Dreams Come True

by Parky

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

In a futuristic world of superheroes and supervillains, the ability to dream of another world doesn’t seem that applicable nor useful. But for Demund, who has recently sent off his best friend to the superhero training grounds—the Preliminary Islands—it was nothing but life-changing. For him, a rejuvenating vacation to a world of magic is now only a good night’s rest away. 

As Demund explores his new world, reality around him begins to change. How will he manage to balance their existences together?


0 - Prologue

1 - Summer Break

2 - Starting School

3 - Changes

4 - Growth


Author's Note: It's going to be a very long story.

Cover by Sydorow.

Notice: The future is many, but I am confined in a cage. The military has called for my service for a year and a half. But the story is far from over. I'll return! It's a promise. And when I do, I'll have prepared something big, a gift for my readers.

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Bored Smile

An Interesting story with a unique Premise

In the story, the MC's world is filled with magic and super-powers, where people are mainly judged based on what power you're born with. The MC, instead of being born with a overwhelming super-power, is instead born with the power to dream a long time in one sitting. While not exactly exciting on it's own, the dreamscape he's in is a a world filled with magical beasts, swordfighting, and you guessed it, magic. Obviously better then his slightly-above average life, right?

Due to this over time the story shows how he becomes less and less detached with the real world, in the end only a crush on a girl really keeping him connected with the real world as he stops playing games, talking with his family, and doing extracurricular activites. At the same time the Author makes us truelly care about this by making the characters feel real, with real personalities and feelings, and not filling the cast with Couragous-spiky_haired-kid#20145 or Quirky-pink_haired-schoolgirl#901543.


This is emphasized in the story when he loses one of his legs in the real world, disconnecting him from it even more.


Athough admittedly slow-paced, I feel it works with the story because it shows much better his slow descent into indifference to the real world than any fast-paced story could. In the end due to all this I believe this story at this moment deserves to stand with some of the best in Royal Road.


As off 3.8 - may contain minor spoilers.

While browsing Royalroad for some evening read, I came across this little gem. I was about to turn around, not really in the mood for another story where MC dominates his evil peers witch cheat abilities.

There was a promise of cats, and that was what convinced me to check it.

Story starts commonly an underdog Protagonist from a working class family try to fit in the society where your superpower makes you worth. Fresh out of junior high is when your power awakes, while others get cool powers like speed enchantments, ultra-realistic illusions our MC gets a power to dream a life. There is no immediate power creep, MC stays as weak as mortal - his body not affected by his power, only mind.

Like in all self inserting stories our Protagonist has a big plot armor, his carelessness goes unpunished because of a fortunate chain of events, not once, not twice, but a couple of times. His not mature enough actions can be explained by the naivety of a teen but he will get older and such excuses would not work anymore. If it’s keep happenig later in story Character Score will be adjusted (severy lowered).

Other characters are better defined than our protagonist. About MC we know absolute minimum, it’s sometimes hard to understand his reasoning. As already said, side characters are quite well thought, they are a bit templateish but have their own unique flavor. If you are expecting retarded dolls, that are here only to show how cool our MC is, you will get severy disappointed.

Story is best part of this series, world is consistent and ruled by rules, government for once has it shit together. There are no major plot holes that are jarring, or not foreshadowed plot twists.

The world is believable and that's what most important.

About the style, show not tell is realized quite well, grammar keeps the high level. Thought for me story is a bit to fast paced, there is no need to rush. Firstly build solid foundations then progress the story.

Using a change of perspective and unimportant characters to explain why Protagonist naivety haven’t brought problems, gets rid of possible plot holes but leaves a bad taste.

Use the perspective of side characters only when they are important enough and revelant when you want to tell their story not to path your main story. In self inserting stories is also acceptable to use unimportant characters like Villager A to show of our Protagonist after major power up.

Our MC gets madly in love with the red girl, how cool, how sweet, how beautiful she is, in the track suit, in school uniform, in the autonomus car. There is no need to repeat it chapter after chapter.

Writer creates the story for himself but the moment he shares it, we all - the readers live the story.

Keep this in mind.

Nat Lim

Not your typical isekai

Quite a pleasant surprise in store for those who read ahead. At first I was skeptical, as it begins like many other reincarnation stories out there, but the plot twists leave a good impression on me. Overall, not a bad story.


Slow but sooo satisfying.

Reviewed at: 4.30

Ok, author wasnt joking, this story is veryyy slow. It will not be constant action, there will be moments and chapters of pure conversation but the author does this in such a way as to never lose your attention unless you truly are reading for pure action. In which case I recommend you turn around now instead of critiscising a book on something it isn't nor was made to be. However, if you want a fulfilling read with a good plot and an amazing balance of two MC's in one, this is definitely for you.

All I can say without spoiling but it was certainly a good read.

Spoiler: Spoiler


This story is the most unexpected but pleasant surprise I had on this site.! When I first open the novel 2 months ago I expected the typical isekai but I got so much more. 

The first thing that made me love this novel is that I actually care for the main character and the supporting cast.

The second one is that the author does not reveal everything 100 chapters in and there are dozen of mysteries worth exploring. 


Great story, but two tags are missing

The story started off strong, but the only villain in the story just happens to be a cute female the same age as the MC, she also doesn't do anything but threatening thoughts.

Not too many cliches exist in this story, but the author clearly takes after Japanese Light Novels, especially of the Isekai genre. There's no grand plot outside of the female villain who again; Exists to be a waifu.

This story is missing a Romance tag, likely because the author doesn't believe it fits into the criteria. But unless you're going to change everything drastically, this is definitely romance. The story also requires a Slice of Life tag, it focuses on interactions and the day-to-day life than the plot. It has a story, but it's slow enough to be Slice of Life.

A good story and it's interesting, with excellent writing which is rare to find. If you're looking for a Slice of Life with fantasy elements this story could be for you, the author does have an idea of what they want and it's an interesting story, but it moves slowly with my deal killer being predictable cliches. 

I marked the overall score as 4 stars for reasons described above. Breakdown below.

Style score is 4.5 as I don't need to know about breast feeding and what it tastes like, the rare sidestories seem to exist to remove mystery and the author has a few POV switches that don't add much.

Grammar score is 4.5 as I've only encountered a few rare typos and with the overuse of periods. Some of the sentences were also awkward and could have been rephased to better flow smoothly.

Story Score is 4 as there's as of 3.7; no actual plot. There's a story, but no plot. This is an Isekai story, there's no greater cause.

Character Score is 3.5 as the villain and her father are 2D characters, the fantasy mother is intended as a cute waifu that's a mummy to the MC. And yet, as a surprising counter most characters seem fleshed out with realistic interactions.


A lot of potential, very well written.

Reviewed at: Plans for the future

This is a very well written story with a lot of character development. It has the potential to really be something great, but it teeters on the edge of that through the future of the plot. It’s a very enjoyable story that is unique in its own right and leaves you wanting more. Although the pace is frustratingly slow in the early chapters (allows for the characters to be well developed) it soon pics up and gets very interesting and exciting. The characters are also extremely well done.

Although nothing on this site so far has come even close to the wandering inn in terms of character development, action, gravitas, action, and plot, (Although mother of learning is great), this story’s character development teeters on the edge of greatness, And the MC’s power is extremely interesting and the story’s strong point. Love it. 


The potential to be in the first page of the top rated stories stems from both the potential of the plot and the potential of the Main Character. I really hope this potential is a some point realised, or even better; touched upon and explored. Great read.


Would recommend to someone who likes the wandering inn, randidly ghost hound, & superheroes.



Awesome Premise, Developing Author

Reviewed at: Plans for the future

Let me preface this review by saying that it is rare for me to reread a series. Dreams Come True is one of the few series on Royal Road that I have read more than once. There is something captivating about the story that demands you turn the page until you are caught up with the series. For this reason, I gave Style 5/5 stars.

Problems with spelling/grammar are uncommon. To the extent that they are there (once every several chapters), they do not break immersion. There are a handful of instances where it seems like the author (Parky) tried to use an idiom or figurative language that just did not translate perfectly into English. In other words, I could understand what was trying to be said, it just did not really seem like the best way to say it. Those rare occurences did break immersion a bit; however, their rarity over the 1,185 pages that have currently been written and overall quality of writing leads me to give Grammar 4.5/5 stars.

The story is amazing overall. My favorite parts about the story are mild spoilers, so I cannot fully articulate what makes this story so good without potentially affecting someone else's enjoyment of it. Without going into detail, I find it refreshing when a webnovel series has a protagonist that takes a lot of time to improve (himself) and seems to start off as more of a side character. However, I will say that in the beginning of the story, Parky seems to use darker things (such as rape and killing) as a crutch for the character development of side characters. In other words, rather than fleshing out characters over time through their actions and dialogue with the main character, you learn about the (tragic) past of side characters in a few pages of backstory spread throughout the different chapters. Parky seems to have gotten better with his character development over time - as of chapter 4.30 new characters from the middle of the story onwards tend to be learned about through their interactions with the main character, rather than through a change in POV. I should note that there are not any graphic scenes of rape, which would have made me drop the series. I give Story 4.5/5 stars.

Aside from the main character, the other characters the story focuses on tend to fall into cliches. There is some progression with how characters are developed over the course of the stories (as stated previously), but I would say overall characters are a relative (as opposed to significant) weakness in what is otherwise a very strong story. I would say characters in the first half of the story would be 3.5 stars - not special, but not terrible (redeemed by an interesting MC and worldbuilding); later on in the series I'd say the quality of side character writing goes up a bit - so 4/5 stars.

Overall, I'd rate this series a strong 4.5/5 stars - worth the read (and the reread). I pray Parky stays safe while serving his time in the Korean military, and (albeit much less importantly) continues this story when he finishes his service.



Quality Slice of Life with Engaging Story

Very fresh idea, brilliant execution, I cannot believe this is the author's first work.

Style: The author's style is not distinct enough that it is instantly memorable, but also not so bland it is boring. It fits the genre and makes for a relaxing slice of life read, with tense moments well written, keeping the story from being a slog.

Characters: Almost all of the characters are decently fleshed out but not, once again, instantly memorable. They are well written and their motivations are realistic and gripping at times. The most vivid character, to me is also perhaps the most confusing, though. I find her motivations a bit difficult to understand, at times it seems like she wants to hurt the MC, but at other times she seems to be relishing in his happiness and progress. There seems to be a 'bigger they are, harder they fall' idea behind her mentality, but it always seemed... odd to me. Then again, I leave room for it all making sense when her motivations are revealed.

Story: The story flows well, at times it feels slow, but that feeling usually fades away when I remind myself that this is a slice of life story that I am reading. Every now and again something happens to introduce mystery or tension, enough to keep me invested.
The hardball out of left field at the beginning of 'changes' / the end of the arc before changes was unexpected but not in a bad way, I only wish some of the negative aspects of it were explored more. Then again, it is reasonable for the MC not to angst about [SPOILERS] when it doesn't affect him for most of his waking week. It is always really invigorating when a story hits you with something unexpected, without it feeling overly forced - a pitfall that this story, in my opinion, managed to avoid for the better part.

Grammar: I do not remember any grammar errors whatsoever, which implies that if they were any then they were minor to the point of irrelevance or rare enough that grammar failed to be an overarching problem in this story.

The duality of the worlds is a breath of fresh air and I love that they have been kept separate up until now. At times it has been frustrating being unable to see the MC (who I support, you go dude) being unable to bring the things he has learnt in his 'dreamworld' into reality. And while I will be disappointed if the two worlds don't interact in some way shape or form at all in the story (at least no more than they have up until now), I know that when and if they do it will have been all the more cathartic for the wait involved.

This story deserves a 5 star overall IMO, simply because I think that while it is great for an average story on the ranking board, it is absolutely amazing for being the author's (apparent) first work. Congrats, Parky, you are an amazing author, please keep it up and thank you for the story!


I have to say, this is an incredibly written story. You can really tell the author put some thought into the characters. Not to mention the fact that the english actually being readable already puts it above 90% of the stories on this site.

That's not to say that there isn't any negatives though. For one the gimmick is that the MC here is living two lives at the same time.... It's a pretty cool idea, but the execution wasn't too great here.

The dreamworld is perfect, the issue is with the real world. It's incredibly boring. The entire thing is about some kid who goes to school and is trying to ask out his crush... What happened to the super hero story? It was incredibly difficult to care about anyone or anything in the real world. The story is set up to make it seem like a huge mistake when the instructer rates his power as completely useless for anything practical, but that's actually the truth here. What's the point of making this setting and putting so much effort into it, when the story would've been the same if it was about a guy from our world living in a dream fantasy world.

The entire 'super hero academy' thing is not used at all. I found myself skimming through the real world sections. Sometimes I even felt like I was reading two different books at once, one incredibly boring and one looking incredibly interesting. It was jarring.

Maybe others will like that style, I personally didn't. But, even if like me that doesn't sound like something you'd enjoy, I still say give this story a read. The dreamworld alone can carry it.