The Military System

by Weismann

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Harem LitRPG Male Lead Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

A soldier who died in the future earth reincarnates into a new world with a mysterious system. This world is nothing like anything he ever knew. This is his tale as he makes his way in an unknown world where fate has its own plans for him.


While the main plot is different the basic idea behind both the stories is same.

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Standard isekai with below standard mc

The mc is... Not that bright.


He buys skills he has no need for, like gun skills when he, and the entire world, has 0 guns total. He will get those later, but don't question if he needs them after using the weapon for decades  or if he can earn the skill outside of the skill store ... 


Author has an idea what he wants to happen  and doesn't always think about if the order makes sense 


Writing is OK, but not great. Plazing the mc a hundred years into the future and having him use today's gear is also questionable ... Especially after decades of worldwar. 


Guess it's a decent time waster, but it doesn't belong on trending in it's current form. Other vice, bog standard isekai so far... 

  • Overall Score

Not terribly well thought out

Interesting if not original premise, but not particularly well executed. MC is mediocre and on the dim side. For example surrounded by enemies including archers, the MC thinks to himself that a gun would be useless in this situation. Archers proceed to shoot at him. Then he buys a smoke grenade to blind them and then buys a gun anways? This super-elite former soldier seems less than insightful.


There are several noticably poor justifications for not doing the logical thing like this in the story. Others have mentioned, but the MC is using antique weaponry by his standards since his original time line was set to 2207. Apparently weapons technology stagnated for 200 years even through a 20+ year war. It is unfortunate but it just seems that the author is writing about a topic they know too little about, leaving a lot of poorly grounded details.


Grammar and spelling is not perfect, but not too obtrusive. Plot is vanilla for a isekai story so far.