Dreams Come True

by Parky

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Psychological Sci-fi Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation School Life Slice of Life Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

In a futuristic world of superheroes and supervillains, the ability to dream of another world doesn’t seem that applicable nor useful. But for Demund, who has recently sent off his best friend to the superhero training grounds—the Preliminary Islands—it was nothing but life-changing. For him, a rejuvenating vacation to a world of magic is now only a good night’s rest away. 

As Demund explores his new world, reality around him begins to change. How will he manage to balance their existences together?


0 - Prologue

1 - Summer Break

2 - Starting School

3 - Changes

4 - Growth

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•Actually readable [not like most stories written in broken English] *srsly this site should remove them*

•Immersive and binge worthy

•Hidden gem of royalroad

•Fun to read

What else is there to say.... I don't write reviews very often but......Huge thanks to the author



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Good allegory, tedious story

The writing is done very well, it flows nicely and I noticed few enough errors that I don't actually remember any.

I'm caught up as of chapter 3.16.

The premise is interesting, but ALL of the characters are shallow.

MC: diligent hard worker except for when it's convenient for the plot, in those cases he quickly gets bored and/or forgets about important things.  That's literally all there is to him.  Years in dream have passed, and the MC has done absolutely nothing to explore his power set, except for go to sleep at night at the normal time.

Love Interest: rich sadist with little to no empathy, but has a soft spot for the MC? That's it, nothing more to her, except for a mysterious past that the author is still hiding from us.

Friend number 1: best friend leaves on day one, people cry, it's sad, that's it.  The MC actually forgot about him.

Friend 2: rich kid that works hard and has a super power that benifits him.

Friend 3: another rich kid that has a complex about not being as hard a worker as his friends.

That's it. That's the extent to the depth of the characters in this story outside of the dream.

If I lived in such a bland world (I do) and had a super power (I don't) that let me live in a far more interesting one whenever I sleep, I'm pretty sure I'd spend most of my time sleeping.

Honestly, I'd probably enjoy the story a lot more if the main character had died and been reborn, as it is, the story alternates between tedious (RL) and kind of interesting (dream); a fitting allegory for life, but not a very good story.

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Thoroughly enjoying the story so far. The character development is going well, the world building continues to get more interesting, and the story is everyone's favorite, with the protagonist excelling despite everything. I'll be looking forward to the rest of the story for sure.

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Another one to keep an eye on

I look forward to how this story progresses.  Great world building and decent character development.   Bit of romance, bit slice of life, no stereotypical villains, a refreshing and sincere work.

dan kirkby
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Just... Missing something

 I came into this with Mushoku Tensei on the mind (and definitely raised expectations as MT Is one of my favorite stories ever), as it is mentioned in the blurb, and with that in mind, I feel like this is just... Missing something, the parrelel to MTare obvious, and the inspirations clear.

But in MT MC is getting a second chance and is devoted to taking it seriously, I feel like the Demand in this is just, lacking, part of the charm of MT is that Rudeus isn't perfect, and we get to see him grow and mature as the story continues but Remind is just kind off bland, he doesn't have 30+ years of life to create a solid character and his actions so far have few consequesconces.

I know that I'm approaching this as a comparison, but honestly at this point I'd rather just go read MT again, this is just so similar without adding anything particularly noteworthy.

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Good idea, poor execution

I have never blazed through 500 pages (to ch 3.10) so fast, and it did not happen because I liked the story so much, no the story was ok enough for me to keep 'reading', but I skimmed about 80% of everything.

It's been a truly bizarre experience for me, I have never read a story with as much wasted, meaningless text in it. Or what I like to call wasteful writing.

There haven't been any particularly interesting characters, there have been back stories and side stories (I mean not that many but they were boring, the last side story I skipped altogether, it was about some guy who isn't even a character in the main plot, or at least won't be for a very long time no doubt)

Lets try to break down my issues with the story.

The chronology is completely fucked, it sounds like at the start he is 14 (according to author comment I read, because it wasn't mentioned in the story itself), closing in on 15. He goes to high school, makes friends, says 'I'll join club X next year'. Some chapters later he has his 16th birthday and repeats the same sentence; at a time that would be at minimum 1 year after he first said it.

Not only this, but at the beginning itwas defined that 1 night's sleep = 5 days in a fantasy world (edit: actually it's 7). If he's gone a full year, he should be 5 years old, but he's still only 2 years old, with his 3rd brithday shortly after.

The style is terrible, the author does not seem to know how to manage a story with a protagonist leading a double life, there are unmentioned timeskips (he doesn't seem to keep track of time very much at all) and despite the implication that his isekai life should be 5x more of his time than his normal life, he often uses a format of 1 ch is isekai, next ch is normal life, then so on like that. Later on he starts making the chapters just constantly jump between the normal life and the isekai life.

It's not good... and it doesn't help that most of the text, whether it be in his normal life or isekai life, is talking in circles or saying not much of anything. There are entire chapters where nothing happens, no new information of any importance is given, no character development (this story so far simply doesn't have character development), a literal waste of space chapter. And that wasn't even the side story chapter which was even worse, I mean the first side story was a retelling of 'nothing happening' that happened a while ago for some minor side character. Something readers obviously won't give a shit about.

I've read this in a few hours, and I'm generally a slow reader, but there's just so much waste text that doesn't add anything to the experience, that my skills for spotting said waste text and skimming it have been put to use like in no story I've ever read before. Despite how I've skimmed about 80% of all the content, I have not once felt like I missed out on anything for the remaining 20% where stuff was actually happening. A whole 80%... seriously what the hell.

If I were to describe the writing style in simple terms I'd name the style: Waste of time.

The story, I wish I could judge it appropriately but nothing has happened, for 500 pages nothing has happened to indicate that there is any sort of plat to any of this. Subplots? sure, main plot? none.

Overall it's an "ok" read, if  you can skim like me. The skimming is only mildly frustrating for me since I've gotten so good at it from spending time on this website... But the setting is not that bad, neither in the normal superhero world, nor the isekai world, both are extremely basic. But basic at least means it's not too little, sometimes basic can be enough.

It kinda feels like it's leading somewhere but there's no indication of where yet, it's like I've been reading 500 pages worth of 'buildup' but building up to what exactly? No idea, and that's the kicker isn't it?

This author has spent 500 pages; the amount of content you can easily expect from 2 novels, for the kind of buildup that most stories will complete in the first 5-10 chapters. That sounds like a little bit of a failure doesn't it?

Evcrything that's happened could have been condensed to 100 pages (with room to spare) and it would be a much better story for it.

As for the characters and grammar, the characters are bland, completely 100% bland, there's like 1 character that has some sort of personality beyond 'basic character template', and it's this annoying redhead chick that sounds like she's going to become some kind of minor antagonist.

The grammar, I guess you could say the grammar is the only part where this story hasn't failed, although the vocabulary choice is pretty dry, I haven't noticed any grammar mistake.

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First time readers may be put off by the cringey title of the story or the shounen manga setting, but if you choose to drop this piece solely due to those aspects, or even the first few chapters, I can assure you will regret it.

The story starts off slow, clearly, but is later driven by unique twists in the plot that make it unpredictable, dramatically diverging it from the cliche scenario it had set out in. The characters, and I absolutely adore the characters, especially Demund, are wonderfully fleshed out. Their emotions and thoughts appear authentic and complex, adding a rare richness of character to the story that is absent in so many other narratives. Readers who overlook the minor inconveniences of cringey names and settings will be hugely rewarded by a moving tale of a boy of awe-inspiring resilience, and the manner by which he trembles beneath his emotional obstacles and overcomes them will make you glad to have stuck around for so long.

If you are scared of another typical tale of a lame schoolkid who reincarnates into a fantasy world because he's too much of a loser to do anything in his real life, you're in luck. This story strays far from what you're expecting. Hell, it'll blow your expectations straight out of the water. The characters are so rich and complex, and I could go on and on about them forever, but it's best you see it for yourself.

It's a solid 5/5 from me. Give it a shot and stick around, you'll see. I can easily promise that you won't regret it.

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Interesting Combination, Has a lot of potential

Loving the series! Intersting twist/combination of the transferred to another world and superpower school stories. The two parts of the story seem kind of seperrated right now (2.28) but i'm sure there's a way they will become more interlinked.

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just binged the whole thing

(current 3.8)

its kinda slow, but that never really was a problem seeing as i had an abundant amount of chaps at the ready

until now

this is gonma be excruciating waiting for each chappy but oh well

thx again, until the next one.

Hope Bones5
  • Overall Score

While not a fast story by any means its wholesome, interesting and above all orginial, specifically with just enough plot and intrigue to get you hooked (ignore the side stories tbh) and overall is an amazing read if you dont mind going slow and steady, overall 8/10 if only for the ok but boring side stories and the slow pace, everything else is great!