Bella felt her legs shaking as she slowly trod pass the body. She couldn't get a break it seems as the noise of the fight had caught the attention of another group of walking dead. She barely had time to grab the bunny before hurrying along through the alley and crawled under a hole in the fence. A half dozen body slammed into it right after, but it held strong thankfully enough. Her knees gave out on her and she laid limply on the ground panting for all her worth. Her once beautiful fur was slick with blood and her right eye had swollen shut. The spirit was strong, but alas the flesh was weak as she couldn't get back up.

As she rested the adrenaline slowly wore off and pain racked her body. The skin of her paw was red and aching from her constant neck-break pace, her side bleeding not only from the monster's claws and teeth but from the glass embedded in them, and her muscles ached something fierce.

A soft squeaky came from beneath her as she laid her head on the large doll. She felt terrible, but the thought of every step bringing her ever closer to Sarah brought a smile on her face and drove the pain away like nothing else. This was nothing. She would gladly take on a hundred more of the creatures if it meant having one less out there to try and hurt her girl.

After she caught her breath and could stand up again she started walking towards the restaurant. She could see a few of them roaming around in empty stores through the glass window. They didn't seem to be able to see her as none of them reacted when she walked past them in plain view. She didn't let her guard down though. She couldn't afford to waste time nor needlessly get hurt. She wouldn't be blindsided again. Bella carefully scoped out the surroundings. She tried to pick up the lingering scent, but the nose was clogged and she couldn't smell a single thing.

She slowly watched pass the door and towards the back. There was the counter that blocked off the kitchen where the food came out of. The once pristine glass was full of cracks and she could see a body slumped over it. There was a large indentation in the side of its head, blood leaked out of its eyes and ears. Another had its skull shattered and grey matter mixed with the large containers, turning the blue raspberry a murky brown. Tables were up turned and broken bowls were scattered everywhere.

She couldn't help but reminiscence over the last time she was here with her family. Merely last month, but it felt like a lifetime ago. It was snowing in early January where most would huddle in their home with something warm to drink, but the cold never bothered her little girl and any time was a good time for ice cream as Sarah would say. She completely agreed. Especially when it meant she could have some of the delicious pink treats.

Like watching a movie she could see the past play itself in front of her eyes, superimposing itself over the abandoned store. A young little girl in a pink T-shirt and blue jeans laughing as Bella had a big dollop of pink on her nose, trying her best to will her tongue to extend enough to reach it. Her parents sat on the other side of the table watching them with large smiles on their face and their own bowls of ice cream. A bright yellow drizzled with the sweet smelling brown syrup she wasn't allowed to have any of. 

She shook her head to clear her thoughts from the depressing thoughts, although it brought with it a wave of dizziness that almost had her falling over. She would find Sarah, there was no doubt about it, and then they could go for ice cream together again next year, and the next year, and even the years after those. Until her muzzle was grey and her little girl had a litter of her own pups. She would make sure of it.

Who knows, maybe then one day she would finally taste the forbidden chocolate? 


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