DarkBoi69's mediocre, rushed and badly-written aventure

by Ocu

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Satire Anti-Hero Lead Harem Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead Supernatural

Follow DarkBoi69's edgy adventure as I move him through a shitty plot where he meets terribly-written characters like angry evil stupid villains and naive cute useless busty women. 

This story is not really an actual serious story but simply a writing exercise for me to focus on overall writing speed, forcefully insert some writing in my everyday life to increase productivity and most importantly help with turning ideas, thoughts or feelings into writing directly without feeling blocked, hopefully trying to achieve something as close as possible to writing unconsciously what i’m thinking about.

I'll probably try to do something like writing as much in 30 mins as I can, nearly every-day. So far I've only done this once and it already seems like a pretty good thing to do. I don’t have anything planned and that’s probably going to be a constant for every one of these exercises, so it’ll end up being not very good (although maybe better than it has any right to be? ) and nonsensical.

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