by RinoZ

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Magic Reincarnation

Anthony has been reborn! Placed into the remarkable game-like world of Pangera.

However, something seems a little off. What's with these skills? Bite? Dig?


I've been reborn as a WHAT?!

Follow Anthony as he attempts to adjust to his new life, to survive and grow in his new Dungeon home!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Anthony Reborn ago
Coming to grips ago
Monstrous Associates ago
The first prey ago
To the victor goes the spoils ago
Exploration is perilous ago
Cohabitation ago
Titus ago
To live is to learn ago
The Study of the Beast ago
Forced from home ago
The trail ago
Arachnid < Insect ago
The express lane ago
How to last hit ago
Currents and undertows ago
The deep roads ago
The world below ago
The harvest ago
Offence is defence ago
Eye for an eye ago
Once more into the breach ago
The invasion ago
Core of the problem ago
New frontiers ago
Conqueror! ago
Long roads ago
True lords of the domain ago
Croc landing ago
Juniors are for light duties ago
Unwelcome guests ago
Seeking but not finding ago
A mutation sensation ago
Camping out ago
On the hunt for XP ago
Battle! For Darwin! ago
I hunt, therefore I ant ago
Rudely Interrupted ago
Finally! Evolution! ago
Check out my new ride ago
Follow the yellow brick .... pheromones ago
My family need more education ago
Blood is thicker than ichor ago
Something never seen before ago
My mother is a giant monster ago
The Colony ago
On the hunt with my brethren ago
Anthony and the giant centipede ago
Nest assault ago
Storm of blades ago
Royal Intervention ago
R and R ago
Skill up! ago
Back to work ago
Timber ago
Anthony's colony growth strategy ago
Practice makes perfect ago
Hunger for Wolf-Dragon ago
The first war of the hill ago
The first war - war never changes ago
The first war - war is mother to us all ago
The first war - winner takes it all ago
Core concern ago
Right to the core ago
Mutation trepidation ago
The human factor ago
These guys are a serious pain ago
Drawing a line ago
The evolving situation ago
Using the power of the mind ago
Too effective!? ago
Finer things in life ago
Establishing the network ago ago
Reconnect with my people ago
I can't bear it ago
Crossroads ago
The (actual) evolving situation ago
Chatterbox ago
Birth of the mage ... ant ago
Flex the mental muscle! ago
Mechanic in training ago
The ants new move ago
The gravity of the situation ago
Voluntary Beating ago
Still more to learn ago
Tunnel solution ago
Once more to battle! ago
Splendid Chap ago
Conversation with a mind ago
Breaking ago
Prelude to the second war ago
The second war of the hill ago
The colony flexes ago
Anthony's fight ago
Anthony's decision ago
The family ago
Digging commences ago
Experiments in mechanics ago
Concerning Tiny ago
Storm Kong ago
The great dig! ago
Rising Tide ago
The roar that follows the dark ago
Kong fury ago
The endless battle begins ago
Counter attack ago
Experiments with Gravity! ago
Something weighing on your mind? ago
Temporary reprieve ago
The reality of the wave ago
Interloper ago
The vigil ago
Bleary days ago
Retreat from danger ago
Body of Iron, heart of flame ago
Raid ago
The furious Tiny, the delectable feast! ago
Breaching the surface ago
Cultural exchange ago
Whoops ago
New home ago
Territory ago
Strange new life ago
It all comes back to mana ago
Just so skilfull ago
Embers ago
Core farming ago
Transform and roll out ago
Whispers in the dark ago
Flee from fire ago
Crafting of the JellyMaw! ago

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SJ Reaver
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Light-hearted, action-filled, monster evo story

This story is the best type of popcorn flick. It is an incoherent, adventure packed ramble by a mildly insane MC who becomes an ant, loves his colony, adopts a lightning shooting ape, and end up spewing out gravity bombs with the help of his second brain.

The writing is serviceable. There are frequent grammatical and structural errors, but the breezy narration and fast pace mean you’re not lingering on the prose. The MC might be cunning, but he completely submerges himself into the mindset of a monster ant fighting for survival in some mana-fueled battle-royale. This leads to rationalizations that don’t make much sense from a human’s viewpoint, but that always manage to pull the story forward.

There are constant hints of world-building. The break into human perspectives are enough to flesh out the world while not being too much of a distraction.

It’s probably one of the most charming and fun stories I’ve run across on RR, which more than makes up for its flaws.


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Font size changes continually

A fun afternoon of reading, except for the formatting problems. The font size changes every couple of chapters, even when the override formatting option is turned on. Can adjust manually, but it's still an unnecessary interruption to do so.

The style is appropriate for the type of story, few significant grammar errors(a couple of missing letters and I-s). The general story is the very bog-standard Human->Monster reincarnation so go eat and grow while using human mind powers for advantage over the competition, the long-term interest is in the eventual reconnection and co-operation with the colony instead of forever being alone and unique. Human interludes provide greater world context and plot hooks, I have great hopes for the development of your Legion of the Dead.

  • Overall Score

For the power of White Bearded One!

One of the best stories with non-humanodal, non-bipedal MC where author delivers and don't go hiatus after 20 chapters on his readers. And updates daily. And probably the only one story where monster MC strives for community rather being loner.

I'm mentioning it, because writing story fantasy story with human MC using western'ish culture is easy. Authors have entire legacy of literature, stereotypes, values to back on. But writing story about other species that is not elves, dwarfes or other bipedals is really hard without going into bull*** or burning out after few chapters.

  • Overall Score

A surprisingly good casual read

I'll try to keep this short.

Chrysalis is a pretty interesting transmigration novel that manages to elude any of my attempts to rate it.  It starts off with a distinctly Japanese light novel feel*, before branching off into a somewhat unique tale of a giant monster ants rise to power.

Having binge read all 482 or so pages already released of it, I fail to put into words what kept me from dropping this novel to go to bed. 

The plot while interesting, often comes off as decidedly average. The first-person presentation of the novel leaves us rooming with Anthony, a roommate partial to bouts of rampant annoyance. And whilst not rife with them, the novel does have it's fair share of spelling and grammar errors (not anything immersion breaking, mind you)

And yet, there's just something charming about this novel I can't quite put into words.  Almost like a younger sibling, you're left unable to ignore its frequent and annoying faults, but something about the way it all comes together just leaves you smiling with a warm feeling in your heart.

Chrysalis. the tale of Anthony the ant.  It's not going to win any awards, but it's an interesting read I wholeheartedly recommend you give a try




Just be a little patient with the first few chapters, those honestly are a bit of a slog, even on a second pass.

  • Overall Score

Pretty good. But i couldn't get immersed while spending what feels like forever trying to find a workable font size each time i start a new chapter.

  • Overall Score
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Good, but really loses focus...

(Review as of chapter 100)

Good story, but you lose focus on what made it good

Anthony is a lone ant surviving in an impossible environment, using his human intellect to outwit all other monsters. With no colony to back him up, he showed surprising ingenuity along with his epic Ant vs Goliath or Ant vs Many fights. There's also a fun mutation system revolving around biomass that is only acquired through eating! This sets him up on an epic adventure deeper and deeper into the dungeon he's been placed in.


He meets his colony, and the story lost complete focus (became frustrating and boring).

The first time he sees other ants, he goes on a suicide mission to save them. Why? No one knows. For some reason the author wanted to start writing about the ant colony so badly, he forced it down our throats. Anthony was apparently so pathetic in his past life that he now starts to see the colony as an actual 'Family' within a few days. His pathetic 'loneliness' was further reinforced when we see how mindless the ants actually are, yet it doesn't bother him one bit. 

He stops adventuring like he used to. Almost everything he does is 'For the Colony' now. He buys upgrades and evolves to align with the colony better. Then he gets a pet... and doesn't mind if it's in his way, ruins his stealth skill, freeloads off him, eats his hard earned biomass, steals his xp, and he even starts wasting points and buying skills for the pet!!!.... (Seriosly, why add this to the novel?)


All sense of excitement of a lone adventuring ant is gone, and replaced by this annoying need to uplift his colony and pet.....


While the direction you took the story may or may not be the problem, the way in which you presented it is.


Because of the way you presented both the colony and his pet, I started to hope for their eventual death. Then I realized you were keeping them for good, which made me frustrated enough to write this review...

Read at your own risk.


Ridiculous things not found in this review due to brevity:

  • Anthony's many MANY idiotic actions
  • Whimsical Author's evolution and skill choices/direction
  • Jokes that are repeated so often they make you cringe instead
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Entertaining, but needs better formatting

An entertaining novel similar to the others in the genre. Fairly unique in that the MC embraces his inner ant, and there are hints of worldbuilding and lore through interpersed interludes. The writing is casual, and has decent humor mixed in. Anyone who enjoys light litrpg elements and a reincarnation into monter story will enjoy this one.

A glaring issue is the formatting, where it clearly shows that the author copied and pasted from the site he originally published on, without fixing any formatting issues (like font size and paragraph spacing) that arose from that. There are also a fair number of typos.

  • Overall Score

Good series. Entertaining and Fun

Do not listen to the review by SWIFTC, his review is simplistic and he seems to dislike the story because it didn't go as he thought it should rather than how the situation naturally evolved. 

The character is an Ant, it appears that from the moment he was reborn into this world some of his personality was influenced by the fact that he is an Ant. He makes it clear, very early in the story, that he wants to find the colony. Other references are also made to how he wants to be part of the Hive so nothing about him joining the colony later is a surprise. He also doesn't sacrifice everything to the colony and still makes sure to get his share before giving any catches over to the colony. Later in the story when he gives the majority of the biomass over to the colony it is because he is too evolved for the lowend biomass to do him any good anyway. 

The loner ant going it alone was entertaining while it lasted but I find things really haven't changed that much. He still mostly do stuff alone, but he also looks out for the colony and his Pet. 

Shiba Tatsuya
  • Overall Score

It’s a great novel and RinoZ has released the chapters quite fast on royal road but if you don’t want to wait, there are 180 chaps released on Webnovel. I recommend you also go to his patreon to support him so he can also push more chapters.

  • Overall Score

This is a solid novel in the like of most Asian novels. Though it is fairly humorous and it’s commentary is passable with great interaction between the main protagonist and the monsters around it.