I Shall Steal the Heavens (我欲劫天)

by GeSiLa

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Contemporary Fantasy Satire Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation School Life Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Formerly Martial Academy, changed the name because...well, the story has less to do with the damned academy and more to do with parodying wuxia/xianxia stories. Like the legendary I Shall Seal the Heavens that everyone loves.

After getting knocked down by a truck, poor Fei Wu receives a reward in the form of a Golden Dragon Medallion. For some reason, martial artists are now chasing after him, demanding some ultimate martial arts technique that he had never heard of, and he has to do his best to survive. At least he managed to get into a martial arts academy, but...what's this? He has no talent and is regarded as...trash?

No problem. Fei Wu doesn't believe in levels and the quantification of qi, BS stages or the judgement of one's talent by a stupid test. He will find a way to survive, and perhaps climb to the peak of the Jianghu...if he can get all these bullies and enemies off his back long enough to stay alive, that is.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Cultivation is Boring ago
Chapter 1: The accident ago
Chapter 2: Reincarnation ago
Chapter 3: Recovery ago
Chapter 4: Martial Academy ago
Chapter 5: Talent ago
Chapter 6: Fei Wu the trash ago
Chapter 7: First day of class ago
Chapter 8: Martial Arts Manual ago
Chapter 9: A fight against 3 seniors ago
Chapter 10: Relentless Assault ago
Chapter 11: Golden Amulet ago
Chapter 12: The Mysterious Elder ago
Chapter 13: Dark Shadows ago
Chapter 14: Revelation ago
Chapter 15: Talent Restored ago
Chapter 16: The Announcement ago
Chapter 17: The next step ago
Chapter 18: Academy resources ago
Chapter 19: Sen Lin Forest ago
Chapter 20: Behemoth ago
Chapter 21: Abyss ago
Chapter 22: Survival ago
Chapter 23: Feast ago
Chapter 24: Nemesis ago
Chapter 25: Hellfire Badger ago
Chapter 26: Exit ago
Chapter 27: Reunion ago
Chapter 28: Awakening ago
Chapter 29: Return Journey ago
Chapter 30: Dangerous Creatures ago
Chapter 31: Shadow Leopard ago
Chapter 32: Turning Defeat into Victory ago
Chapter 33: Burden of Proof ago
Chapter 34: Challenge ago
Chapter 35: Official Match ago
Chapter 36: Official Match 2 ago
Chapter 37: Vicious duel ago
Chapter 38: Qi Burst Pill ago
Chapter 39: Principal of Wu Ling Academy, Xiao Zhang ago
Chapter 40: The Evil Within ago
Chapter 41: Spring ago
Chapter 42: Artificial Qi ago
Chapter 43: Overwhelming difference ago
Chapter 44: Heaven and Earth ago
Chapter 45: Bullying and Revenge ago
Chapter 46: Darkness Falls ago
Chapter 47: Academy Mission ago
Chapter 48: Mission request ago
Chapter 49: Return to Chun Xiang Village ago

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Summary: Fei Wu saves an old dude from a truck, which then sends him to an alternate dimension with martial arts in the modern world. Too bad he's not the MC cos he's in a world of trouble.

From my summary, this novel obviously is a satire that takes itself seriously. The author is intent on exploring the journey of the unfortunate side character who literally sees the main character around him growing with all of the typical tropes while he has to struggle to maintain a semblance of mastery to even keep up.

The style, although being quite awkward at various points due to its satirical nature (and some poor choices in execution), does well to complement the type of story the author wants to tell. Namely, how dafaq will the sidekick ever survive?

Barely any problems with grammar.

Characters follow the identifiable tropes when they need to , yet the author does well to place key characters with clear layers of character that guide the story in a serious direction while maintaining the author's original purpose in satiricising the genre. There is only 1 instance which I felt was a bit too much [Chapter 9] and the author already knows my grievances.

What sets this novel apart from the usual satires in RRL is the fact that the author tries to make the story actually enjoyable. He does not do extreme whacky techniques and keeps his ridiculousness and fourth-wall-breaks scattered here and there you aren't bombarded with them.

The novel itself will continue to make fun of most cliches in anime/chinese martial arts/whatever's popular.


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Classic xianxia but different approqch

Just want to tell u that u have a good story. 

Sure it follow the classic route of the xianxia story. But the mc is just is just like a side character here, and that different. And it already a plus.

And i reall y like how u tell ur story. And looking forward for more.  Currently at chPter 6. Im just found this story

  • Overall Score

i am enjoying your story. like the way that we jump straight into things without having to deal with the levels of cultivation or the hierarchy of the new world. we are like the main character and learn / figure things out as we go. moves a long at a decent pace and I like the self deprecating humour.

Keep it up

  • Overall Score

It has been a great read so far and I think based on the author's previous works, it's only going to get better. I've always been pleasantly surprised. 


I'd categorize it as xianxia satire. The grammar, writting and characters are all quite good. The greatest weaknesses (which are still very minor) are the villians are rather flat (intentionally so, to prove a point, but still only meh) and the author could use a little more self-confidence.  


There are also at least 100 chapters written and I appreciate the daily realeases. Check this story out! I'll edit this with a more in-depth review later. 

  • Overall Score

What a wholesome clusterfuck

Never imagined that a story that went from xianxia pun to Isekai pun to Arifureta rip-off could be so engaging. It started as a pun to most xianxia novels but turned into something new altogether. I'm actually impressed by how invested I became in this story.

  • Overall Score

Well we all know the drill with RoyalRoad novels, hopeful it won't be dropped/ put on indefinite hiatus or the Author simply dissapears. Fingers crossed guys!

Rant over


I'm enjoying this story, I like our protagonist although I find myself not really caring about the "MC" charater or the various "friends" and such. Other reviews talk about how its a satire which is true. I'm enjoying the story and look forward to what the Author does next, I only have one minor gripe with the story which is I wish the protagonist would take advantage of the 'tropes' and 'cliches' to his advantage, as he himself is aware and can act upon events likely to occur.

*Spoiler ahead* *Not really come on guys* 

Such as trash MC who used to have god like talent finding an old master to teach him a powerful martial art, while initally stronger and arrogant "villans/stepping stones" get in the way because the school beauty loves him.

The Protag comments and is selfaware of these tropes and cliches, I just wish he'd use them to his advantage to become strong if not powerful.


Overall I'd recomend it. 

  • Overall Score

I think it’s great and very interesting. One thing though is that in your effort to make your character not be overpowered, you make him op sometimes and weak sometimes illogically eg can beat ghost bear, clash against op monsters which can beat your teacher who is faster than you and survive and then struggle against something really weak.