Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

by Parky

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

In a futuristic world of superheroes and supervillains, the ability to dream of another world doesn’t seem that applicable nor useful. But for Demund, who has recently sent off his best friend to the superhero training grounds—the Preliminary Islands—it was nothing but life-changing. For him, a rejuvenating vacation to a world of magic is now only a good night’s rest away. 

As Demund explores his new world, reality around him begins to change. How will he manage to balance their existences together?

Author's Note: It's going to be a very long story. While it may be (very) unrefined in the beginning, stick around and enjoy as the story grows.

Cover by Sydorow.

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North Wind

I don't know what to say

Reviewed at: 5.11


TLDR; I would definitely recommend this story to almost everyone, as it was a lot of fun for me, it just deteriorates near the end.

I recently binged this story, and I loved it. I was planning on writing a review to show how awesome I thought the story was, but I decided to catch up to where the story is now. The recent chapters, changed everything. At the beginning, and for most of the story, this was incredible and I loved it. The author blended both lives, both real and fantasy, and kept us very engaged in both. I wasn't waiting for the regular life chapters to finish before we could go back to the fantasy ones.

The style: The style was brilliant. I really enjoyed both lives, and the way the author wrote the story was great, and I had a super fun time reading it.

The story: The story was awesome. I was personally very engaged and loved reading, and the story did advance, and even while it was a bit slow-paced, it didn't bother me.

The grammar: there were a few mistakes, nothing that really ruined my immersion though.

The characters: The side characters don't have too much depth other than Enariss, but Demund goes through much character development, and as he experiences time as Shaden, he grows up and matures.

Overall, I really enjoyed it, and would have given it 5/5 in everything except grammar. However, the recent chapters ruined the story for me. The last arc, or the last 20 or so chapters, were literally Shaden and a few others traveling around, and that whole time, nothing happened. The one event that was actually relatively important, was glossed over and not payed much attention to. In addition, Shaden used to be a little OP, but he wasn't a Mary Sue. The author returned after an 18 or so month hiatus, and said that the story before was pretty badly written and they didn't know how people actually were able to enjoy it or something. First of all, it was written very well, and there was a lot of people reading and enjoying, so that didn't really make sense, and second, I didn't know how the author would "improve", but I still kind of thought something would change. Instead, we had no Demund and a bunch of Shaden chapters, and Shaden literally turned into a Mary Sue.

He joined a vassal family to his that learned to tame beasts, and the most talented of them took at least a year or so to master it, and he gets it in two days or so and then the next day tames a wyvern.

Imho, the quality of the story is deteriorating, and while I still have this story favorited and followed, it is a bit tentave, and I am waiting for more chapters before I decide whether to quit or not. If the story continues to get worse, I will update my review to reflect what I think, and if it gets better, I will change the review to show my positive thoughts on the changes.


Interesting start, depressing finish

Reviewed at: 5.19

Originally somewhat interesting story about a teen who develops a power to be incarnated to another world on his dreams, where he is extremely powerful. 


Generally pretty good, until the part with the Kishaks. After that people start mistreating him badly and he just takes it because... He deserves it I guess? Doesn't make much sense, and about as fun to read as listening to someone screech chalk on a blackboard.


Good in the beginning, becomes a chore at the end

Reviewed at: 6.9

Good Points:

Grammar is great, no obvious flaws in structure or writing.

Beginning has a good premise and it keeps you in thinking about possibilities.

Bad Points:

The current arc, the previous arc and mainly the arcs where he's Shaden are all tedious to me. It felt like a slog reading it as basically nothing happens and we get main character basically always 'losing'

There's too much emphasis on Shaden. It feels like there's this really cool sub plot in reality and it's completely being ignored to try and develop Shaden and Shaden is basically a munchkin doesn't actually go through much hardship doesn't understand much even though he's lived to basically his age twice over and keeps making the same mistakes. 

Reading about a character that has seemingly infinite power and then it being used poorly multiple times or not used or considered only for plot is tedious to me. From the 'Dreams come True' title I thought it would be more of an uplift story using experiences and maturity from the Dreamworld to assist him greatly in reality but because of the canonical time difference of (I think) 7:1 we as the readers also have to sit through a slog of Shaden learns ability, has fun, overextends and then some big incident happens or some variation on it and it just is boring to me now. 

Personally I wished there was more of an even split of perspective from both sides, but there isn't. The current arc is just Shaden McGuffining it and getting maximal benefits from what was him overstepping his bounds and the consequences became basically negligible and so he didn't actually learn anything.


Good beginning, good grammar, current arcs are too tedious and focus only on the 'isekai' with real life splashed in to show I don't know what.


This story was great to begin with but has turned comepletely grimderp at the end where I am reading 5.34. It was a cool coming of age story about a boy with two lives one in a dream and another when he is awake. The conflict between those two was well executed and so far everything that has happened in reality has been to my liking. The problem is the dream. At the moment the 

plot is literally that he is in a castle of people that shot his wyvern tamed companion who was a semi intelligent being , began to eat it and are genociding tribal peoples that are sent to them by another civilization.

This arc can unironically be described as a militant group of nazis are killing every jew that is sent their way after they killed and ate your dog all the while you are expected to follow them with no explanations.

The MC shows 0 attempts to get revenge,stop the genocide (other than taking the group of tribals back to a city where they are all killed),or even enact justice upon this system despite his unironically godlike power. It is insane disgusting and the entire story has gone downhill from this point. The main character has 0 agency in his own life and even when he shows agency it is only when submitting to the power of others. He is supposed to be this heir of a shadowy powerblock but has shown absolutely none of this in any of his dealings. 

The mc feels like in the dream if superman was getting beaten and all his shit taken away from him in costume and never ever retaliated in any size shape or form even to defend others. It is really dissapointing.



When bored check it out

Reviewed at: 6.7

Honestly. Up until 6.7 i could still vibe along with this story.

It's not bad but it's not good either. A good way to spend time without having to think. 

OP in one world and discovering the ties in the other. Nice intrigue and slice of life with shaden.

6.7 just threw about 95% of what the fuck you know out the window into the stratospher headed for long distance fucking temporal sub-space in degrading dimensions.

I can't keep reading with the many a many contradiction. The latest prompting me to drop it and never touch this with a 10ft poll.

That being said author it's good and keep writting! I enjoyed the beginning of the story a lot and wish you the best.


Has Potential, Lacks Conflict

Reviewed at: Plans for the future
Dreams Come True is an interesting hybrid of generes. We've got reincarnated-as-a-baby, superheroes, a futuristic world, school festivals, magic, and swords.
There's a lot going on.
Demend/Shaden is portrayed as a a bit disadvantaged in his first life. But he doesn't have a bad life at all, except for not being a top tier power and missing his old friend. There's a pretty, powerful girl who likes him. He's one of the top students in his school.
In his second life, he manages to become a prodigy in magic thanks to his other life's access to physic and biology textbooks. A bit of skeptimisn on my end, as I don't know any 16 year olds who can parse those heavy, complex tomes.
Then after an pretty horrific, life altering accident, Demund's life doesn't change much. Yes, it doesn't change much.
That's my main gripe with this story. You've got charcters who are motivated and growing, and situations that should reveal conflict.
But this story feels so, so smooth. Where is the pain and depression, or the drive to overcome as the result of Demund's accident? Where is the passion?
Everything ends up going Demund/Shaden's way. I bet even his accident will result in gains.
We've even got foreshadowing that Shaden is really OP.
I'm not feeling the stakes of the situations.
Dreams Come True lives up to its name so far, and not in the most positive way. 
Hopefully, as things progress, this excess of "easiness" will dissapate. 
Good luck, Parky! 

Good allegory, tedious story

The writing is done very well, it flows nicely and I noticed few enough errors that I don't actually remember any.

I'm caught up as of chapter 3.16.

The premise is interesting, but ALL of the characters are shallow.

MC: diligent hard worker except for when it's convenient for the plot, in those cases he quickly gets bored and/or forgets about important things.  That's literally all there is to him.  Years in dream have passed, and the MC has done absolutely nothing to explore his power set, except for go to sleep at night at the normal time.

Love Interest: rich sadist with little to no empathy, but has a soft spot for the MC? That's it, nothing more to her, except for a mysterious past that the author is still hiding from us.

Friend number 1: best friend leaves on day one, people cry, it's sad, that's it.  The MC actually forgot about him.

Friend 2: rich kid that works hard and has a super power that benifits him.

Friend 3: another rich kid that has a complex about not being as hard a worker as his friends.

That's it. That's the extent to the depth of the characters in this story outside of the dream.

If I lived in such a bland world (I do) and had a super power (I don't) that let me live in a far more interesting one whenever I sleep, I'm pretty sure I'd spend most of my time sleeping.

Honestly, I'd probably enjoy the story a lot more if the main character had died and been reborn, as it is, the story alternates between tedious (RL) and kind of interesting (dream); a fitting allegory for life, but not a very good story.


Story goes nowhere

Reviewed at: 5.17

Every time the story advances or something happens it gets interrupted by tons of...nothing. This is seen throughout the entire story but at least at the start the nothing is just small bits that was meant to begin the foundation of the MC's magic use.

But later on the MC loses all agency for no apparent reason and we get a massive unending 20 chap+ story of nothing that is a complete aside to what was just happening in the story.

In short, every story arc goes unfinished and a new one gets startd that also goes nowhere. Forever

Nat Lim

Not your typical isekai

Quite a pleasant surprise in store for those who read ahead. At first I was skeptical, as it begins like many other reincarnation stories out there, but the plot twists leave a good impression on me. Overall, not a bad story.

member berry

I have to agree with comments like this

Reviewed at: 5.14

The author tried to do something very complex without the ability to do it.

As if he tried to make a great cake and in the middle of the recipe the cake spoiled and turned to sh*t. That's really big sh*t
Despite the author's efforts, the mc turns into a mary sue.

i would like the author to do a poll on what people think of the mc, i imagine 95% of people hate Shaden after the trial, and 80% find Demund boring.

I have to agree with comments like this

"So the reason it's so dense is because of the circulation, right?"
or this
“I hope so, or he gets dumber and dumber.”

“This story reminds me more and more of a Japanese light novel than a Korean one. He's a little better than a Japanese beta MC, but I think he needs a bit of the toughness of a Chinese MC. He has at least some game right? Isn't he as dense as a Japanese MC? I don't remember the beginning of the story very well. Has he ever kissed someone or engaged in a shameless handshake?”