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Side Story 4: The Demon Lord (and author's appology)


A note from Bluebery

Greetings my friends.

As you already knew, i made a terrible mistake and thus, created the horrible final chapter of the first Arc.

That final chapter felt very off and contained many disturbing scene that made me questioned my own sanity.

That fight as well as everything in it should not happened in the original story which i am writing.

It is a result of me building up too much tension but failed to make use of that.

And also a result of me unable to keep up with the releasing schedule.

I know that i'm still inexperienced, but as an author, this is such a shame.

I spent the last 2 days thinking about it, and shit that messed me up badly. It even made me to lose interest in writing the story.

And i know it throw many people off this novel as well.

I also thought about dropping it.

BUT, like hell I would be doing that!

This is my first story, with many thoughts and love poured in it! 

I will overcome this, continue to write and FINISH this story. 


I'm so sorry about this accident, and i'm wanting to give a big appology to all of my readers for what happened. 

I will be ending Arc 1 at chapter Chapter 12: Why you should listen to the Demon Lord, and will change the ending of that chapter so that Asmodeus and Alice never fought. In fact, they had no reason to fight at all! 

This Side story is going to be the beginning of Arc 2.

And to not make another mistake like this, i won't be releasing chapters regularly like before, so i can improve the quality of this novel.

I'm also looking for proofreaders. Please let me know if you have any interests in that.

And finally,

Thank you so much for reading this. I'll try my best to become a better writer.

Please take care of me from now on!


This is the event that happened before the main story, when The Demon Lord first came to the new world. It is written in Asmodeus' point of view.

I opened my eyes, saw a world of white.

The Land of Souls, huh…


This pain…

looked at my own soul, I let out a strange laugh


I see…

So I barely survived…

My soul has become just a fragment of what It used to be…

Badly damaged…

And with every second goes by, another chunk of soul energy is lost...


If I can still survive like this

It means that I've paid enough for the price…

The spell must be a success.

Very good…

Very good indeed.

I’m so glad.


And just like that, I continued with my stream of thoughts.

I recalled my own life, the life full of adventures and excitement.

The mighty Archangel Asmodeus…

Disobeyed the King…

Sided with the Demons…

Became the Demon Lord

Rebelled against the world…

Made fun of the Gods…

But finally, united every race and built one big advanced country…


Haha, no wonder Heaven hates me.... I was invincible and such a big threat to them.


“Stop it, my Lord! This spell is too much! Your soul will be destroyed if you keep going on like this!” - I recalled what my friend said to me before I lost consciousness…

Of course,

Of course, Chronos…

I knew about the risks…

But if I stopped, what would happen to all of you guys?

Lily, Calcifer, Abanddon, Alexis, Merlin, Exodus, Oberon, Bel and Bulb…

As well as eighty-seven Gods and millions of lives under my protection…?

So Chronos, The God of Time and Space?

How can you not understand?

My duty is to protect…

Just because,

I am a king.


This is bad…

I might disappear soon…

But whatever,

I have no regrets left…



What? Someone is calling out for me?

“Asmodeus!!! Are you thereeeee???”


A girl’s voice.


“Asmodeus the Demon LORDDDDD!!!”

No, Lily calls me Papa’


This is strange….

Is this a trap?

Should I answer?

“I’m not a Reaper! Please come out!”

Not a Reaper? Inside the Land of Souls?

And someone who knows me?

Who the hell is that?


To think that I can meet new people before I got erased.


“YES!!! I’m right here!”


I quickly moved to the where the voice was located.

In the Land of Souls, people travel not by foot, but “intention”.


“Aha! ME here! The mighty one and only, ASMODEUS! And who are you little one?”

Before me, a little girl with a … weird soul composition…? And weird in my standard means terrifying in other's.

“Holy shit! It’s really you! Darling was right! Hahahahaha! You’re really here!”


“Please let me introduce myself! My name’s Alice, I’m a necromancer. This place is not safe to stay for too long, so please come with me! I will explain everything to you later!”

“… Hmmm, i don't understand…”

“I know, but please trust me this time! Well, unless you want to become Reaper’s food?”

“Nope nope nope! I was just so surprised. I... mmm ... I guess I will come with you? I have no other choice.”

“Good! Then hold my hand, I will transport us to my own place.”

“Your own place? But I don’t have a physical body anymore…”

“Yes! It’s within the Divine realm, so you don’t need one”


What’s this?

A mortal but can create her own Divine space?

Even I couldn’t do that you know?

“Wow, interesting…”

“Haha, this is nothing. But let’s get out of here and talk later”

“Ok, sure!”

And thus, Alice held my only remaining finger with her tiny hand, and spoke the words…

“My blood is red/ Darling’s blood is blue/ I like cupcakes/ But love Darling too”

With a *woosh*, the space expanded and opened a vortex-like gate right in front of us.

“Weird… Blue blood?”

“Yes, please don’t mind the poem, it’s just the secret code. Now, let’s jump into it!”


With a “hup!”, we jumped into the gate and got to the other side, which was Alice’s hideout.

And that was the first time I met Alice, the girl who reached out for me in the Land of Souls, the one who resurrected Lucien, and a very important ally to have when that final battle came.

The Battle against the bastard God.



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