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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

It was an age of war. Conflicts spring like mushrooms and uncertainty blankets the air. 

Timothy Castonia and Lucia Vanadis were forced into a marriage that will seal the alliance of their nations. In a world of schemes,they must work together to dispel the lies and protect each other. Love shall illuminate the darkness and bring forth a new world. It was a union that will shake the foundation of time. 


Hello readers! Hopefully this tells you what the novel is all about. 
- Romance (Early romance and no harem)
- Power Couple
- War, Politics, Kingdom building (because of this, the main demographics of this novel are male readers. But female readers can also read this because I will make sure that the romance will not degrade over time)
- Medieval setting
- A touch of gore and violence (not so much)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
A Dream and a Letter ago
Knightsend ago
Lucia ago
Farewell ago
Nirvana ago
Freya ago
Arrival ago
First Encounter ago
Under the Moonlight ago
The Tulosan Invasion ago
The War Room ago
The Cost of the Alliance ago
A Reason to Go ago
Cooperation ago
Lucia's Realization ago
Don't Kill the Messenger ago
Sending Help ago
A Pragmatic Person ago
Rooster Prince in Danger ago
Sally Forth ago
Mad Men of Knightsend ago
A Knight's Conscience ago
The Oath ago
Redemption ago
Decisions ago
Interrogation ago
Erik's Request ago
Battle in the Forest 1 ago
Battle in the Forest 2 ago
Good News ago
Luther ago
Fake Loyalty ago
The Stupid and the Talentless ago
Saboteurs ago
Escape ago
Burnt Food ago
The Calm Before the Storm ago
A Reason to Fight ago
Prelude to the Battle of Knightsend ago
Battle of Knightsend 1 ago
Battle of Knightsend 2 ago
Trapped ago
A Monster's Cage ago
Aftermath ago
Effects of Victory ago
A New Scheme ago
The Spy ago
The Assassin ago
Disturbance in the Palace ago
The Tunnel ago
A Forced Alliance ago
A Bad News ago
A Race ago
Erik's Resolve ago
Hunted ago
The Cold Night ago
The Village ago
The Bonfire ago
Run Away ago

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  • Overall Score

I feel the need to read a new chapter daily!

A well written novel.

I haven't seen any mistakes, or i just auto correct them in my head.

but i would recommend this novel to people want a enjoyable read.


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Let me start off by introducing myself and my interests in this website. I am a 21 year old mechanical engineering student looking for interesting novels regarding magic or scifi. Most importantly however I search for stories with an enticing setting and characters that feel real. This is where this story excells. The kingom with all of its politics, people and intrigue feel real, the chemestry between the couple is realistic and their interactions human. However the MC seems somewhat flawless, while I think the characters in this novel are much more rounded than in most novels found on this site I would encourage the author to play into Timothy's weaknesses more than he already has. With this I do not mean that Timothy is a mary sue or that he ought to be made funerable to everything however during the battles I noticed that all his plans worked flawlessly and that the enemy commander was very eager to walk into his traps. While I understand that this orriginates from the commanders personality it does not allow for Timothy to react to unforseen setbacks. Seeing that Timothy has an excelent intelect I think it would be good for his plans to sometimes only succed partially.

Anyone has insecurities and flaws and by profiding a character with these flaws your novel will become better as there will actually be a chance that the MC struggles or that he might even fail. Never the less I wish to applaud you with your writting so far, no sidecharacter has ever felt as a tool to just push the story allong. Each of them have had good reasons and motivation behind their actions. 

To conclude: I recommend this novel to everyone on this site