I’m a crazy person who jumped in front of a truck to be reincarnated into another world -on purpose!

by A Carps Silent Song

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead Villainous Lead

I am a mad person.

Actually, calling me mad is not really correct. I’m just a tiny-inny bit crazy.

Crazy enough to prepare myself for one whole year, train a multitude of skills, learn and comprehend knowledge enough to last a couple of people through all their lives and all of that just and exclusively…

for me to jump in front of a truck and hope that I would be reincarnated into another world!

This is the kind of person that I am. And that was what enabled me to become an existence beyond the realm of the ordinary!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Otaku who jumped in front of a truck ago
Chapter 1: A new world and a scary princess ago
Chapter 2: How to deal with a princess ago
Chapter 3: Slavery solves all problems! ago
Chapter 4: "I'm sorry princess, but you left me no other choice!" ago
Chapter 5: Bowing the knee ago
Chapter 6: Getting trashed by a sadist knight ago
Chapter 7: Burning Anger ago
Chapter 8: The rediculous things that happen to isekai heroes ago
Chapter 9: A dragon's greed ago
Chapter 10: Hunting goblins with my pet dragon ago
Chapter 11: Killing the goblins ago
Chapter 12: City of goblins ago
Chapter 13: Alliance with the antihero (1) ago
Chapter 14: Alliance with the antihero (2) ago
Chapter 15: A pathetic hero ago
Chapter 16: "I am pathetic and weak" ago
Chapter 17: The crazy hero ago
Chapter 18: Older than the gods ago
Chapter 19: Feeling badass ago
Chapter 20: Grilling Adventurers ago
Chapter 21: A hero, a death flag and a trap ago
Chapter 22: "I'm a MC in an isekai Novel, ain't I?" ago
Chapter 23: "I'm gonna fuck the princess whenever I want!" ago
Chapter 24: "He won't mind it, right?" ago
Chapter 25: Conning a hero ago
Chapter 26: Slavery solves all problems (2) ago
Chapter 27: All gods are perverts ago
Taking a small break ago
Chapter 28: "At least she is cute..." ago
Chapter 29: Lewding a dragon ago
Chapter 30: Messing around and Small Talk ago
Chapter 31: A polish hero stole the princess ago
Chapter 32: The hero is distressed ago
Chapter 33: "Let's found a kingdom!" ago
Chapter 34: A princess in captivity ago
Just a poll ago
Chapter 35: half naked cat girl ago
Chapter 36: Four morons on a mission to save a princess ago
Chapter 37: Let hell break loose ago

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Mighty Moushie
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I love the sense of humor in the story.  Poking fun at all sorts of tropes, its great.  Now for the in depth stuff.

Style:  Mock the tropes!  Don't just mock them though, use the knowledge of what people are likely looking for against them.  A refreshing take on the genre.

Grammar:  Easy.  If there are errors, they are so minor that I didn't notice them.  

Story:  An original take on everything.  Some of the turns seem a bit over the top, but that's fine.  

Characters:  This is the bit that needs work.  We have some superficial understanding of some characters, but I would like some to go deeper.  

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Spinning a narrative while messing with tropes

The main character is definitely odd to say the least. but you already knew that when you read the title and with that you almost certainly expected for something like a parody novel, but with time and enough ridiculous antics you end up seeing the story progressively take itself more seriously in certain situations, light hearted scenes are still in between and I enjoyed how the author quickly switched from both humour and grim revelations followed again by unexpected plot points. While the main character acknowledges his shortcomings right after they appear and tries his best to grow as a character. That depth is appreciated and I can see that the author is improving himself and his writing while the story progresses.

Style Score : (5) A unique take on the usual bus driver shenanigans and I enjoyed how everything else set in place afterwards. And the author makes sure to have had plenty of fun messing around with isekai tropes and it shows.

Grammar Score : (4) I don’t mind the usual typo as I myself am not a native English speaker, the author sometimes makes errors but they are never anything too big to worry about or dilute the experience.

Story Score : (4) The story is light hearted in one chapter and serious the next, and the world reflects on that. From the current plot developments it looks like the author has big things already planned ahead and I enjoyed what we have going on so far.

Character Score : (3.5) They start off a bit 2d but slowly change with the weight of the events around them at a reasonable pace, some of the party members should be fleshed out a bit more but most of them already had a fair share of development and there seems to be more to come.

Overall : (4) I enjoyed it, there is plenty of room for improvement but so far it has a solid foundation.

P.S (ChrisxIgnatius..jk)


Nicholas Dietz
  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

One of the best isekai novels i read, and that includes translations. Good story, good style, good characters. MC is not a total bitch, and shows actual emotional development. Few grammer mistakes, definetly better than a lot of authors on this site. Looking forward to more, 10/10 would recommend.

Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler


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So you wanted a review here it is. The type of sitting for this novel has been used many times but different athours but you change it up like hero’s summon is used by every country instead of a few and the gods are more chacther feel to them then the usually version were they come off has last boss luv things. They’s Things make very creative but now it time for the complaints your letting the readers effect your novel  bad creative different is ok but build don’t take down only improve to better your self.

josh keely
  • Overall Score
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it is great just needs a little polish

this story has promise but the editing has to improve it trips the reader up and i would love some side character devolpment which might be on the way in future chapters other than that i love the flow the author has, and his mc. the way he responds to conflict feels organic. in short i cant wait to watch this author grow with time and see how his story evoles.

  • Overall Score

 Loving it, very refreshing can't wate for more!!!

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So far I've kept up to date with the story since I believe chapter 6 was out.

It's an enjoyable read for sure.

Style: the style of the story is interesting, just like the start, it takes an interesting look at the "generic fantasy LitRPG".

Story: the story is fun and the character are interesting, I mean come on, who doesn't like an M Dragon?

Grammar : so far I've seen few mistakes within the grammar, and if they're there, they don't bother much.

Character : i find it hard to relate with the characters in the story, but then again, I won't jump in front of cars to go to a fantasy world.

All in all, a good read to pass time, would recommend.

  • Overall Score

As of chapter four it doesnt look half bad.

  • Overall Score


FBI open up!

JK but flat is not justice no matter how you put it unless you're a pedophile in which case the JK is rescinded.

MC also has a pretty trash cheat tbh

  • Overall Score
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Don't know why all stories have to drift into harem... 

Just makes it so unrealistic, the carrectors were only half OK to begin with, there was lots of depth missing and decissions did not make any sense. No this...

Will stop reading...