The room was dimly lit. The air conditioner hummed quietly in the background and two people on their desks were tapping in their final evaluations for the year. The sun was setting beyond the window, and the sound of children going home was finally softening beyond the school gates.

“This year’s students show promise just based on their potential levels,” said Examiner 1 while looking at the electronic screen. “One even exceeds 20,000!”

“Yes, this year’s batch will strengthen the frontlines immensely if they are taught properly…” said Examiner 2, “so this time, don’t send another misfit to the islands again. I don’t want to go over all the paperwork again.”

“… I’ll check twice this time. I’ll buy you meals for the entire year if I make an error again. But that turned out to be fine after all.”

Examiner 2 gave a short grunt. The two continued to tap on their devices, and after a few seconds, Examiner 1 took a sip out of his glass and turned to his colleague.

“So... have we decided where to put that certain kid?”

“You mean the one who’s level seems low, but it fluctuates throughout the day?”

“Yes...the one who can’t control it.”

“I know. The other one performs beyond expectation.”

The two examiners glanced at each other for a short time and returned to their screens.

“Guess he’ll stay? We can’t really send him as he shows no abilities and his potential is low.”

“It’s a pity. His level goes up higher than an average person’s during the afternoon, but even then, it’s not stable.”

“Then it’s decided.”

Examiner 1 crossed a red line through the boy’s name.

“He’s staying.”



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