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Sorry I haven’t been able to post much this week, I was finishing up my first semester (which I don’t understand the end date, why would you not make it end before christmas instead of one week after coming back?). Now that that is done (and a bit of fucking around too) I can get back to the really important stuff : this story. But more hopefully the myriad of other things I have to write.


Why is this text black?

“Ngh! Ah!”

Lilith slammed a hand over her mouth as she couldn’t help but let out a moan under Darkboi’s ministrations.

“Don’t do it like that~ Succubi have sensitive bodies you know~” she grumbled with a blush as thick as her body.

“What.” Darkboi blinked in confusion as he stopped his hand that now rested upon the demon’s sternum. “There is not even any way this could feel like anything in particular, let alone pleasurable.”

“Hmmunu.” Lilith narrowed her eyes at him as she flailed her arms around. “I’m telling you, we’re different! You have to handle this with more care, especially with a young innocent girl like me!”

Darkboi sighed and shook his head with a smile. What a cute girl. Raising a hand to his chin, he stared at Lilith’s ample cleavage as he pondered how to achieve his goal. For quite a while, he had been given an excuse after all, and the sight was marvelous.

A spark of inspiration struck him and he slammed his hand down right above where her breasts met, eliciting a yelp from the succubus under him, who began squirming in ways that probably were much more enticing than she intended.

“Is this it?”

“Wha-Oh.” Lilith calmed down as she instantly focused and closed her eyes, feeling for her mana and doing other magic stuff. “It… might be actually.”

A short look seemed to tell her Darkboi had his hand over the spot she had told him about. That spot would be where mana would have to be channeled to change her into her scythe form, while directing temporary ‘ownership’ to him for the duration didn’t do too much, but seemed to allow for a certain ease in activating some spells that would involve the scythe-Lilith, such as a spell that would return a weapon to its owner. While it was a simple enchantment on a normal weapon, which would function with the mana signature poured into it, it didn’t work this well with a living weapon like Lilith’s scythe form, and the spell used that ownership anchor in place of any usual links that couldn’t be formed, when applicable.

“So what should I do then?” Darkboi asked. Having his hand in such a spot wasn’t a bad thing in itself, but they were supposed to be transforming her. “I’m not sure I have mana.”

“You do!” Lilith’s eyes opened wide as if he had just said something incredibly wrong. “I told you when I first saw you, but you have this… feel to you that tells me you have some sort of demonic power, and that means mana.”

Darkboi stopped looking at her chest for a moment, unsure how to take the news. It seemed cool and he was definitely a bit happy to learn that, but he also felt that could be potentially concerning. He had never felt any trace of anything weird about himself though, just unexplained chronic disproportionate surge of anger, hatred, bloodlust, and dreams of awakening an old horror older than the empire he was born in. The usual teenage stuff.

Breathing in deep, Darkboi looked inside himself, looked at the forces he could feel floating around his insides, because mages could do that. He found some mana and underwhelmingly understood how to activate it. His eyes narrowed as he focused on his hand, pushing as much of his newfound mana as he could into it.

That was actually much harder than he had just thought!

Gritting his teeth, he redoubled his efforts, to no avail. He began wondering where he could be messing up when the obvious truth appeared to him. He shouldn’t be looking at his hand, but at where he wanted the mana to go : in Lilith’s chest. Also, he had not tried that yet but it sure sounded like a good time. Taking a long inspiration, Darkboi thus focused on the magnificent pair below him, reminding himself of what he fought for and who he was. He would be the necessary evil that rid this tainted world of all those who would harm any owner of such a chest. And hopefully amass a bit of them as his… close followers in the process.

With a blind flash of light and an erotic yet embarrassed moan, he felt his hand wrapped around a warm handle. A surge of warmth reached him through his hand as he took in the sight of the evil weapon in his hand, in awe. It was all black and red and edgy, though it had maybe already been described before. His edge was impossibly sharp and seemed unable to ever blunt or rust, which was probably a good thing for Lilith.

“Right, then!” He broke himself out of his trance and jumped a few times, warming up. A feel of joy, pride, and anticipation reached him. It surprised him for a moment before he remembered a few things he had been told about. “Was that you?”

Another similar feeling echoed the first, with the added notion of agreement, and he could just imagine Lilith jumping up and down in excitement in her humanoid form. Or at least a part of her, considering he had a lot more details on that one to picture such a motion with than on anything else.

Walking a few steps away from the fire, Darkboi cracked his neck and stood a dozen of meters in front of a tree. Worse case scenario, he would just throw a scythe at a tree.

Taking a few breaths to steady himself, Darkboi leaned back, put a foot forward, and twisted his whole upper body and the arm that held the scythe behind him. Being able to throw anything didn’t mean they would just fly away despite their weight.

Besides, he wasn’t here to throw, he was here to y e e t.

“Wraaah!” Screaming his lungs out, Darkboi took a step forward and twisted his arm back, the other way. “Y-.” The scythe left his hand, the world around him seeming to drastically slow down. “-E-.” The weapon began a slow rotation as a sort of shockwave-like tremble in the air appeared where the blade cut. “-E-.” A red and black aura wrapped itself around the handle and blade, a linear distortion appearing in the air in front of it.

“-T.” With the final click of his tongue, the world rushed back to normal speed, the scythe soundlessly cutting its way in the dimensional crack faster than he could see, and the air turned back to normal barely a second after.

Hands falling to his knees, Darkboi panted as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead, behind the hair that darkly covered one of his eye. Well, that was that done, and expertly so if he may say so himself.

“Pfew, that was… expertly done.” And he did say so himself.

That was an achievement to celebrate, and so he turned to look at the firepit and the trunks that surrounded it, and stopped as an issue hit him.

They were empty.

He had literally thrown away his first friend.

He was alone.

“Hey uh…” he began before stopping himself, opening and closing his mouth a few times in hesitation, before stopping, closing his lips in an angry, regretful frown. Why was he so stupid? He had met the first girl of his life, and she had even spoken with him, in a friendly way to boot.

And she was hot.

Darkboi let out a scream before a realization hit him. Being angry would just be what a Chad would do! He was better than that, he was a nice guy that care about Lilith before anything else, and he had shown that by sending her back. She had to have worried hot friends that-

Darkboi let out another scream as a scythe hit him. A scythe who radiated happiness and the concept of a hug.

And then worry.

A note from Ocu

Ok so, I am pretty much falling asleep behind my pc, and as such obviously did not do the exercise properly, but I wanted to have something out for the sake of updating.


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Hiro2000 @Hiro2000 ago

"If you love someone, throw them away."

- Some wise old dude

I've always wanted to release old and ancient horrors on the world when I was a child... Ah, youth.


    Ocu @Ocu ago

    I'm already writing some stuff (not appropriate for royalroad I'm assuming) on archiveofourown under the same name.

    For royal road though, I'm probably going to write something kinda chill and short first to get an actual attempt at a serious sfw story, it's most probably going to be something somewhat 'meta' like an universe where the actors of that world star in what are our stories, comics, mangas and so on. It'd be something pretty chill and fun about an inn/hotel near a popular actor (=character) hub, meeting some fun people, exploring some world building a bit and i don't know what.

    Longer term, I'll write an actual 'normal' fantasy story, though there's still quite a bit of time before that.

    Edit : I've found a way to write a shit-ton on one of my actual stories yesterday, so no chapter here, and I'll try doing the same today to finish a chapter, we'll have to see whether there'll be an update or not.

    Edit 2 : Looks like we've got our answer :3