stats and apparently as long as you write the monsters name in third rate Latin it somehow makes the bad descriptions of monsters somewhat "believable".

lastly using Gandalf as a curse word doesn't make the novel funny it just feels forced and out of place. the only reason you should read this is if you've run out of anything good to read and have time to kill.

Oh yeah, and the formatting is crap.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I feel like I own the author a review because I gave such a low rating so here we go.

The style is abysmal at times the fonts change sizes really often. It isn't even that hard to fix. Thats why 1.5 stars.

The story is not bad. But, it is the direction that the story takes after chapter: Small fish, Smaller pond. That I just cannot accept.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 The grammar is meh~ Not bad not good. (Not saying I can do better. :P )

Now we come to what made me drop this story. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

I have never been this critical about a story but for all mentioned reasons above I have decided in giving such a low rating. (such a huge rant.)

 Edit: read it again and got past that section. I feel like I should rate higher so :/