True Monsters



True Monsters – Act 3 Forge Hold - Chapter 32 – Necromancers End.


They had been fighting something almost every day for a month, it had caused a certain strain on the party's minds and their patience. Their ability to mentally cope with one battle after another was at an all-time low. But now they could see the light at the end of the tunnel, a little bit longer moving forwards and they could rest. Lexicon had been broken he would not forgive or forget, but his ability to threaten the settlement of Forge Hold was vastly depleted.

The next time they met, if there ever was a next time he would fall. He was stripped of many allies and servants, they now knew the full repertoire of his tricks what he could do. They woke from there rest and immediately armed themselves, a necessary paranoia. They moved out in a far more relaxed manner, Lexicon might still put more money on their heads, but they were prepared as best they could. The reputation they were building was becoming formidable discouraging further assassins, the bulk of their enemies didn't survive them.

They had their orders they went to the church, receiving a request from the confessor, one more little job to be done a little clean up. The lay brother Oswald was going to be sent to the tower jail, the confessor had sentenced him to 25 years for betraying his own community, his own country. There was a small iron cage on the back of a wagon just outside the gate. Oswald had been beaten a few times, his wrists and ankles were clammed in locked shackles. He was dragged limply by two guards. When he saw them emotion played over his face he became animated, he managed to curse the party for killing his brother. They saw the incident as regrettable collateral damage in their fight with lexicon.

Martin would have liked to have saved his brother, but he saw no way to do it. There had been too many vampires. David would have said the man's brother was dead the moment he was seized by the vampires, it was only now that the puppet that remained had stopped dancing to the string pulls of the vampires whims. Vivian had to see it as balance, one life lost for a certain number of the enemy destroyed an acceptable loss to her tactical perspective.

Alice could sympathise with Oswald if someone kidnapped her parents she would react strongly. But she would burn the kidnappers from the face of the earth. She had not been strong, Martin had not been strong. But they had heard the call and they had gained some measure of strength. Oswald was someone who had decided not to fight back.

He howled on that they betrayed him, then he was silenced with a blow that flattened his nose. An iron muzzle was forced between his teeth, then he was forced with a kick into the cage. A small crowd gathered to see him taken away, he was being made an example of. He would not likely survive five years in the tower jail, let alone twenty five years. His death was almost certain. Really if someone willingly helped the vampires then there was little else to expect than death or something worse than death such as the tower jail. Two guards were assigned to escort him to the jail, he was kept as an animal or as a parcel. He would be treated worse, once he got to the tower jail once the warden had him in his grasp.

That scene was left behind, they shared little sympathy for a man who put so much at risk. They went to the confessor’s office the atmosphere was almost relaxed. The confessor looked at them he seemed less tense, able to relax to a degree. “you have done well, but I must raise a level of apprehension. People like you that beat every odd, they seem to rise to some degree of power to a higher office. I ask that you keep a level of perspective. To use a metaphor, people who are very good at hammering in nails tend to see the whole world as an endless fields of nails to be hammered down.” He looked over the group, “People who can solve one problem with a sword start to think that every problem can be solved with a sword, they forget that it is a world filled with people not targets for their sword”. The group still looked blankly at him.

He shook his head, “that is my sermon of the day think about it, onto other business, Milroy followed a hunch. Well we sent a couple of scouts out to follow one of his hunches”. He pulled out a map from a pile of letters, “the place that lexicons original two sons were buried. The tombs were located hear, the remains do not seem to have been cremated. The caskets have been broken open, we suspect the same necromancer that defiled the rest of the knights tombs.” In his grief lexicon had the necromancer resurrect his son's remains as skeletal puppets.

Milroy had accurately guessed the mood of the vampire, based on the historical accounts of the man. Now the confessor had a mission, “we have a lead, a trail you will follow it and you will destroy this blasphemous heretic, that dares to profane the eternal rest of the dead.” The confessor thought over his own words, “there I suppose I am doing the same thing I cautioned you against, but this still needs to be resolved”.

The confessor banged on his desk and Milroy entered, he nodded politely. The confessor handed him the map, “show them the location that the tracks lead to, this necromancer must die before he has the chance to flee or build up a large force”. They nodded and left the confessors presence.

They were armed and ready to go, they had anticipated lexicons remaining forces to scatter or go to ground. They had not broken out the beer barrels quite yet. The elder vampire was not going to be seen again for some time. He had probably retreated to some hidden lair far outside the range of the human settlements. If he was not that cautious he would never have made a hundred years old.

They left the settlement and headed out on their way. As they departed there were a few cheers, the people had heard of their victory over the vampires. The security around the settlement was being reduced, as the threat was reduced some people would get some much needed sleep. Even if the head vampire had slipped away, he was not going to be a problem for some time without troops and lieutenants to lead them.

They moved down the main road following Milroy, then they split off the road to a half forgotten trail. Milroy wished them luck and headed back to forge hold, he had other work to oversee. The track lead to an old abandoned estate. Many of the nobles had to give up chunks of their holdings, that could not be adequately defended when the vampires became active. The building above ground had been decimated, probably stripped of stone to be used in the construction of Forge-holds outer walls centuries ago. An added insult to the noble house that once called this home. In that time of change many of the smaller noble houses collapsed, or were folded into the service of the larger noble houses.

While the walls above ground had been stripped for stone. No one had considered it worth the effort to excavate the foundations of the house or the family tomb underneath. This provided the perfect place for a necromancer or vampire to dwell. The party found odd tracks outside, similar to the lizard men they had fought days earlier. There were also footprints in two rows as if they had been carrying something on their shoulders. Bushes were trampled and a small tree pushed down. The catacombs were open, a stone wall that had sealed them was torn down. Looking inside the passages seemed maze like. The family had been extending them for hundreds of years to accommodate one relative or another. Looking inside there were, lots of foot prints in the dust.

Alice stopped the group with a gesture, she held out her hand sensing something, “it’s a ward magic the necromancer knows that we are here. He can sense that the living approach, he will have most of his power this time and he has prepared surprises for us so we have to be ready”. David rapped his iron gauntlet against his iron shield, “we don't have the ability to do subtle. He could probably hear us coming, even you clank with more armour than a city guard Alice”. They readied torches and Alice activated her light ring.

There was a dry smell, the place had been sealed for a long time. As the last party member stepped into the darkness a voice cried out. “Leave me be, the vampire is defeated, let me flee and I won’t bother you, walk out and I will be gone”! He was using some sort of enchantment to amplify his voice, they were common enough to spread orders on a battle field or to shout instructions out over a busy market place.

The necromancer was back in a room at the end of the catacombs, probably where the earliest member of the family had once been buried. He would be as far back as possible, a necromancer typically focused on the power of his minions not his own personal magical might. He had a large number of troops with him, they would have to wait quite some time before they could confront him, they soon faced off against the necromancers initial forces.

He had picked a narrow place to begin, where the attackers could not circle round his forces and attack him directly. He had replaced some of his units, there were ten serpent men raised back up as zombies clutching primitive spears. Their eyes were dull and unseeing, staring off into the distance. They were in reasonably good condition for zombies, the vampires must have killed them to use later. They were inferior to the skeleton knights, but they would still prove some difficulty to destroy.

David turned to Vivian, “I guess we missed a few of the snake men”. Alice looked over them, “they are not very fresh. They were probably dead before we started fighting the serpents”. Martin looked ahead behind the mass of knights and serpent zombies were two high end undead. A knight in spectral purple armour on a horse, which was the reanimated bones of a knight’s war horse larger and sturdier.

The second skeleton was mounted on the skeletal bones of a large basilisk. A monster tamer in life he carried a large war hammer. They were both reinforced with a lot of necromantic energy. Lexicons two other sons, raised to avenge there fallen half-brother. They would be a little bit of trouble as they were tough. However in the tight spaces of the catacomb it would eliminate their main advantages of mobility and speed, which they would have relied upon in life.

The necromancer screamed from the back, “I have reunited the spirits of lexicons children with there remains, you will die by the hands of his vengeful siblings”. There was a flicker of purple energy and the spectral projection of two men in their twenties could be seen, imposed on the bones they shared a look duty. They had family to avenge, they were not unthinking simple creations.

At an unseen order the skeleton knights and zombies moved as one. The party were not particularly terrified. Martin threw his two remaining thermite grenades into the mass of skeletons and zombies. Causing untold damage. Alice threw two fire balls into the front ranks then switched out to slinging acid strikes in the close confines of the catacombs. Not wishing to hit her allies, it would be embarrassing and take time she couldn’t afford to heal them.

Vivian let a series of iron arrows fly, combined with her power shots she removed the head from one skeleton knight then sent an arrow clean through its chest causing it to fall to pieces. She repeated this feat again in quick succession. David charged into their front ranks using a shield strike to send the enemies in front of him tumbling to the ground. He dropped two power attacks which shattered two more of the undead.

“Forward my servants protect me”, the necromancer was shouting encouragement but he was not actually adding his power to his creatures. He obviously had something held in reserve for his mana. Alice used a shield spell and hid behind a pillar to protect her from the few thrown spears and javelins. She responded with a series of acid strike spells that burnt away armour and bone, dropping two more of the undead knights. Martin activated his blessing, “field of wrath” holding his holy symbol forwards. Every one of the undead in front of him was weakened as the blessing unravelled the magic that sustained them. Vivian shot down a few more undead leaving them as shattered bones and rusted armour, David smashed his way through with power attacks.

“Step up and defend me you useless scaly corpses” the necromancer shrieked, his knights had already been cut down to half their original number. The zombiefied lizard men filled in the gaps. David cut left and right, in death the snake men were a bit hardier than in life. But cut into three pieces they easily fell, they were not much individually. A shield bash and a knight collapsed into destroyed bones. Martin emptied two pistols into the mass of undead, two knights fell to the silver shot. Vivian targeted a few of the snake men, still using the iron arrows she would keep her better ammunition for the better opponents, two more fell down. Alice switched to her fire bite spells hitting the zombies and slaying two more.

“Leave me alone go back” the necromancer screamed, his creations had been hit by fire balls holy energy and thermite, they could barely scratch the party before the fell. The two mounted undead behind them were a different matter, it would be there turn soon. Martin used the blessing circle of consecration, four of the skeleton knights collapsed from the holy damage. Vivian struck two more with iron arrows felling them. David cut the last one down then focused on the last few zombies he pulled back after sending them flying with a shield bash. Alice threw a fire ball through the gap demolishing the remaining three zombies.

The undead basilisk's bones charged for Martin, the knight charged at David. David planted his shield into the ground deflecting the spear strike into the wall. He delivered a power attack disarming the knight, cutting his spear in half. The knight promptly reached for a mace to continue the fight, two Damascus bodkin arrows were propelled into the knight from Vivian using power shots, punching holes straight through the knight’s chest and armour.

Martin used his guardian angel blessing to stop the charging bones of the basilisk. He emptied his triple barrelled pistol into the undead creature, silver shot combined with an overload charge of powder did a lot of damage. Alice threw a few acid strike spells over Martin to hit the skeleton on-top of the basilisk. The skeleton had an iron war-hammer which was held together with magic, it would have crumbled to dust without reinforcement spells.

“Fight them kill them”, the necromancer screamed out from the other room desperation permeating his voice. His mounted creations were quite a bit tougher and a lot smarter but not that it would help them much. David delivered a power attack to the horse's bones, chopping two of its legs off and throwing the rider before he could even swing his mace. Vivian sent two more Damascus arrows into the undead knight’s head, its helmet and skull shattered leaving it unmoving. The horse was still trying to get up without legs David hit it with another power strike cutting its head off it dropped to the ground the spell animating it expended.

Martin used the blessing “martyr's sacrifice”, he caught the war-hammer swung at him and pulled it out of the skeletons hands. He flipped it over and smashed the basilisk over the head three times until the war-hammer broke. The basilisk's skeleton clawed at him but did little damage, it was a creature that in life had depended more on its poisonous bite. Against this target it would not have worked well either. Alice hit the skeleton with two more acid strikes, it fell off its mount missing an arm and a leg it didn't move again.

The monsters bones were thicker and tougher, than the horse, as it was in life. David struck it with his sword cleaving off one of the back legs. Vivian picked up on of her bodkin arrows, shooting it hitting the beast breaking off its jaw. Alice hit it with a fire bite. Martin hit it with a silver throwing knife empowered with the blessing, “divine retribution”. The bones glowed white smoked and finally collapsed. Martin reloaded his pistols Vivian recovered her arrows, Alice healed David and Martin they moved forwards.

The party moved in deeper, there was a room stocked floor to ceiling with around 80 seemingly empty crates. Martin looked round “remember vine garden” they got ready. The trick sprang as the false bottom crates disintegrated and, more skeletons appeared. This time they were armed with short bows, they were supported by 30 bone hounds. The necromancer had played one more hand. “Fools you have come into my trap”.

It was not much of a trap against this party. Martin activated his blessing “hallowed earth” Alice used her spells “fire ball” “aura of healing”. The arrows from the undead were not doing much damage and the damage they were doing was being neutralised by the healing spell.

Martin threw a Tesla grenade into one cluster of archers, the electricity damaged the remains destroyed the spell. The undead collapsed after two seconds. He shot a pistol at another archer sending it splintering into chunks of bone. Vivian sent one iron arrow after another into the ranks of enemies. David swung away crushing and smashing the lower tier undead into bone fragments and powder. Alice got off another fire ball and the battle was over.

The necromancer cackled, “You have fallen into my real trap now, you have prepared the way for my strongest creation”. There was a crackle of power “form bone golems”. Two prepared skulls rose up from the floor surrounded with a purple aura. The bones and bodies of all the undead that the party had killed began to gather around the sculls, two large bone golems started to form. The party held no particular desire to wait for the constructs to properly form, before engaging in combat.

Martin attacked the nearest “chain smite”, bolts of electricity hit the bone golem as it was forming. Tearing bones away before the creature could fully form. David charged in landing one power attack after another onto the golem’s limbs. Before they could even properly form they were being shattered. Alice targeted the second golem and hit it with one fire ball after another, Vivian let lose one power attack after another damaging the golem before it could form and rise. The rate at which the necromancer’s spells were working became sluggish.

The necromancer realised his fatal mistake, as his Final throw of the dice failed and the two bone golems collapsed into heaps of broken bones. The spells meant to form them was running out of power and collapsing fizzling out. He had used most of his mana on that gamble and failed. The necromancer shrieked, “we can make a deal I have worked for the vampires for years, I can help you, let me live”. They didn't even bother to respond.

They prepared and advanced upon the last room. The necromancer threw a bolt of purple energy forwards. Martin blocked it with his holy symbol. The necromancer ducked behind a makeshift altar. “The blood thralls that you slew last night are loyal in death, their bodies may be gone but there spirits are angry and vengeful”. The necromancer had a talisman in his hands it had red and purple light crawling over it, the sign of vampireic magic.

Eight ghosts formed from it, the spirits of the blood thralls rose up from the floor of the crypt. They were translucent angry determined glowing eyes. A red and purple haze surrounded them, they moved towards the party. David sheathed his sword and pulled his silver dagger, a stab left and right and the two ghosts before him faded. The spell keeping them in place broken by the application of silver. Passing the blade through them was like passing a blade through mud. Vivian let lose two silver arrows for similar results. Alice used two fire bite spells to burn the vengeful spirits away. Martin simply passed his holy symbol through the two closest apparitions and they faded away.

The necromancer was hyperventilating, hiding behind the alter his last moments of life were about to pass. He got up and tried to run, there were words on his lips “I...”. Martin was not prepared to entertain the chance of him getting a spell off or trying to lie his way free. Some people were two dangerous to take alive, “pillar of salt”. The man's robes collapsed to the ground filled with salt, creating a roughly human shaped outline. Even though Alice had partially meted opponents with acid strike spells, she found it a little disturbing to watch how thorough it was as flesh became little more than a white powder.

Martin looked at the dead necromancer, “that must have been the source of the crates at vine garden”. The level up hit Martin with two more level, he reached level fifty the first of them to reach master status. He gained one level in trap use trip wires and caltrops but he also hit a significant class level at 50.

His mind rattled and screeched as change was forced through it. As his essence was re attuned the focus cost of his faith based abilities dropped from four points to three. Now something like martyrs sacrifice or chain smite could be used far longer. He felt a boiling seething twitching pain rise up inside his stomach.

Something felt very wrong it was like the first time he gained a combat level. The first time his body became harder a fundamental change struck him as every cell in his body was altered. He screamed in pain his limbs shaking he was down on the floor cursing and screaming. The people around him had taken a few steps back, they had not seen a level up hit so hard. Even when Martin had killed Islington and gained four levels in one go.

After a minute of suffering is slowly subsided, Martin stood back up he was profoundly different. His body was tougher harder on a new level. He had been granted the first rank of the vitality perk. This was something that monsters normally had, not people. It allowed monsters to take vast amounts of damage in proportion to regular people, older vampires possessed a high level of this making them far tougher than they had any natural right to be.

He was now transformed by this, he looked at his own flesh with a degree of disgust. What had the original vampire hunters done when they created the job? Which parts of themselves had they added to do this to him, had they dabbled in some form of blood alchemy to enable them to compete with the foe? His hit points were effectively doubled, he had 1156 hit points that would really help when going up against a vampire. His humanity exchanged in return for the strength to fight the foe.

He had gained several extra blessings, the smite blessing he could use three more times a day. It was probably no more powerful than Martin or Vivian delivering a power attack. Alice's fire balls now hit harder. It had a good range to it and a strong attack power. He had a second use of pillar of salt that blessing was powerful, especially the way it destroyed remains so that a necromancer, vampire or archanist could not bring them back. The last and most impressive blessing he had acquired was called hand of judgement. It did 500 holy damage and 500 physical damage it could knock a target down. It would be perfect to stun a vampire or stop them escaping.

David hit level 39 putting two more points into his shield knock down skill. He would now be able to scatter lesser opponents like skittles. Vivian had hit level 40 she had brought her better criticals skill up to level eight. Against soft target she was now even more deadly. At level 40 she unlocked a class level allowing her to train elite guards, they would be far better than the regular guards that they normally saw.

Alice had hit level 40 she improved her elemental shield spell to the grand version and gained a class level. Her basic skills improved jumping to level three. She gained an additional 50 points of spell resistance making her base magic resistance jump to 100. Most importantly her consciousness expanded, the number of spells she could actively maintain became three. She could use her physical and elemental shield spells and still throw fire balls back at an opponent.

They looked over the necromancers remains, there was a belt made from iron and copper. An alternating skull shaped plates, amplified his power slightly. Martin held out his holy symbol “purify” the spell was broken and the metal crumbled around the edges. They found a few bits of furniture a spell book bound in snake skin.

There were a few scrolls like the one that the blood thrall had used in vine garden to awaken the dormant undead. There were a handful of carpentry tools where crates had been modified to hide the skeletons inside them. There were a few scraps of correspondence that implied the necromancer would be paid an obscene amount of money to aid Lexicon. Not that they could find one coin of the promised pay. David did find a pin of voice amplification, a copper and iron pin enchanted with a very basic spell.

After a little mucking about it was given to Vivian for safe keeping. They took several hours to Pile up all the remains the bones the rags. They even found a few zombified thrall bats that would be serving as messengers for the necromancer. They were added to the pile, oil was splashed over the remains and a lit torch set them on fire.

As they left, Martin turned to the group. “I can feel a change in me, as I gained a class level I gained the vitality ability”. Vivian looked him up and down, “that should not be possible, only monsters and creatures boosted by blood alchemy can use that ability”. Alice had to wonder, “The original vampire hunters had three battle alchemists in their ranks. One of them might have had access to other branches of alchemy, it would certainly explain how high level hunters could go toe to toe with powerful vampires”.

David shrugged “I don't get it, what's the big deal”? Martin looked at him incredulously, “the founders of the vampire hunting order may very well have used profane magic blood alchemy to give themselves an edge against the vampires. They may have sacrificed their eternal reward to help their chances of killing a few vampires”. Vivian shrugged “they did that not you, if you benefit from their actions and slay more vampires wont it be worth it”? Martin nodded, “it’s not like I committed such an act or even knew anything of it. Unless one of the founders of the vampire hunting order was a monster of some sort, then they really dabbled in some questionable places for power”.

He breathed deeply realising what he was saying, he looked at the other members of his party. “You keep my secrets I keep yours, there is no reason to discuss this outside our group. vampire hunters are seen as metaphorical monsters, being as ruthless and unfeeling as monsters. There is no need for them to be seen as literal monsters as well”. The rest of the party nodded, when they got to level fifty they would be able to judge, until then they had other concerns.

They came back to the town and approached the gate. Martin was hesitant to place his hand on the holly symbol but nothing happened. He breathed a huge sigh of relief. They returned to meet the bishop, they showed him the mangled necromancer belt. Alice recounted the tail, “I found a ward outside the catacombs. That confirmed the necromancers presence we fought our way through twenty skeleton knights and ten zombies, then we destroyed two mounted skeletons that were presumably lexicons first sons. We were ambushed by eighty or more lesser undead which were destroyed, then we destroyed two bone golems and eight spectres before confronting the necromancer who was killed by Martin, he turned him into a pillar of salt”.

Confessor Calvin looked relieved, “well that is good news, that’s three of lexicons lieutenants killed. The necromancer, Islington and the elite vampire that was with him when you ambushed him, he is a spent force now”. At a signal from confessor Calvin a bag containing 25 silver was dropped on the table by one of the lay assistants. He nodded in thanks, “for your efforts, it is not much compared to a vampire, but then a necromancer even a master in not physically tough. Even though he was a lieutenant of lexicon, he had not caused that much trouble in the area. So there is not much of a fund to pay you unfortunately.”

The party returned to the hunters house for food and ale, a barrel had been delivered to the house and the party were planning on emptying it. They had chased off the last remnants of lexicons forces they had shattered the last of his plans. There was still an alchemist out there supplying the vampires with explosives, but he would turn up eventually.

They were well into the barrel approaching the bottom when there was a knock on the door. Much to their surprise the confessor sat at the table beside them, grabbing a tankard for himself. He seemed to visibly relax, even the man at the top had to unwind at some point. He raised a tankard, “I have a letter from the bishop of Good Ford. It was dropped off by a carrier eagle, a tamers trained pet. He takes interest in your exploits, in the way you handled yourself in broken gorge and vine garden and hear”.

The party looked at him incredulously, a resigned look filled their eyes. They might have been masters or close to masters but they still followed a chain of command. The confessor looked at them to reassure them. “Don’t panic there is nothing that is a matter of life and death”. the group visibly relaxed. Calvin continued, “Good Ford is not one of the nine key settlements, but it is still the seat of a bishop a duke and a large trade centre. It is still a place of some importance, the bishop has several tasks that need to be completed. He will be the best person to discuss your future and you have an excellent future. Soon you will have the pick of postings apart or together and the support of the triune. You have an opportunity that few have to make the world a better place do not squander it”.

It was another call another order, an order put ever so politely. The party had caught the eye of someone quite senior, they had access to the more senior members of the triune. Simply through merit through there levels and there victories. The bishop has his own lands to look after his own problems to deal with they would be trying to sort them out. Soon they would be masters then they would consider the next steps in their journey.

Status Screen
Name Vivian Tanner Age 19 years old Race Human
Primary Occupation Mercenary Level 40
Affiliation Glass Bay Mercenary Free Company / Merchants Guild Association
Health 235/235 Adrenalin 200/200 Efficiency 4
Strength 46 Intelligence 5 Wisdom 5
Agility 6 Endurance 6 Charisma 6
Dexterity 5 Perception 5
Level Attack Bonus 40 Level Defence Bonus 40
Bonus Base Weapon Damage 124
Class Proficiency
Comprehensive Training L7 Layered Armour Perk L2 Adrenalin Power Shot L2
Bow Proficiency L8 Speed Shooting L8 Critical Strikes L8
better criticals L8
Intensive Training + 1 Endurance and Strength

Status Screen
Name David Fisher Age 18 years old Race Human
Primary Occupation Mercenary Level 39
Affiliation Glass Bay Mercenary Free Company / Merchants Guild Association
Health 230/230 Adrenalin 195/195 Efficiency 4
Strength 45 Intelligence 5 Wisdom 5
Agility 5 Endurance 6 Charisma 5
Dexterity 5 Perception 5
Level Attack Bonus 39 Level Defence Bonus 39
Bonus Base Weapon Damage 120
Class Proficiency
Comprehensive Training L6 Layered Armour Perk L2 Adrenalin Power Strike L2
Sword Proficiency L8 Shield Proficiency L8 Adrenalin Power Block L2
Defend Against Missiles L4 Duelist vs single target L4 Defence Against Horde L4
Shield knock down L4
Gambling Addiction Greedy

Status Screen
Name Alice Costar Age 17 years old Race Human
Primary Occupation Mage Level 40
Affiliation The Eternal Tower Mages Guild/ Royalist Court
Health 135/135 Mana 280/280
Strength 3 Intelligence 5 Wisdom 45
Agility 5 Endurance 3 Charisma 5
Dexterity 5 Perception 5
Level Attack Bonus 40 Level Defence Bonus 40
Number of Simultaneous Spells 3
Base Mage Spell Cost 3 Mana Magical Defence 100
Class Proficiency
Mana Regeneration L3 Analyse Magic L3 Recharge Enchantment L3
Spell List
Fire Bite (5 Damage + 2 per Level ) 1 x Base Mana Cost
Tracking Fire Bite Master (16 Damage + 5 per Level ) 1 x Base Mana Cost
Touch Heal Master (15 Heal + 6 per Level ) 1 x Base Mana Cost
Ranged Heal (5 Heal + 1 per Level ) 1 x Base Mana Cost
Fire Ball Master (30 Damage +12 per Level 10 foot Area ) 4 x Base Mana Cost
Touch Poison Cure – 5 x Base Mana Cost
Tracking Acid Strike Master (16 damage +5 per level ) 1x base mana cost
Aura of Healing Master (15 heal + 5 per level per second 10 seconds) alies 10 foot 10x base mana cost
Physical Shield Master (6 x level resistance to physical damage) 3x base mana 25 seconds
elemental shield grand (3 x level resistance to cold lightning fire) 4 x base mana 15 seconds
Fear of Bats

Status Screen
Name Martin Wrigt Age 29 years old Race Human
Primary Occupation Vampire hunter level 50
Secondary Occupation Journeyman Craftsman Level 11
Affiliation Order of Steel and Silver / The Church of the Creator God
Secondary Affiliation Bay City Guild Hall
Health 1156/1156 Focus 305/305 Focus efficiency 3 focus
Strength 11 Intelligence 5 Wisdom 5
Agility 5 Endurance 57 Charisma 5
Dexterity 7 Perception 5 Faith Yes
Level Attack Bonus 61 Level Defence Bonus 61
Bonus Base Weapon Damage 15
Class Proficiency
Bonus vs Vampire Resist Disease Holy Symbol usage L3
Greater Poison Resistance Blade Coatings L4 Focus Shot L3
Immunity to Taint – Demonic, Thrall, Necromantic, Ghoul and Vampirism Taint
Pistol Proficiency L9 Overload Shot L1 Focus re-load L3
Throwing knife Proficiency L4 Focus throw L3 Focus Multi Throw L3
General Melee Weapons L7 Focus strike L3 Grenadier L10
Focus Parry L3 Duel Wield Focus Attack L3 Combat Medic L4
Focus Stitch L3 Trap specialization L1
Blessings Use Per Day
Wrath – 25 points of holy damage unblockable x 4
Shield of Faith – 50 points of temporary health x 1
Guardian Angel – blocks first two attacks that would penetrate armor x 1
Guardian Seraphim angel – blocks first four attacks that would penetrate armour x 1
Armor of Faith – ten extra points of armor block both magic and physical attack x 1
Purify – remove taint disease etc x 7
Holy Aura – five feet - ten points holy damage – per second x 1
Divine Retribution – 100 points of holy damage unblockable x 4
Circle of Consecration – fifteen feet area ten points holy damage per second x 3
1 x sphere of consecration – twenty five feet area twenty points holy damage per second
Fortress of faith – 100 points of temporary health + 20 points of armor x 1
Smite – 200 points lighting damage x 4
Divine Favor – 20 hit point Regeneration for 5 seconds x 7
Hallowed Earth – 250 points holy damage in 10 meters x 1
Martyrs Sacrifice – minus 4 hit point per second + 20 attack + 10 strength + 10 agility + 10 dexterity. - (really painful) consumes focus per sec x 1
Chain Smite – 200 points lighting damage + 50 points per second of ability stacks x 1 consumes focus per second
Thy Will be Done – can see location of enemy directed to them
Wrath of the Almighty – (300 holy 100 fire 100 freezing 100 electrical) damage x 2
resist igna – resistance to 35 points of fire damage x 1
resist lightning – resistance to 35 points of electricity damage x 1
resist cold – resistance to 35 points of cold damage x 1
1 x litany of blessings – activates every unused defensive blessing
1 x Bastion of faith – 250 points of temporary health + 30 points of armor
2 x pillar of salt – 400 point holy attack transforms enemy to salt
1 x Field of Wrath – 25 points of holy damage all targets 25 foot in front of hunter
1 x hand of judgment – 500 physical damage 500 holy damage knocks target down
Craft Proficiency
Administration L1 Woodworking L1 Leather Working L3
Mettle Working L5 Sowing L1
Well Maintained Perk on all equipment
Pistols – improved critical damage 30% + Armour penetration 45 points Long ranger rank 2
Grenades – improved focus throw improved distance 30%
Vitality level 1 – 2 x base hit points
Alcoholism Zealot Survivors Guilt


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Bio: I have done a few creative things as a hobby I thought that I would give writing another go

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