Chapter 148: Little Brothers


Reiki crossed his arms and thought for a moment, he said. "Full name?" Sachi's smile turned amiable, she said. "Akiyama Sachi." She pointed at Namida who was on her left, before Sachi could say anything Namida grabbed her finger with her hand. Sachi glared at Namida from the corner of her eye as both their hands visibly vibrated. Sachi sweetly smiled and said. "Namida, we'll play after." Namida threw Sachi's hand back at her, she let out a scoff and muttered. "I'll pass, you sadistic bitch." Sachi's gaze narrowed as her eyes faintly glowed for a split second, the two girls glared at each other.


Reiki coughed and said. "If the two of you finished glaring at each other. Namida, if you please." The two girls snapped back to their senses while Namida placed both her feet back on the coffee table. Sachi glanced at the slippers she was wearing and moved her gaze back onto the tv. Namida said. "Igarashi Namida." Reiki nodded, he said. "How long have you known Onee-chan for?" Namida scratched the side of her head while Sachi placed a hand on her chin. Namida said. "About a year?" She turned her head to look at Sachi who nodded and said. "More or less." Reiki gave them an odd look and thought. Smart choice, being as vague as possible…


He pretended to think and acted as his eyes lit up, Reiki said. "What's the line of work you three do?" Sachi and Namida glanced at each other from the corner of their eye. Sachi cleared her throat and said. "Ketsueki, Namida, and I have skills a company needs when they're in trouble. If they want to meet a certain deadline in time they hire us in exchange for a generous fee." Reiki raised a brow and said. "Then how come, Onee-chan is still living in a place like this?" Sachi smiled at him, she said. "That's because-." Namida let out an exaggerated sigh which caught both of their attention, she said. "It's because of that ¥15,000,000 debt your failure of a father left you." Sachi turned her head and glared at Namida, she turned her head back to Reiki paired with a smile on her lips.


Sachi said. "Don't worry… About… It…" She saw Reiki staring at Namida, she felt uncomfortable from his stare and said. "W-What?" Reiki shook his head sideways, he stood up from the armrest of the couch and said. "Nothing, since you know about the debt and Onee-chan wasn't being nice when she didn't kick you out." He gave them a bow and continued. "Please continue to take care of her in the future." Reiki straightened his posture and saw both of their stunned looks, he thought. Since they know everything it's safe to say they are her real friends. He continued. "The oil and the oven should be hot enough, give me ten minutes and I'll have your food ready." He made his way toward the kitchen while Sachi forced a smile on her lips, she said. "Take your time." Sachi glared at Namida from the corner of her eye, her left hand blurred as Namida placed both her hands behind her head.


Namida's pupils glowed as she turned her head to glare at Sachi. Namida said. "Wanna go? You limp metal knife-!" Before she could scream, Sachi's left arm blurred as she stuffed a white silk handkerchief in Namida's mouth. Namida glared at her as Sachi made a shushing gesture by placing an index finger on her lips, in a quieter tone she said. "What is the matter with you?!" Namida spat the handkerchief in her mouth onto the ground between the coffee table and couch as the glow in her pupils faded. Namida said. "I could say the same-." Sachi reached out and flicked Namida's right elbow. Namida's entire body shook for a few seconds as she glared at Sachi, she said. "What are you supposed to say to Ketsueki once she finds out!?" Namida's body slowly stopped shaking, she said. "It'll be fine, from his reaction it looked like he knew about it-." Sachi's gaze narrowed, she blandly said. "And on the off chance, he didn't know what you said and asked Ketsueki what it means?"


Namida's eyes widened as her entire body stiffened, she slowly turned her gaze back onto the tv and said. "R-Reiki's a smart kid, he'll know asking about it won't change anything." Sachi pointed at her and before she could say anything Ketsueki appeared behind the couch with both her hands on her waist. Ketsueki coldly said. "Whatever happened to not saying anything stupid?" Her gaze was narrowed while she had some faint traces of a blush on her cheeks and nose. Ketsueki sniffed due to her cold while Namida and Sachi completely froze on the couch. Sachi slowly turned her head sideways and saw Ketsueki, she pointed at Namida and said. "She did it." Namida pointed at Sachi and opened her mouth as she stopped herself from saying anything, seeing Ketsueki's pupils glowing just like the sun. Ketsueki suddenly vanished while Reiki made his way to the living room, when he reached halfway toward the couch he stopped walking. He looked at the two girls who were pointing at each other, Reiki said. "Am I interrupting something?"


Sachi faked a cough and forced a smile on her lips, she said. "We were arguing about who's going to foot the bill on tonight's restaurant we'll be visiting for dinner." Namida stiffly nodded, she said. "Y-Yeah, I forgot my purse at home." Sachi rolled her eyes at Namida and said. "That's what you always say." Reiki made his way to the couch, he said. "If you want the two of you could stay for dinner so you could meet Shiro again." Sachi raised a brow and said. "How did you know we've already met Shiro?" He smirked and made a half-turn, Reiki said. "Didn't until now." He made his way back to the kitchen while Ketsueki appeared behind the couch with an even colder glare than before, she coldly said. "We'll continue this conversation when I'm better." Ketsueki moved her gaze onto Namida as she continued. "From how you're acting in my house, you don't need me to stop the commander from docking your pay."


Ketsueki vanished as Namida massaged the temples of her head while Sachi rubbed the back of her neck in frustration. Sachi glared at Namida from the corner of her eye and said. "How we're still friends is still a mystery to me." Namida let out a long sigh as she sank deeper into the couch, she said. "You and me both."


~15 Minutes Later~


Namida was properly sitting on the couch while Sachi was flipping through the channels with her left hand as she held a cup of tea in her right. On the coffee table was a tea set while Namida reached out to pick up her cup, she said. "Ketsueki needs to buy overseas transmission, the shows here suck." Sachi threw the remote onto the couch near her, she said. "True, but we know why she can't." She took a sip while Namida stared at the light green liquid in her cup. Namida said. "But now she can since the entire problem is gone." The two of them heard footsteps and turned their heads sideways. Reiki placed down two large plates filled with cannoli and wedge cut fries, he turned his head toward the couch and said. "It's…" The two girls along with the tea set were gone, Reiki turned around and saw Namida and Sachi sitting on chairs with the entire set on the table.


Namida picked up one of the large pieces of the wedge cut fries while Sachi picked up a cannoli with some pistachios sprinkled on top and the edges. Sachi said. "Thanks for the hard work." The two enjoyed their meal while Reiki nodded and said. "Y-Yeah… If you need me, I'll be in my sister's room bringing her some juice." Before he could take a step Namida placed a hand on his shoulder, she wiped her mouth using a napkin and said. "If you don't mind, how about you join us?" Reiki turned his head and saw a stiff smile on Namida's lips while Sachi pretended to not hear the conversation. Reiki shook his head and said. "I don't have much of an appetite today." He tried to take a step forward but felt the hand on his shoulder weight stopped him in his tracks. Namida pulled the chair next to her and placed him on it, she said. "Then all the more reason to have you eat, if your sister finds out you lost weight she'll blame it on us."


Namida glanced at Sachi from the corner of her eye and saw a small nod of approval. Sachi stared at the beautifully made cannoli in her hand, she said. "She's right, Reiki. Even if you are busy taking care of Ketsueki, you still have to look after yourself." Reiki thought. My sister isn't 'that' scary… Is she?... He moved his gaze onto the table and picked up a wedge cut fry, Reiki said. "I'll have a light snack." Both Namida and Sachi let out a sigh of relief. Sachi faked a cough and said. "Any questions you want to ask us?" Reiki ate half of the wedge cut fry in one go as he stared at it and swallowed, he said. "How'd you meet Onee-chan?" Sachi took a bite of the cannoli in her hand as she looked at Namida who rolled her eyes. Namida said. "The three of us were placed in the same group along with cap-. I mean Ahma as the... Teacher?..." Namida turned her head and gave Sachi a confused look.


Sachi nodded as she wiped some cream from the corner of her lips using a napkin, she said. "That sums it up." Reiki ate the rest of the fry he was holding in one go, he thought. Guess that threat Onee-chan made them stiff. He smiled as his eyes lit up, Reiki said. "Who's the leader among you three?" Sachi took a sip of her tea while Namida was reaching out for another fry slightly stiffened. Reiki thought. Just as I expected. The smile on his face grew bigger while Namida gritted her teeth in frustration. Sachi rolled her eyes at Namida and said. "No need to get so riled up." Namida let out a long sigh as she picked up another fry, she said. "... Fine…" Sachi placed her cup on a coaster, she continued. "And you better hand wash my silk handkerchief you spat on the floor." Namida lazily waved her hand at Sachi. Namida said. "Whatever."


Sachi picked up another cannoli, she said. "As you can tell by our reactions, your sister calls the shots." Namida let out a scoff, she said. "She's only a tiny bit stronger than us." As she took a bit of the fry she was holding in annoyance. Sachi glanced at Namida from the corner of her eye, she said. "You and I need to talk about the meaning of tiny bit." Reiki placed a hand on his chin, he thought. Now that I think about it… He said. "What type of magic does Onee-chan use?" Namida almost spat out the fry in her mouth while the cannoli Sachi was holding slightly cracked from the pressure of her fingers. Reiki thought. Talk about a landmine. Sachi and Namida glanced at each other, Sachi forced a smile on her lips and said. "Magic." Reiki's brows furrowed as he moved his gaze onto Namida who avoided his gaze, he said. "What kind?" Namida stiffly swallowed and said. "The magic kind."


Reiki pretended to think as he crossed his arms, he said. "What kind of magic do you use?" Sachi gave him a sweet smile which sent a chill down his spine, she said. "Magic." He turned his head to face Namida, Reiki said. "The magic kind?" Namida gave him a nod as she took another bite of the fry in her hand. Reiki picked up another fry and stared at it, he said. "What kind of question am I allowed to ask?" Sachi ate the slightly cracked cannoli in her hands in one go while Namida swallowed and said. "Any questions that won't breach our contract." Reiki let out a short sigh as he ate half the fry in one go. Sachi reached out for her cup and picked it up, she said. "How about we talk about something else besides magic?" She took a sip while Namida pointed at her with the large wedge cut fry in her hand and said. "Like what?" Reiki raised the half-eaten fry in his hand which got both their attention, he said. "Got any younger siblings around my age?"


Sachi stared at the liquid in her cup while Namida lazily spoke with a slight smile on her lips. Namida said. "We also have a younger brother." Reiki raised a brow and thought. That cannot be a coincidence. Namida tossed the fry she was holding into her mouth as she reached for another one while Sachi placed her cup on a coaster. Reiki ate the rest of the fry he was holding and crossed his arms, he said. "How about you bring them here sometime? I would like to meet them." The smile on Namida's face froze while Sachi paused while grabbing a cannoli with chocolate chips. Reiki looked at their faces and continued. "Did I say something?" Namida forced out a cough and said. "... Umm… Ren is well… Introverted and doesn't like going outside…" Sachi let out a laugh while Namida glared at her from the corner of her eye. Namida said. "What about Soma? Pretty sure he'd jump at the chance of going outside with his oh so pretty sister."


Sachi's eyes slightly widened, she faked a cough and said. "He's… Fragile… And… Needs to be under constant supervision since Soma is anemic." Namida placed a hand on Sachi's shoulders, Namida said. "Then this place is perfect!" Sachi's pupils glowed as she glared at Namida who ignored the glare and continued. "Ketsueki's house is somewhere in between the city and the countryside. It's also near the train station which means he won't have to walk that much and he'll get some fresh air." The glow in Sachi's pupils slowly subsided as a cold smirk formed on her lips. Reiki turned his head as he looked at a wall, he thought. If I turn my head I'll have deniability. Sachi said. "Then how about we bring that introverted little brother of yours? He should go out and expose himself to the sun some more or else he'll turn pale."


Reiki glanced down onto his pasty white skin while Sachi continued while Namida's gaze turned increasingly more hostile as she spoke. Sachi continued. "Ren could also use some human interaction since he locks himself in his room every day." The two girls glared at each other as the atmosphere around them turned heavy. Reiki thought. Don't look and pretend I'm deaf. Namida and Sachi simultaneously froze when they heard a slow pair of footsteps coming from the stairway while Reiki immediately stood up from his seat. He made his way toward the stairway and saw Ketsueki with a blanket around her, Reiki said. "Onee-chan! Why are you standing up?!" Ketsueki flashed him a small and placed a hand on top of his head, she said. "They were two loudmouths making it hard to fall asleep." She glanced at them from the corner of their eye as her pupils faintly glowed.


Namida and Sachi's entire bodies stiffened as they glanced at each other from the corner of their eye. Reiki held his older sister's hand as he tried to walk up the stairs, he said. "I'll tell them to keep it down, right now you need to-." The moment he steps on the fifth staircase Reiki felt like he was tugging on a large slab of iron. Ketsueki easily pulled him from the staircase as she dragged him toward the empty chair by the dinning table. She slowly sat down under the gaze of Namida, Sachi, and Reiki who was on her left. Ketsueki looked at the two girls, she said. "Umm… If I remember correctly… You three were talking about… Those two younger brothers…" Namida looked at Sachi who smiled at Ketsueki and said. "Correct, Reiki wanted to meet them but we were explaining why it might take a while-."


She stopped when Ketsueki slowly turned her head to face Reiki. Ketsueki said. "Reiki, can you grab me a glass of juice." He gave his older sister a nod and said. "Apple or orange." Ketsueki flashed him a smile and said. "Apple, please." Reiki stared at his hand that she refused to let go, he said. "Onee-chan… Your hand." Ketsueki reluctantly let go of her little brother's hand as Reiki made his way to the kitchen to raid the fridge leaving the three girls alone. Ketsueki swiftly took out a talisman from her pocket as it faintly glowed and emitted a cube around all three of them. Ketsueki spoke in a chilling tone, she said. "What are you two doing!" Namida rolled her eyes at her, she said. "We're just making conversation… And asked him to make some food for us." She reached out and picked up another piece of the wedge cut fry.


Sachi nodded as she stared at the chocolate chip cannoli she was holding, she said. "Exactly, it's not like we're recruiting him or anything." Ketsueki crossed her arms making her large chest press against each other, she glared at them and said. "Just make sure to not cross any lines." Namida let out a snicker and said. "I don't know why you're acting like this." Ketsueki's gaze narrowed, she said. "What's that supposed to mean?" Sachi smiled as she slowly waved the cannoli she was holding, she said. "You can barely call yourself sick." Ketsueki froze for a split second while Namida smirked, she said. "Keep this attitude up and we might accidentally end up saying it." The smirk on Namida grew bigger as she continued. "Just imagine how he'll react when Reiki finds out you're only pretending after all he's done for you."


Ketsueki who's arms was still crossed stared at the two girls enjoying the food on the dining table, she flatly said. "Call it even?" Sachi and Namida smiled, they simultaneously said. "Done." The talisman Ketsueki was holding faintly glowed as the cube around them instantly vanished. Namida placed her right foot on her left knee as she picked up another fry and pointed it at Ketsueki. Namida said. "How's your day going?" Ketsueki's gaze moved onto the two plates of wedge cut fries and cannoli on the dining table, she said. "It was great, up until I saw you three." Sachi wiped her lips clean with a napkin, she said. "Everything would have been prevented if you bothered to call us yourself." Sachi picked up a cannoli that was sprinkled with both pistachios and chocolate chips while Ketsueki's gaze was glued onto it. Ketsueki said. "I was about to but decided to sleep some more, before I knew it Reiki brought some porridge for me."


The sound of a pair of footsteps slowly made its way toward them. Ketsueki slowly turned her head and saw her little brother holding onto a tall glass of apple juice. Reiki stood on her left and held the glass near his older sister, he said. "Here you go, Onee-chan." Ketsueki smiled at him, she said. "Thank you, Reiki." Namida rolled her eyes at him while Sachi took a sip from her cup. Ketsueki drank half of the apple juice in one go as she passed the glass back to him. Reiki placed the glass onto the dining table at arm's length of his older sister, he said. "Onee-chan, I'll go check on Cherry for a bit." Ketsueki stared at him for a second before smiling, she said. "Sure." Sachi raised a brow in interest while Namida grabbed another fry. Sachi said. "Cherry? Reiki, do you have a hobby of planting?" He turned his head to face her, Reiki said. "No, Cherry is my familiar. Do you wanna meet-."


[System: User has received 87 Damage.]


He turned his head sideways and saw Ketsueki was pinching his side. Namida smiled and said. "We would love to meet your familiar, Reiki." Ketsueki glared at them from the corner of her eye and saw the friendly smile on her friends' faces. Reiki gave the two a nod and said. "I'll make it quick." Ketsueki moved her hand away as her little brother made his way to the second floor. Ketsueki said. "You better not tell the commander about Cherry." Namida's brows furrowed, she said. "What's so special about it?" Sachi placed her index finger on her lips, she said. "Oh, I have a couple of ideas." The three of them heard a caw behind them and turned their heads. They saw Reiki with an albino crow on his right shoulder with blood-red eyes staring at them. He said. "Cherry, say hello."


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