Re: Sword Emperor

by kazumi

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Psychological Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In the largest virtual reality game in history, Mark was a king. His team? Unstoppable. They were heroes even among other pros. But the game changed. The government—for their own political gains—made a mess of everything Team Black Moon worked so hard to perfect. Ten years of their lives were spent playing Ashes of God. Still, Mark and his friends found themselves obsolete—forgotten.

Then time itself forgot. Mark wakes up, 10 years ago. 

He’s never met his lover. He’s never played Ashes of God. Mark’s friends don’t even know his face. But he’ll find them. With his knowledge and skills, they’ll rise higher than ever. Mark will not be forgotten.

This time, they’ll be the ones who change the game.


PS: This synopsis had been made by S.D. Mills, please check out his works.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Foreword ago
Chapter 1: Tragic End ago
Chapter 2: Back to the Past ago
Chapter 3: Start of The Adventure ago
Chapter 4: Welcome to Ashes of Gods ago
Chapter 5: Character Creation-1 ago
Chapter 6: Character Creation-2 ago
Chapter 7: A shocking surprise ago
Chapter 8: A Dirty Reset ago
Chapter 9: Animation Cancel ago
Chapter 10: Registration ago
Chapter 11 Leo ago
Chapter 12: DepressedRyan ago
Chapter 13: Training ago
Annoucement: Q&A ago
My answers to the questions ago
Chapter 14: God Speed Shesmu ago
Chapter 15: A Weird Encounter ago
Q&A N*2 ago
Chapter 16: Kazumi And Amaterasu ago
Chapter 17: A Suspicious Ryan ago
Chapter 18: Formation ago
Chapter 19: Red Zone ago
Chapter 20: Goblins' Den ago
Chapter 21: Dungeon Dwelling ago
Chapter 22: Mini Boss Fight ago
Chapter 23: A Terrifying Encounter ago
Chapter 24: Hobgoblin Frenzy ago
Chapter 25: An Intense Battle ago
Chapter 26: Goblord ago
Chapter 27: First Second Phase ago
Chapter 28: Dungeon Cleared ago
Chapter 29: Goblin Slayer ago
Chapter 30: Fire And Chrome ago
Chapter 31: Blood Oath ago
Chapter 32: A Shrewd Plot ago
Chapter 33: Skill Successor ago
Chapter 34: Blitzing Through The Dungeon ago
Chapter 35: Silver Wolf King ago
Chapter 36: A Lucky Streak ago
Announcement: The Start Of Editing ago
Chapter 37: Bet ago
Chapter 38: Farewell, Forest of Beginning ago
Update On The Editing And Scheduling ago
Chapter 39: Secrets of Ki ago
Chapter 40: Preparation ago
Chapter 41: Evie ago
Chapter 42: Tower Of Might ago
Chapter 43: Second Encounter ago
Chapter 44: The Great Calamity ago
Chapter 45: Trust ago
Chapter 46: The Floor Is Lava ago
Chapter 47: Cool Ryan ago
Chapter 48: Red Wolf King ago
Chapter Postponed Until Tomorrow ago
Chapter 49: First Floor Cleared ago
Chapter 50: Second Floor ago
Chapter 51: Steel Determination ago
Chapter 52: Unveiled ago
Chapter 53: Panda ago
Chapter 54: Banquet ago
Chapter 55: Speech And Doubts ago
Chapter 56: Swords And Mistrust ago
Chapter 57: Truth And Sorrow ago
Chapter 58: Acceptance And Ominousness ago
Chapter 59: Before The Storm ago
Chapter 60: Leon ago
Chapter 61: Kleon ago

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Lord Zaika
  • Overall Score

Has potential, needs proofreading.

The author appears to have a lot of world building to draw from, and has a good sense of where the story should be heading. The first cruicial chapter has a large amount of new and confusing  info dumping going on that doesn't immediately add to the story, but instead detracts from it. The casters' dialogue feels somewhat contrived. Many of the emotions are meladramatic and are often told instead of shown. Some of the word choices to describe scenes or actions are off mark, leaving me wondering what the author meant. 

It's a good draft, but needs polish. The begining needs to be more engaging and less info dumping so as to hook the reader. Maybe start in medias res.

  • Overall Score

the story is fucking slow.i binge rrad it in 2 days till chpt 45.and its still the tutorial phase,correction.beta tutorial phase.


welp,atleast the story is good.the grammar is good i guess considering english is not my first language

if u re looking for opmc but with hardwork,this is it.just my cup of tea.

gonna let us simmer for a while.horde some chapter i guess.

give it a chance,the author is to blabber, and yeah..

keep up the good work.

  • Overall Score

Twist on the common reincarnation theme

This is a decent twist on the classic reincarnation theme, MC gets to go back in time to when the game he is a pro in is just being released. Only OP bit is the knowledge he's gained through years of playing, so if you're looking for a non OP character, this is the best of both worlds. 

Overall, I think this has good potential and I'm excited to see where it goes.

I should also note that this does seem to be a rewrite and I have only read the rewrite and therefore have no idea if it's better or not than the original. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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Good potential need more chapters

Just finished reading all the current chapters has great potential gave fivestars on everything keep it up author. I just wish there was more chapters and I feel like the chapters could either be labeled into arcs like the rebirth Arc and character creation ark in tutorial ark or they could be combined into big chapters later on when you get further chapters released