Beast Cultivating System

by dox991

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Martial Arts Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A woman felt her life didn't have meaning and was missing something, she envisioned a more exciting future in which she had a goal to achieve.

Coincidentally, this came in the form a bolt of lighting which sent her into the newborn body of a spirit beast with True Dragon heritage, into the world of cultivation where the strong eats the weak. Whilst awakening inside an unfamiliar world and body, she was pondering her newfound situation a robotic noise interrupted her thoughts indicating that the beast cultivating system has activated.

Bloodline purity? Legendary bloodlines? Talent?
Her system can provide it all.

Armed with the knowledge of being a race in which is hunted by other beasts for its bloodline or enslaved by other cultivators, she knew the only way to keep safe in this chaotic world is getting stronger.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Info - Cultivation Ranks, Bloodlines, Pills and Alchemists Ranks, Cultivation Technique Ranks ago
Info - Body Cultivation and Soul Culivation ago
Info - Four Great Empires ago
Info - Tiers Of Powers ago
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - Rebirth as a Frost Wyvern ago
Chapter 2 - Beast Cultivating System ago
Chapter 3 - Features of the Beast Cultivating System ago
Chapter 4 - First Encounter, First Kill ago
Chapter 5 - Training in Devil's Peak ago
Chapter 6 - System Store and Rank Six Body Refining ago
Chapter 7 - Battling Golden Monkey King ago
Chapter 8 - Ninth Rank of Body Refining and Distressed Human Cultivators ago
Chapter 9 - Fall of Evergreen Clan and Sighting of Frost Wyvern ago
Chapter 10 - Forming Beast Core and becoming a Rank 1 Qi Circulation Realm Spirit Beast! ago
Chapter 11 - Battling Qi Circulation Cultivatiors ago
Chapter 12 - Angered Azure Emperor and Rapid Increase in Strength ago
Chapter 13 - Confronting First Prince and Houtian Cultivator ago
Chapter 14 - Reaching First Rank Houtian Realm and Unlocking Human Form! ago
Chapter 15 - Naked in the Forest ago
Chapter 16 - Exploring the Capital ago
Chapter 17 - Entering Skyclad Academy ago
Chapter 18 - Headmasters Former Sect's Secret Technique - Ice Lotus Arts ago
Chapter 19 - Becoming a 2nd Rank Houtian Cultivator and Comprehending Ice Lotus Arts ago
Chapter 20 - Dumbfounded old man Zhao and Proposition towards Kaiden Evergreen ago
Chapter 21 - Truth of the Fall of the Evergreen Clan and Seeking ways to Improve Bloodline ago
Chapter 22 - Stopping at Bright stone Town and Lustful Young Master Lan ago
Chapter 23 - Battling Earth Wyrms ago
Chapter 24 - Big Increase in Cultivation and Unrest in Azure Continent ago
Chapter 25 - Meeting with the Noble Families ago
Chapter 26 - Desperate Old Man Zhao and Rank 3 Life Extending Pill ago
Chapter 27 - The Fall of The Azure Emperor ago
Chapter 28 - Crowning of a New Emperor ago
Chapter 29 - The Three Empire's Alliance ago
Chapter 30 - New Continent, New Challenges ago
Chapter 31 - Narrow Escape ago
Chapter 32 - Elemental Sect Recruitment - 'Talent Test' ago
Chapter 33 - Stage One of the Talent Test ago
Chapter 34 - Being Put Forward to do Martial Skill with Prince Cheng and Princess Hui Ying ago
Chapter 35 - Creating a Stir within the Elemental Sect ago
Chapter 36 - Ruthless Elder Wi ago
Chapter 37 - Gaining Another Master ago
Chapter 38 - The Tragic Fate of Yueqin Wen's Daughter and Joining the Elemental Sect ago
Chapter 39 - Attending Lecture ago
Chapter 40 - Impressed Head Elder Yang and Yearly Sect Gathering ago
Chapter 41 - Visiting Library ago
Chapter 42 - Conceited Noble and Selecting Martial Skills ago
Chapter 43 - Spending a Month Hunting and Cultivating ago
Chapter 44 - The Dark Reality ago
Chapter 45 - Unravelling ago
Chapter 46 - Battling the Blaze Wyrms ago
Chapter 47 - Close Door Cultivation Within Volcano and Treasure! ago
Chapter 48 - Great Progress and New Reward From System ago
Chapter 49 - Arriving at the Entrance of Secret Realm ago
Chapter 50 - Entering the Secret Realm ago
Chapter 51 - Horrific Fate of the Foolish Trio and The First Inheritance ago
Chapter 52 - Trial By Fire ago
Chapter 53 - Great Change ago
Chapter 54 - The Truth Revealed ago
Chapter 55 - The Lustful Snake ago
Chapter 56 - Facing the Guardian of the Swamp ago
Chapter 57 - The Dryad ago
Chapter 58 - Facing a Gigantic Shark ago
Chapter 59 - The Final Guardian ago
Chapter 60 - New Friends, Old Enemies ago
Chapter 61 - The Fate of Princess Hui Ying ago
Chapter 62 - Opening the Most Mysterious Inheritance Within the Secret Realm ago
Chapter 63 - Heavenly Treasures of the Secret Realm and Information Provided by a Mysterious Expert! ago
Chapter 64 - Saint Bloodline ago
Chapter 65 - The Horde of Arrogant Young Masters ago
Chapter 66 - Exiting Secret Realm ago
Chapter 67 - Culprit Behind the Battle ago
Chapter 68 - Yueqin Wen meets Lavendia and Maia ago
Chapter 69 - Returning back to the Elemental Sect ago
Chapter 70 - Commotion Caused Upon Entering Elemental Sect ago
Chapter 71 - Closed-Door Cultivation and Mayhem caused by Lavendia and Maia In Dana's Absence ago
Chapter 72 - The Two Factions ago
Chapter 73 - Revealing Strength Within Arena ago
Chapter 74 - Lavedia’s Recount of the Past 3 Months and Anxious Yueqin Wen ago
Chapter 75 - The Culprit Behind the Suppression of the Elemental Sect ago

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  • Overall Score

please review your story.

a lot of mistakes, somtimes grammar, but most times pure inattentiveness!


[Ding! Yes, unless Host becomes strong enough to be unable to defend yourself, then Host will not experience a good ending.

what do you mean unable? and the rest after that is just a mishmash of jumbled sentences pressed into one barely grammatically correct blob of words!

  • Overall Score

Story likes to repeat itself constantly witch is pretty annoying sometimes I end up skimming entire sections because it is exactly what I just read just rewritten.

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 while capturing the style of the cultivating genre, it unfortunately also caught a bad case of translation grammar, and the story seems almost like a ripoff from "coiling dragon"
my biggest problem thou is the characters. the MC is flat cuz she doesn't have any real opposition
and any others are men who is put easely into one of 3 categories
1, Predator). rapist's, murderers, self-centered, power hungry men go into this
2, Puppies). despite how its stated that he is a genius, he still "needs" a strong woman to get anything done
3, Purse) you know what every truly strong woman needs? a sugar-daddy to rain gifts and praise on them.

  • Overall Score

Your sentence structure and word placement need work. Its just doesnt flow properly. I havent seen any spelling errors yet. Interesting story otherwise.. finished your book up to chapter 46. You really need to get an editor. Or slow down on the typing. You repeat information from the previous paragraphs 2 or 3 times.  

Eh me ged bri
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Its can be good it just needs a bit of work

I personally enjoy the novel you wrote it's interesting it just needs a few touch ups on the grammar and a few touch ups to the story and it would be a pretty good novel at least to me but to others it may not be good but just keep up the good work and have fun

  • Overall Score
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If you wanted to do a wuxia/xianxia with a female MC in a non-human body with a system written like a Chinese author would do it, you have succeeded.


But that success doenst mean much, since the quality of the average xianxia/wuxia stories is already pretty low, and  this story is just like them in quality, also pretty repetive and about the only things different from usual wuxia/xianxia stories are the MC and the system.


Readable if you just want to read a powerfantasy story, the writing quality did not hinder my reading by much , but it certainly could be improved a lot.

This novel is just repetive like almost all cultivation novels are.

  • Overall Score
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Good ... But something missing

Enjoyable so far ... But there's some points missing .

The story is nice but everything just go too fast, MC is dense as hell and don't have any personality . The other characters have no backd-ground or just some lines and are easilly forgotten . The powerup of the MC is just too quick ... world building forgotten , she don't say what she saw in the city she explore apart from their cultivation level ... The wiki is good but if it's just to have somethings that you don't need to explain in the story , well it missed . It's just confusing of how easilly the MC accept this new reality because of some questions skipped. And the most important GRAMMAR . Just reread your chapters there are too many mistakes due to innatentiveness ! 

So this is a good story but it may certainly need a rewrite.

ps: sorry if there are mistakes here but I'm only a student and not an native english and this is only my opinion . 


  • Overall Score

I like it. certainly not the worst out there, and I've given better ratings to stories with worse grammar.


I'm mostly looking forward to where this goes from here (chapter 40 at time of writing) and how future conflict is handled

  • Overall Score
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i love the story so far i always liked the idea of charectors that dont just change mentally over time but physically too like with creatures that change and evolve over time i also love the mc so far but i will admite she kind of needs a campanion besides the system(since the system has a personality based on hers) so far the charectors shes with seem to have no long term effects besides making the mc stronger like giving her technicess protecting her for a while or getting killed by her she needs a semi more constand peroson(or beast) also the passing can feel off at times especially with the latest chapters

  • Overall Score

(Treasure addict Dana is gone, thank god.)

So this is good if you like op MCs and cultivation, but this goddamn treasure addiction is seriously getting stupid and its turning more and more into a generic chinese cultivation novel.

This is turning less and less original with each chapter.