Mark and Akio both scurried to the source of the sound.It was Wang Xiu. She had dropped the tray by mistake and there was porridge spilled on the floor.Mark looked at her.She had bowed her head down.

""She muttered.

"It's all right.",Mark affirmed.

Mark grabbed a wet cloth from the kitchen.He sat down to wipe the floor. Akio came and stood next to him.

"Ahem...You are so unjust.Her apology was accepted right away, while mine is still not accepted."Akio ranted.

"You are talking about things as different as east and west."Mark said,as he cleaned the floor.

"But..still.You should know the truth.When I went to confront Gu Ren,he provoked my anger,causing me to to hit him,but I apologized to Zhang and also promised to pay the compensation."Akio narrated.

Although Mark did not look up,he was smiling.It was the first time someone was giving so much importance to his feelings.

"So does that mean you have forgiven me?"Akio questioned.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I saw you.You were smiling just now."

Mark looked up."You wouldn't be standing here if your apology was not accepted."He said,with a smirk.

"Can I ask for something?"Akio questioned.


"Can you make that chicken curry again?I really liked it."Akio requested.

Mark chuckled."Yeah..sure why not?"

The three had a lunch of chicken curry and surprisingly,even Wang Xiu liked it.They spent their time talking about politics,actors,crises and other trivial topics,forming an unknown bond with each other.

three weeks had passed since that day.Wang Xiu had gotten better and she could attend college now.The trio walked down the street to the nearest bus stop,waiting for the regular bus.Mark and Akio now knew the routes but Wang Xiu was relatively new to the place.Mark explained the routes to Wang Xiu,while Akio was looking around.The bus was late than usual.Many people had started gathering in the place. Akio could feel something was wrong.He felt he was being stared at.He looked around and saw a shadow in the nearby alley.He followed the shadow.However,it disappeared.

Suddenly,someone placed a hand on his shoulders.

Akio was stunned.He turned back to see the face.It was Mark.

"What is wrong?"Mark questioned.

Akio began breathing heavily.He was genuinely scared.


"Lets go back then."Mark suggested.

They boarded the bus.It was more crowded than usual. Akio was being squeezed.He did not have the habit of travelling in a crowded bus.On the other hand,Mark was placid throughout.It seemed as if "indianness"was carefully programmed in his genes. They reached their destination,their school safely and de-boarded the bus.

"If I would have stayed there even if it was for one minute,I would die of asphyxiation."Akio complained while straightening his neck,which was cramped.

"How can you be such a touch-me-not?"Mark criticized.

"Can you both stop?"Wang Xiu demanded.

They all entered the class.The teacher stood in front of the class,holding a pile of papers.

"Oh No! Today is the result day."Mark exclaimed.

"What do you mean by results?Was there even an exam?"Wang Xiu was confused.

"It is not a problem for you.You were absent during that time."Mark consoled her.

"OK..then there is no problem."She sighed.

Akio was the most placid of all.He entered the class and sat down calmly.It seemed as if he already knew he was going to top this semester,whereas Mark was constantly shivering.

"So students,I am holding your papers right now.Any one who gets grades less than'B' will repeat the semester.So are you ready for the results?"The teacher sneered,constantly staring at Akio,who did not seem to care.

Did Akio ace his tests?Will Mark have to repeat the semester?


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