The Helena Chronicles

by Scott Edwards

Original ONGOING Action Drama Fantasy Psychological Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Espers are really no different than humans; they look like any normal human and in general behave like any normal human.  However, there are a few key differences.  The max life expectancy of espers ranges from forty-five to fifty.  They naturally have a knack for mathematics and are extremely intelligent in general, this because their abilities rely on the subconscious and conscious calculations.  They also have a mysterious energy source they call Focus that is generated naturally by all espers.

The continent of Elestveeve is populated by three major factions, each a governing force.  On the west of the continent, there is the Noble Houses that subscribe to the Deity Faith.  The Houses ruling with the Deity Faith as council since the religion's founding four-hundred years previous.  Controlling most of the northeast is WITCH, an organization ruled by powerful espers; claiming the mysterious Genesis as their capital, they are a whispered myth among much of the continent's less technically advanced residence.  In the southeast you have Tech City, a towering monolith of a capital with four sky layers and metropolis' leveled deep underground; it is a city brimming with technical advancement and cyber integration.  Each faction contends with one another for their evolutionary ideology, by devout religious worship to receive miraculous gifts, unique genetic lineage to obtain ESP, and technological integration to become something more than human.

Helena, a young genius and esper, awakes in a dark room with only fuzzy memories and the company of seven other children.  She must determine how she got there and how to get back to where she came from.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
B1 — 1. Mystery In A Box ago
B1 — 2. Memories Return ago
B1 — 3. Exposed ago
B1 — 4. Murder Breeds Tension ago
B1 — 5. Desperate Action ago
B1 — 6. Trap or Opportunity? ago
B1 — 7. Betrayal ago
B1 — 8. Plots and Masking ago
B1 — 9. Kara ago
B1 — 10. Escape ago
B1 — 11. Unexpected Events ago
B1 — 12. Desperation ago
B1 — 13. Blizzard ago
B1 — 14. Tracker ago
B1 — 15. Unforeseen Hand ago
B1 — 16. Trap and Trapped ago
B1 — 17. Fury ago
B1 — 18. Testing the Water ago
B1 — 19. Valuable Information ago
B1 — 20. Kara's Challenge ago
B1 — 21. Learning A New Technique ago
B1 — 22. Worse Than Expected ago
B1 — 23. Belesis ago
B1 — 24. Mistake ago
B1 — 25. Synchronization ago
B1 — 26. Espology ago
B1 — 27. WITCH ago
B1 — 28. Decisions ago
B1 — 29. Personal Lesson ago
B1 — 30. Unanticipated Meeting ago
B1 — 31. Rainbow Convergence ago
B1 — 32. Fighting Chance? ago
B1 — 33. Desperation ago
B1 — 34. Purists ago
B1 — 35. Kidnapped ago
B1 — 36. Colors Mix ago
B1 — 37. Shattered Heart ago
B1 — 38. Breaking Walls ago
B1 — 39. An Electro Master ago
B1 — 40. Resolve ago
B1 — 41. Moth to Flame ago
B2 — 0. Prelude: Is there Hope? ago
B2 — 1. Position ago
B2 — 2. A New Challenge ago
B2 — 3. Calculated Action ago
B2 — 4. Difficult Situation ago
B2 — 5. Esther ago

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What kind of training is this???

The story is well written with an interesting MC. But major elements of The plot are currently confusing.

This is supposed to be some kind of academy/ training but it’s entrance exam (for 8 year olds by the way) is designed to kill them (basically).

Even the most ruthless training regimens in history didn’t do the “extreme survival exam” until AFTER their initial training (in house not random “what daddy taught you” rubbish).

The training of young Spartan warriors springs to mind but even the Spartans realized that killing their students BEFORE training wasn’t the best idea.

So author, it’s an interesting read but my question is:

why are these super genius people running this organization so bloody STUPID. I think that needs to be explained in the plot. But this selection process is way too lethal.

If extreme selection is important then there should have been someone competent in charge,

and if its not important then why is extreme stratification = killing or maiming the examinees somehow “OK”. Even a selection for planetary leader wouldn’t work like this in a Spartan training type society.

i will give 5 As I assume all will be revealed in due course. 

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Found this story after reading and enjoying the other author's book, "A Tail's Misfortune" .The story has been amazing so far with a very interesting mc. Haven't found any problems with the grammar or sentence structure. Hope you continue to write amazing stories.