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A few moments later... - Lucius' House (Bathroom) - Lucius' Point Of View...

A single look downwards had me recoiling in shame."What in the world." My sentence ended up being more of a statement than anything else as I turned my head around, ironically enough to face a mirror. An entirely new, unknown body stood before me.

My black hair seemed to be even darker, if such a thing was even possible.

Skin, white as death, now covered in patches of scars that were almost see-through.

A face full of bleached spots and thickening bruises.

And a stomach covered in bloody, crimson stretch-marks.

To think I thought my sister looked horrible.

On that note, just what was I about to do?!

Did I seriously lick her neck?! What the hell."Lu. Tell me, did you have anything to do with this?"

"Its very easy for you to twist the blame on me, isn't it? Sadly, for you, I was busy manipulating someone else." Manipulating someone else? So much for not making any cults."I've never said that I would not create cults, only that I normally do it earlier. As in, before being discovered physically."

... true.

And, you're right, I'm just shifting the blame here."Good God, what is even happening to me? Am I going insane?"

"You have an elder god speaking directly to your brain and you're asking yourself if you're going insane?" Shut up. I was depressive, sure. Maybe even cripplingly so.

But I was sane up until now. I know for certain that you've manipulated at least a few recent events... however..."I'm not the only thing out there with an interest in your life." I felt my bones crackling, almost as if laughing at their own host, as Lu confirmed my hypothesis.

Something else is influencing me and I do not know how or why."Lu... could you tell me what exactly you've done so far?"

"Concerning you? Not much, truth be told. I dissected that animal in your basement, tried to make you kill Martha and orchestrated the Raker incident." And all in a single day. I wouldn't exactly define that as *not much*. Also, you avoided mentioning how you manipulated my emotions in hopes of making me your slave.

"And since you found me out in under two hours, which I think is the record by the way, I promised to stop and thus, have not done so since." Shit. Fine.

I trust you to be a man... monster?.. Dormient, of your word."I am male. Man, will do just fine."

Well thanks for confirming that. I'm sure someone out there would have taken your unknown gender out of context if that wasn't cleared up."... I am unsure of what you mean."

"It does not matter." I spoke out loud as I realized that I was staring at myself in the mirror, a hand pressing down onto my sink. A secondary figure in the reflection caught my attention, a mass of pure black shadow, with a mouth full of white, fanged teeth and crimson eyes.

The thing stalked me from behind, its gaping maw poised to tear my neck to shreds. Within seconds, I turned around at the speed of light, my own right arm poised to backhand whatever was behind me.

Thankfully, I managed to stop myself from slamming a fist into my sisters face."AIIihhh!?!?!" She screeched in surprise and shock as I squeezed my own fist so hard the skin slowly turned blue before releasing it."R-Rosemary? What are you doing here?"

She blinked in momentary confusion before her cheeks adopted a slightly pink coloration."I- I was... ugh.. what is even going on? I heard you screaming and... talking, to yourself. So I thought I should check up on you." She swallowed down hard and I helped her off of the ground."W-when I walked in you... were just staring at the mirror and.. were totally unmoving.. like, if someone just hit your pause button or something. I called out to you but you didn't respond and then I saw..."

She quieted for a second and turned to look at me directly before her expression twisted with horror and confusion."E-eh? N-no way! But... what?! Am.. am I going crazy?!"

Her words made me blink."Rose?"

Rosemary shook her head in response, expression filled to the brim with disbelief."W-when I came in... you, you were bleeding, from your eyes and ears.. I SWEAR YOU WERE! L-like in that video."

Another look towards the mirror confirmed how there was no blood on either my eyes or my ears, nor any evidence of the aforementioned bleeding. Just like the doctor said."Lu, I thought you caused that?"

"Before, yes. Now? No. Bleeding from your ears and eyes is normal when experiencing psychic or magical phenomena which are beyond your current ability to grasp as your mind struggles to comprehend the events in question." I nodded, seemingly to myself as I turned back towards Rosemary."I see. Well, everything seems to be fine now, right?"

She swallowed down again."... yeah... hey, Luce?"

"Yes?" I watched with keen interest as she turned her head down and away from my gaze before continuing."We could... do stuff." She whispered the last bit and I admit that I took a few seconds more than I'd like to admit in order to comprehend her meaning. My own expression must have twisted from confusion to arousal and contemplation in a singular second."I... uh.. see... We could."

Now it was my turn to swallow down hard."... but the question is, should, we?" A rather needless emphasis on should was placed as I fought with my own tone of voice in an effort to not sound absolutely regretful of even asking this idiotic question instead of taking the chance to leap onto her.

Rosemary turned to look at me with worry and desire in her eyes, both emotions dancing in equal amounts."... no, but I want to." Her eyes then went downwards, eliciting a smile to form on her lips.".... and so do you."

Coughing into my right hand, I took one look at my newfound virility and decided screw it."Fine, you win. The bath?"

Rosemary quirked an inquisitive eyebrow at me before finally noticing my Jacuzzi and blinking in realization."Is that... an AI-..." Her question was answered by a nod from yours truly.

A five thousand credits, AI-powered bath of bubbly goodness."Vedran, please fill the tub, fifty Celsius."

"Command acknowledged, delivering water, temperature set: Fifty Celsius." The bathroom AI responded without missing a beat. My sister seemed to quiver and shake in fear for a bit."A machine intelligence? You do know that the government uses these to spy on people, right?"

"So what? Its not like I have anything to fear from the government and there aren't any cameras in my house, anyways." She let out a massive sigh before relaxing her posture."You're right. I should ease up a bit. All this paranoia's making me itchy." Then she offered me a rather enchanting, mischievous grin."And you're gonna help me scratch that itch won't you, big brother~?"

"We're the same age, you know? Not that I didn't like that just now." I returned her grin with a smirk of my own as my hands coiled themselves around her hips, to which she responded with an intimately heated exhale.

Just a short tidbit which was honestly supposed to be a part of the previous chapter.

This is a prequel to this story's first Lemon, so be prepared~.

I haven't written anything sexy in so long, apart from RP stuff, in so long...

Time to scratch that itch, indeed~.

And I totally didn't write exclude this from the lemon because I wanted it to be chapter 10, no sir!

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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