Mark and Akio and Wang Xiu began their undefined search.As of now,their only goal was to find the manager of the place,who was no where to be seen.Every counter they went to or even the small bars,they could only spot customers of all ages.

"You wait for us here,we both will find out."Akio requested to Wang Xiu.


Hence,both Akio and Mark went searching once again,while Wang Xiu stood near the entrance and decided to wait there.Suddenly,the door barged open and she tripped.She became furious.She wanted to confront the person and give them a lashing or two.However,when she got up,she was speechless due to shock.It was her brother,Gu Ren,along with his accomplices.She wanted to dig a hole and bury herself into it.Right now,her only concern was hiding from her brother,who had bloodshot eyes and seemed like a killer on loose.

Wang Xiu ran to the bar and requested for a drink.However,Gu Ren decided to join her.He came and sat next to her.Wang Xiu abruptly got up and walked blindly towards the washroom.Due to that,she bumped into a waiter,who was carrying a champagne tower.Each glass clinked and the entire tower collapsed,with Wang Xiu being drenched with champagne.

"I am really sorry sir."The waiter apologized.

"It..s Okay."Wang Xiu stuttered.

She rushed to the washroom and entered the one for women.She opened the tap and bent to wash her face.

"It seems we have a pervert here."

Wang Xiu recognized the voice.It was who she wanted to avoid,Gu Ren.

"You seemed like a pervert since beginning.I noticed you long time ago."

Wang Xiu could not understand what her brother was blabbering.Suddenly,it clicked.She realised she was acting as a male and entering a women's washroom under any circumstances could be seen as wrong.

"I did not pay attention before entering."She said,while rushing out.However,Gu Ren grabbed her by the wrist.

"Quite a feminine wrist."He commented.

"What do you want?" Wang Xiu inquired.

"You deserve a little punishment."Gu Ren whispered into her ear.

Before Wang Xiu knew,she was being dragged along.They squirmed through a pool of people and reached the back entrance of the building. Gu Ren threw her at the wall and pounced at her.He began touching her indecently and his heavy breathing was painful.Wang Xiu did not know how to react.She was being assaulted by her own brother.she did not know what to to anymore.She decided to give up and eventually collapsed.

Meanwhile,Akio and Mark were searching for the manager but could not find him.Mark spotted a beggar on the streets.

"Lets ask him.He might know about the place."He advised.

Both of them rushed to the place and saw the beggar.He seemed as if he had joined the line recently.His clothes did not suggest he was a beggar.The decided to ask him.

"Excuse me,but do you know the whereabouts regarding the manager of this place?"Mark asked him politely.However,the beggar began to laugh.What was so funny about the question?


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