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A few moments later... - The Bathroom - Lucius' Point Of View...

"Mmmmnn..." A euphoric moan escaped my twin sister as our lips met for the very first time and I felt my hands drifting across her ebony body, exploring every nook and crevice it had to offer. Soon enough, what little clothing we both hand on our upper halves was flying off. Lowering my right hand a bit more and giving her a squeeze elicited another heated exhale to strike against my bare flesh.

I could feel her nails scraping across my back as I held her closer and closer, pulling my sister in, deeper.. more intimately than I ever dreamed I would."Rose..." I whispered as I leaned into her right ear before biting the nape of her neck. Rosemary beamed a smile towards me before giving my neck a long, hungering lick, trailing across my skin and reveling as I felt shiver after shiver dancing across my spine.

"Alert: The bath is full." The machine intelligence interrupted our heated exchange, causing us both to lightly laugh before tearing off the remainder of our clothing and throwing it all to the side. The bathroom's growing more and more heated by the moment.

We approached the Jacuzzi with our hands still intertwined."Ladies first." I cooed with a grin, one which she returned in equal measure."Oh? But how and where should this lady sit? There's no seat!" This made me blink in confusion before a delightful realization struck me."Oh."

My grin then grew from ear to ear."I love the way you think, baby."

Sitting into the two-by-two meter tub, I promptly spread my legs, creating her desired royal seat."Your throne is ready, your majesty." Rosemary offered me a quick chuckle before entering the bath and exhaling in relief as the heat shook against her writhing body. With another breath, she finally sat down, leaning into me with her entire self.

Her scented hair enchanted me the moment it came into contact with my body, making me take in a very deep breath as I leaned backwards. Yet as I did so, junior decided it was finally time to rise up to full, grinding feverishly against my twin sisters velvet cavern."W-woah... I knew you were huge from the way your pants looked but... woah."

Rosemary gawked at my size with adorable yet hungering interest as I let out a cheery laugh in response."Thanks. Think you can take it?"

She smiled once again as the heat of the room kept on rising, our chests heaving endlessly with increasingly heated breathing."We shall see~." She whispered, licking her lips in a very suggestive and erotic fashion.

Thing is, while most of my good looks have been destroyed by the nanites, it seems that they decided that the size of my junior wasn't good enough before. I don't really know my current size, but its around eight inches long, width notwithstanding.

Without another word, our lips joined together once more, my tongue dancing together with hers as I reached for her nether with my right hand as my left trailed across her bare abdomen, slowly inserting a single finger as she took my length with both hands.

A moan escaped the each of us as Rosemary began to move her hands, stroking my member with a firm, tender grasp. As our lips separated, I turned my head around to watch as her hands went up and down, delivering wave after wave of pleasure to me. I took her left hand into mine as she quickened her rhythmic movement.

My other hand rose from her pussy to her breasts, the massive mounds made of dreams which held my undue attention for the better part of this morning. They must be double d's, at the very least."Mmmph!" My sister moaned quite loudly as I squeezed her chest which caught my attention."Oh?"

A mischievous smirk formed upon my features as my hand repeated it previous motion, twisting her nipple with as much delicacy as I could muster."Mnn!" Another moan, to confirm my suspicions."Found your weak spot, sis~."

I said as I kissed the nape of her tender neck, leaving marks wherever my lips touched her flesh. Rosemary then returned my smirk with a knowing look yet said nothing as she reached for the tip of my member and began dragging her thumb roughly across my crown.

Gritting my teeth as she did her magic, I recoiled from the pleasure, the steam, the rising heat of the room coiling around my mind until I could barely even think."Haa... haaa.." An exhalation of air escaped me as I feel something primal awakening, growing, gnawing, from deep inside of me.

I could feel the air growing hotter and hotter by each exhilarating moment.

Suddenly, Rosemary stopped working on my member and exhaled in much the same manner as I did just a moment ago. Then, she practically leaped, twisting her body around and positioning her entrance at the top of my crown."Enough foreplay~." She exclaimed with glee and lust boiling beneath her skin.

Just touching her entrance made my skin crawl in excitement, every muscle I had tensed up in exhilaration and every bone seemed to constrict as I watched her spread her lower lips."My body craves for yours, dearest sister." I admit to her, shamelessly, dramatically as she moans again, her voice echoing in my ears, sending waves upon waves of ecstasy.

Rosemary leans forward, planting my face in between her generous breasts as she whispers huskily into my ears."Then lets feed its-, no.. our, urge, dearest brother."

I could feel a click resounding in my head as whatever meager thread of self-restraint we each had left burned away unto nothingness. I grasped the edges of the tub in preparation as I watched her descend, each of her lips coiling around my crown, liquids flowing freely downwards, coating my entire length with her sweet nectar.

A shiver is sent, trailing up and down my spine as I felt her eager walls constricting around me, making it tighter, harder to push through."Mmmhn!" Another moan caught itself in my ears as I placed my hands onto her behind and pushed her down, the animal inside of me unable to wait any longer.

Rosemary yelped in surprise and pleasure, biting her lower lip in the process. Settling into a cross-legged position as my twin sister caught me in a leg lock, we turned to look one another directly in the eyes once more. I could feel her flesh quivering, shivering at every single one of my touches.

Her greedy womb kissed my crown, her walls already starting to milk me for all I was worth and more.

Our lips joined, a deep, passionate, loving kiss, a final barrier to break before we began to fully indulge into each other.

Without another word, we both began to move and I felt her tightening around me even more. My arms coiled around her waist as I buried myself in her breasts and felt her hands ruffling through my hair and caressing my neck.

At first, our movements were erratic, passionate and slow, each of us eager to explore and feel everything we possibly could of the other.

Suckling upon the nape of her neck, I began to go lower and lower until I reached her breast and then up again. Her nails dug into my flesh as her moans filled my ears, causing me to start moving quicker, rougher, faster.

My muscles tense up again as I continue to thrust into her, feeling every inch of her velvet cavern sucking on my member, as if she never wished to let go. Rosemary gives out a scream of pleasure and I kiss her again, our tongues lashing against one another, eyes glazed with lust and desire.

My rhythm increases, a rabid tempo rising, growing as I feel her tight, welcoming womb clenching onto my length as she orgasms, sending shivers of pleasure up and down both of our spines. Feeling my own orgasm coming, I speed up to my maximum, letting go of every remaining tinge of constraint as the urge to fill her with my seed reaches its peak.

A moment of silence passes as Rosemary realizes whats going to happen and yet... she does not stop me. A wordless, euphoric nod is my answer.

Another deep exhalation escapes me as I grit my teeth and begin to slam in and out of her with as much force as I could muster, causing both of our eyes to go backwards from the pleasure.

With a final slam, all the tension that had built within my body is immediately released as I pull her closer to myself, more intimately than ever before. She squirms and quivers as our bodies connect, every pulse sending spurt after spurt of hot seed straight into her eager, hungering womb.

"Haa..." We kiss once more, with more passion, more lust than ever before.

Not even bothering to pull out, I stand up, carrying her with surprising ease as both of my hands grab her firm behind. She swallows down hard, her eyes glazed with even more desire, her body writhing in sheer euphoria. Then she leans her body backwards, hands grasping at metallic handles on the walls above the Jacuzzi.

Reforming her leg-lock, she pulls me closer, deeper inside of herself."Agile, aren't you?" I plant another kiss on her luscious, pink lips, as the taste of sweet cherries rushes upon my tongue.

I take another look at her quaking form, detailing the raise and fall of her chest, exhalations of ever more heated air. The entire room is covered in steam now as it catches upon the walls and furniture alike.

With a deep breath, I begin to move once more, squeezing her wet flesh as I regain my rhythm.

My hips moved continuously, without missing a single beat, almost as if on their own. I could feel every pulse of my heart beating in unison with hers as I began to move faster and faster, the blood within our veins rushing through us in perfect sync.

I could feel something primal taking over me as the world seemed to disperse, leaving only me and my twin sister in sight. Our quickened breathing, the rise and falling of her alluring chest was mesmerizing.

Gritting my teeth, I gave her ass a firm squeeze as she caught my shoulders, ditching the metallic handles. Her hands coiled around my neck, catching me in an intimate hug, pressing her breasts against my chest.

Another deep, passionate kiss as I bit on her lower lip.

Rosemary then planted her head onto mine, burying me into her bosom once more as I started to pound her, her body adopting a crimson coloration from the sheer ferocity of our joined movement.

Tension welled up inside of my body once again as I neared my next orgasm, her eager pussy constricting around me more and more with every push.

My twin sister and I each let out another scream of pleasure as I filled her womb with my seed once again, every pulse delivering another load deep within her, forcing me to grit my teeth again as I felt my body becoming unwound.

With that, I fell back into the water, my torso somehow managing to stay above it as I watched Rosemary caressing her stomach with glee."So much..." She moaned and looked at me in an accusing manner before offering me a smirk and a smile and leaning down for another sweet, passionate kiss.

"Are you trying to get me pregnant, big brother?" She cooed into my ears, forcing me to swallow down hard as I felt the primal urge rising up yet again. And she felt it too, as my member quickly regained its full potential while still inside of her."O-oohh..." She moaned out and placed a hand onto her abdomen, caressing her womb from the outside."So? Its not like incest has any drawbacks in this day and age..." My words escaped me before I even registered what I was saying.

Rosemary adopted a rather adorable, if pinkish blush on her cheeks as she stopped caressing herself and instead seemed to be trying to pleasure my member from the outside."So you're saying that you wouldn't be against having a baby with me, Luce?" Her eyes appeared almost hopeful.

This made me pause as I turned to look at her abdomen and nearly felt as if I would cry."You.. don't mean..."

"A pregnant sex doll is useless, after all." She confirmed my assumptions with a horrible, tormented smile."... We'll fix it, somehow."

"Eh?" She quipped, her voice and tone uncertain, yet full of rising hope."You heard me. I- we, will find a way."

Her blushing expression returned in full force as I felt pride bubbling up inside of me as Rosemary caught me in another hug, her heart no longer able to hold back her despair as she began to cry and I patted her head and caressed her bare back, my fingers rushing through her hair."You should have come here sooner, sis."

She sniffed and nodded in response."Y-yeah, I should h-have." Neither of us said anything more.

We simply sat in the Jacuzzi, enjoying and reveling in each other.

Yet beyond the pride I felt.

Below the rising hope.

I could feel something else boiling within my blood.

.... and when my twins wretched tormentors finally came for her, and I know they will, I'm not entirely certain that I will be able to stop myself from ravaging them.

Or that I would even want to.

There we go~.

That's it for now!

Hmm, this kinda started out weird or even bad but after the 700 word mark, I finally regained my sense of perversion.

Probably because I started writing this late at night and was really tired.

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