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Chapter 54 - The Truth Revealed


Instantly after the voice mentioned the truth of the Secret Realm, Dana's full attention was focused on the next words.

Dana's greediness once gains shows as she imagined gathering all the treasure within the Secret Realm, she even thought it would be enough to create a pile large enough to submerge her dragon form entirely within.

Imagining a future of her swimming in a mountain full of treasures caused an excited gleam to fill her eyes.

Dana was very tempted to take everything on the trio she disposed of, but she discarded this thought due to the limited space contained within her space ring, as she believed that there would be many times more valuable treasures elsewhere in the Secret Realm.

She already sold everything she stole on the way here anyway and converted it into smaller and 'shinier' objects for her firsts steps in building her horde of treasures.

Even though she is slightly annoyed by the limited space of her storage ring, Dana couldn't purchase a larger space ring as at the moment she was saving for a Rare Bloodline.

Therefore, even if the truth behind the Secret Realm allowed her to have a superior space ring to fill her treasures within, would make Dana a very happy dragon.

The voice said, "The truth behind the Secret Realm is not what many would believe, the powerful figure behind this place created the Secret Realm for only one purpose, and that was to wait for someone to come within the future."

After hearing the final words of the voice, a shocked expression emerged on her face, but if it was telling her this, then the person who built this entire place, did it just for her?

Seeing the astonished look within Dana's face, the voice continued, "My master told me that a Frost Wyvern would come here eventually and that I was to gift her instructions on what to do to in the end find something intended for you. I'm not sure exactly what is it, but I know it is exceptional if it is even a treasure within his eyes. Previously, I thought it might be you before, but you absorbing the Hydra's bloodline confirmed it, as he also said that this would happen."

After the voice mentioned an extraordinary treasure, Dana's eyes lit up at the thought of something very precious, as the voice continued blabbing on about other stuff, Dana's mind was lingering entirely on the treasure blanking the sound out completely.

With the voice continuing talking about unnecessary 'rubbish' in Dana's eyes she finally said, "Hey old fogie can you tell me about the treasure already? This old man talk is getting to me. I need to know the essential details. Alright?"

Dana's word completely slapped the voices face, in the entirety of his previous life he was never once talked to with this type of attitude before, and in fact, many desperately fawned over him to get in his good graces, either for connections to his master or as he himself was a very powerful expert.

Seeing Dana dare call him an old fogie he was about to get incredibly angry but held it back as she was the 'chosen' by his master after all.

Witnessing the covetous gaze within Dana's eyes after he mentioned treasure, he instantly thought why she was like this, "So it seems you inherited the lustful nature of treasures from the Dragons right? That's weird as normally a Frost Wyvern is very composed of that sort of stuff, but wait I sense a few other dragons bloodline contained inside you, maybe there the cause..."

Due to the voice once again diverting the topic to garbage once again Dana shouted, "Hey are you seriously going to make me wait here all day? I'm starving, are you going to let the chosen one from your master die of starvation in here? Not to mention you keep talking about this treasure, but so far I haven't even heard a word of it and just your old fogie nonsense."

After Dana once again ruthlessly attacked the voice hitting him yet again with another critical attack, he finally had enough of her deciding to get rid of this troublesome girl as soon as possible,
"Alright, all you need to do is complete the trials within each area there is a 'Top' inheritance similar to mine, each has there respective guardians such as the Four-headed Inferno Hydra you defeated there.
Kill each of them and take the runic-stone within each of their flesh, once you collected all of them, insert them into the centre of the Secret Realm.
In doing so will unlock the entrance to the treasure that the master wanted to provide you, it also contains a secret in which he wanted to reveal to you, one of it is the reasoning behind him leaving this treasure for you."

With the voice finally giving Dana what she wanted, her eyes once lit up, looking up cutely as if a puppy would do when begging for food, well if a truck-sized puppy would do so anyway.

"Hey, oldie would you tell me if each of these 'guardians' is similar to the Hydra with such a nice bloodline..."

Seeing what Dana desired the voice responded, "Hey girlie if you think you can collect more bloodlines from the other beasts similar to the Hydra then you will be disappointed, as none could compare to it regarding bloodline. But, they do have stronger cultivation and pretty strong bloodlines themselves, so they aren't weak."

Dana became instantly disappointed upon hearing the voice, completely disregarding her previous cute begging look, once again she sauntered around as if she owned the place.

Grabbing the Hydra's body, Dana began dragging it to the corner for her consumption, as she has been deprived of meat for the last few days, she needs to eat her protein, otherwise, how can she maintain her figure?

Her draconic curves aren't going to last if she doesn't maintain her very large diet.

Dana didn't forget before leaving to ask, "Hey do I get some treasures from you at least from doing this trial? Otherwise, this would be a major waste of my time you know, as you did promise an awesome inheritance, and all I've seen from you so far are you blabbing on about how mighty you were previously..."

Wanting Dana to leave quickly as possible to maintain what little pride he has left the voice responded, "Take this storage ring, it contains many treasures within with I'm sure will make you satisfied... I will teleport you to any area within the Secret Realm when you ask, but I can only take you to the outskirts not directly to the inheritance itself."

Even though Dana was behaving very shamelessly and even with receiving the Hydra's bloodline with it also being such a high purity and a valuable martial skill, she still had the nerve to demand more.

But, as she was the 'chosen' by his master, he can only listen to her absurd demands.

Upon receiving the storage ring, Dana happily took her treasures and the Hydra's body before downing the Hydra, eating it at an absurd pace even for her large size. As Dana continuously tore through the carcass gulping the chunks of meat instantly, she soon came across the runic-stone thingy the voice mentioned, storing it within her new improved storage ring, she carried on feasting on the Hydra until nothing remained.

Discovering her cultivation has improved from the Hydra's flesh, she was delighted to find she broke through to the Fifth Rank of Xiatian, also storing the beast cores of the Hydra, as it had four cores within each head, she immediately asked the voice to teleport her to the Swamp area.

Delighted in not having to deal with Dana for any longer, the voice transported her to the Swamp area shortly after she mentioned she was ready to leave.

Dana soon found herself dropped into the air above the murky swamp water, causing her to end up faceplanting as she landed very ungracefully, Dana cursed the voice for definitely doing this deliberately to her.

Thinking that she will punish the voice later, of course, if the voice knew about all of this it would feel aggrieved, as for how it would know Dana would end up so miserable the moment she transported to the swamp?

Using her treasure hunting technique, she soon found the direction to the inheritance, as she planned on looking at the treasures after she completed all the inheritances due her wanting to complete them as quickly as possible.

She thought, it would provide a mere distraction if she looked now, not to mention most was for cultivating which she couldn't do at the moment, even though she can now continuously cultivate with her Parallel mind, this is only natural cultivation and not with resources similar to the ones contained within the storage ring.

Walking towards the next inheritance, Dana began smiling at the thought of taking the treasures of all five old fogies within the Secret Realm.

These old fogies were completely unaware a greedy dragon was coming to take all of their treasures away from them!


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Should this be "within her Secret Realm," > space ring

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Ok even if it's funny and a bit cute you need to fix that treasure lust thing quick if it's going to affect dialog and the plot like that.


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