The Wrong Hero

by Yosarian

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Summoned Hero

The gods have been known, in times of great need, to summon a hero from another world. In ages past, they have summoned mighty warriors from other universes to fight as their champion and save the world from darkness.

Unfortunately, the gods are not all-knowing, and they can make mistakes. Sometimes what they get is not quite what they were expecting...

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  • Overall Score

Entertaining with loads of potential

Only 4 chapters so far, but loving how it's developing. Excellent grammar and spelling, entertaining writing style, engaging characters, and a System that has clearly had a lot of thought put into it.

I'm eager to read this as it continues and see where it goes. 

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I've read the first 6 chapters, it's been well written, I'm looking forward to continuing to read the chapters and see what comes next.

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I've read uptil chapter 6 and have enjoyed it very much. The mc reacts to situations and events in a rational and real manner compared to many stories on this site. The system also is concise. If you're like me you try many stories on here looking for the things that tell you to not read any further, this story as of now doesn't have any for me.

I'm very interested in where the stroy goes from here, and hope the author continues to write this story and continues in the quality shown till now.