This is it. To save as many members of the colony as possible I have no choice but to fight!


Come on then Bear! Let's see how you go!


Pushing off all six legs I leap high onto the bear's back. These stupid Earth Bear Tyrants are a pain in the neck to kill with their innate toughness and regeneration, but I was able to kill one before I evolved so I'm sure as heck going to kill one now!


Mandibles fiercely glowing I crunch down on the bear's back!


Piercing Chomp!


The mana charged mandibles, powered by every ounce of strength I can summon from the musculature of my face dig deep into the bear's hide.




Enraged by this sudden strike the Earth Bear Tyrant twists its massive body, trying to see what creature has dared to strike at it in such a manner.


It's me, fool!


Piercing Chomp!


[Piercing Chomp has reached level 5]


Unrelenting, I draw out yet more mana into my mandibles and chomp down again, by jaws biting ever deeper into the bear's indomitable hide.


The bear is seriously angry now, not to mention in severe pain. My second piercing chomp has penetrated deeper through the bear's defence, making it more vulnerable. In response, green energy flashes through the monster's hide and I can see the wound I've caused visibly closing before my eyes, even as the bear reaches back to try and claw me from his back.


Not happening Yogi!


Focusing my will, I draw out more mana from my core, forcing it into my mandibles until they hurt.


Crushing bite!


This time I target the wound I've already created with my crushing bite. At first my mandibles thunk into the fur before slowly at first, then with increasing speed I tear through the muscle and start to crush the bone.


Ha! Take that!


My victim bellows in pain and throws its body to one side, rolling onto its back in an attempt to throw me of or crush me.


I'm too quick for that! Leaping high I launch myself from my perch, landing on the ground nearby. As soon as my foe has regained its feet I charge in again fearlessly. You won't get the time to regenerate bear! You're mine!


Surrender your Biomass to me.


My mandibles are aching from the sheer amount of mana I've forced into them but I don't stop the flow, instead it ever increases. Unseen by my opponent I run towards a back leg and fiercely bite down, crushing the muscle in my vice-like mandibles.


The bear staggers, the wound crippling its rear leg!


It turns to face me, bringing terrifying teeth and claws to bare but I'm already gone, circling around it with my greater mobility and jumping onto its back once more!


Crushing Bite!


Before the wound I'd previously caused can heal over I bite again! Tearing open the gash once more and ripping into the muscle and bone once more.




Crushing Bite!


This time my mandibles shred even deeper into the bear, dealing critical damage. The bear slumps to the ground beneath me and I bite down once again to finish it off.


[you have slain level 8 Earth Bear Tyrant]


[You have gained experience]


Having defeated the bear I slow the flow of mana from my core, I don't want to exhaust it so early in the battle and such a high amount of mana is unnecessary for most foes. Of all the creatures I've met only these damn bears have been able to display such a tough defence!


Who is next?!


The maelstrom of battle surrounds me on all sides, my compound eyes giving me a near 360 degree view of the chaos.


Isolated duels and mass battles are occurring all around the ant hill, and now the wave of ants has crashed into the fight. Hundreds of workers, biting furiously and tearing at every limb they can get to. The acid rain still falls from above, splashing over every monster, seemingly regardless of friend of foe.


The damage is starting to pile up, many monsters are looking the worse for wear just from the sheer volume of acid being projected by so many ants.


Come on Anthony! This battle has just begun!


I turn to a monster who has its back to me and charge, mandibles wide!


[You have slain level 2 Infant Garralosh]


[you have gained experience]


[You have slain level 9 Decaying Death Rabit]


[you have gained experience]


[Crushing Bite has reached level 8]


Gah! Those death rabbits still taste disgusting!


Surrounding the Death Rabbit is a horde of the smaller Blood Tooth Rabbits and having defeated their evolved defender I descend on them like thunder. Every snap of my jaws sends another rabbit to the beyond.


They pepper me with bites, extended fangs screeching against my diamond carapace.


[Exo-Skeleton defence has reached level 4]


[you have slain level 3 Blood Toothed Rabbit


[You have slain level 2…


[You have slain level 3..


[You have reached level five, one skill point awarded]


When I can see no more rabbits around me try to find another large monster to target. They are the greatest threat to the workers, the more I can take out the better!


Looming out of the battlefield I can see a Titan-Croc currently duking it out with a massive Dog-Snake. The terrible snake is absolutely massive, probably an evolved version of the smaller kind I'd seen earlier. It's snarling, wolf like head darts here and there, snapping with bone crunching force at the Titan-Croc, who tries to rip back with its own fearsome crocodile teeth.


The snakes long body coils and whips around as it moves, crushing smaller creatures under its bulk as it moves. The body must be at least twenty metres long! At its thickest the twisting body is almost as thick as I am!


Sorry snake, you've got to go!


Trying to force my way through the battle I have to snap and bite my way towards my target.


This is going to be tough, but I've got to try!


Even as I fight, dodging left and right, lashing out with my mandibles, I begin to draw out the gravitational energy inside, letting it flow from the gravitational energy gland and then compressing it into a tight ball of death.


The Gravity Bomb!


To try and handle this violently fluctuating energy in the midst of a battle is going to be tough but hopefully it doesn't spin out of control and kill me!


I almost can't take a step without running into another monster, each and every one of them is red eyed and ready to battle to the death, the fervour of the fight has seemingly infected them with unstoppable bloodlust.


Moving inexorably forward I get battered and bitten, slashed and belted from all sides. I can't react and respond to every strike, the majority of my focus being dedicated to handling the growing Gravity Bomb in my throat, gaining energy and density with each passing second!


Snapping left and right I bisect a centipede and shear straight through the leg of a Wolf-Dragon before continuing forward. I can't afford to stop for a second, as the Gravity Bomb grows larger, more and more of my attention is required to contain it!


The mass of energy in my throat is starting to rotate faster as it greedily sucks in all the gravitational mana I can provide. Holding nothing back I draw out every drop I have and send it circling into the Gravity Bomb.


Suddenly it undergoes that qualitative change I observed last time, changing from an ultra-dense fog into a seamless sphere, so dark as to be almost black.


Just in time! I can't hold on any longer!


I've reached within twenty metres of my chosen targets. The fearsome Snake has wrapped itself around the Titan Croc, constricting its arms and savagely biting its constrained prey.


Perfect for me!


Feel the wrath of Anthony!


Opening my mouth wide I finally release my grip on the Gravity Bomb and it blasts out of my mouth, filling the air immediately with the piercing wail I hear last time. Even through the din of monstrous battle the Gravity Bomb cuts with ease, the horrific, high pitched shriek assaulting every monsters senses.


The Dog Snake immediately sees the source of the noise and tries to disengage itself but the Titan Croc, ignorant of the danger, seizing on its opponents sudden attempt at retreat to latch hold with its claws and bite at its foe, locking them both in the path of the bomb!



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