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It is 2144, just a dozen years since the last (4th) world war, also known as the "Last War".  Now Earth is united under a global government.  All labor is automated, so humanity now lives a life of leasure.  With sporting events banned as uninclusive and discriminitory e-sports stars now stand at the peak of global celebrities just as sports stars used to.  Full body experience virtual reality or FBEVR (pronounced as fever in english), is now the main source of entertainment for most of humanity.  However society does have it's darker side, as the losers of the "Last War" have been pushed to the edges of human society, forced to work for the state as "punishment" for their sins.  One such "Sinner" is a former E-sports celebrity of an old style VRMMO called Underworld was now a nobody known as Mark Ulrich.  Mark, who now lives cut off from most of modern society with his teenage daughter and the ghosts of the Last War deep in Arizona's Sonoran Desert, is visited by an old friend Leo about a new FBEVRMMO which is to be released soon called Underworld-GOLD, with an offer to reprise his old glory.  

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  • Overall Score

Good first 2 chapters.

I think the book is starting out well. Enough to make me interested and bookmark it for further updates. Dont have a clue why the book has a 3 star rating at 3 hours old.


I'll come back to review it later but the book has a pretty interesting first 2 chapters to pull you in.

  • Overall Score

the first ten chapters have an amazing power level, plot progression and realism in them for still being an entertaining read. This will definetly become an extremely long and epic story!

  • Overall Score

Preliminary 5 stars - Please don't F this novel up

Well written, with only the occasional typo or misspelled word mixed it. (Not enough to interrupt my reading)

The story borrows a little from asian light novels, as the MC has knowledge of the game world most others do not. (Only he does not reeincarnate, the game is re-released^^) A little reallife content mixed in, but not on a level that it annoys me (which it very often does in other novels).

Looking forward to more chapters :)

  • Overall Score

What is an E-Sport?

Supposedly this fiction is based on esports.  I don't have a clue what that is.  It doesn't matter.  The fiction itself is really interesting.  I haven't seen something set in an aztec kingdom before, nor have I seen the need to use cannibalism and sacrifice to power LitRPG game magic before. 

I'm even enjoying the "war" sections even though I don't have a clue yet who the geopolitical entities involved were.  Something about Texas falling and a fight in Atlanta and Bogata.  I'm not sure if it is a Latin America vs North America or an Americas vs. Eurasia or something different.  

So please bring me more.  

  • Overall Score

The grammar hurts this one.

Combat system is overly complicated and is going to cause you problems down the road I'm afraid.

Watch the run-on sentences. As the author your job is to show us, not just tell us.

Also, it's spelled NOBLE, not nobel. One is a priviledged class and the other is a dead scientist. Further, it's spell ALTAR, not alter. One is a table used in religious ceremonies, the other means "to change."

  • Overall Score

Characters are fleshed out world building is good but i can't stand the combat system