So, great news. I have signed with Creative Novels (another web novel site who recently wants to enter the publishing scene) a few months ago and, after months preparing and editing, we've launched a Kickstarter Campaign to get the novel printed in a physical form as well more goodies!

A Couple FAQs:

Where can I get the book?

it's simple. Just go to and back one of the tiers. Depending on the tier you backed, you'll get what was on that tier as a bare minimum (I say minimum because if we do better than expected, some tiers get upgraded due to the bigger budget).

What Can I Expect to Get?

There are a lot of rewards. All tiers have E-book, most have a paperback version and some even have artwork in the form of posters and even a canvas art. If you're curious to find out what sort of artwork, here are a few:

Again more details on the kickstarter page.

Will the web novel version on RR and CrN be taken down?

Nope! Not at all! I want people to read. If you buy a paperback version, then good for you too! I'm just happy people have taken an interest in my work. It was a pipe dream when I first started writing years ago, but now it's a reality and I'm not going to compromise my morals just because I got this chance to publish (even if sales may increase upon removing the free version online).

A huge thank you to all my readers for the feedback, critique and support. Without you guys, I woulnd't have made it this far and I'm glad to share my progress with you.

PS. IF the campaign is successful, I'll release the first 10 chapters of book 2. So, again, thank you.


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Bio: The name's Baker; George Baker(son). But you can call me Baker.
Whenever you have plumbing problems, I won't fix it. Whenever your car breaks down, I won't fix it. Whenever your cat dies, I won't fix it.


I will give you a cookie, freshly baked, as you cry at your misfortune.

Jokes aside, I am a university student studying Mathematics that took up writing as a hobby. Magikind is my first novel, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

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