Truth To Be Told

by Anime no Akuma

Fan Fiction HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Magic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Kaelys had never been a normal child. The voices in her head? They're as real as they can be. No one seems to understand her, though, and after two long years of being trapped in that damned asylum, she manages to escape. When she wakes up in a world much different from her own, though, she realizes that she can no longer afford to be weak and sets off on a journey with only one goal in mind: to be free.

 "They cut off your wings before you could even realize you had them. How pathetic is that?"




Main themes: psychological instability, character growth, friendship, adventure.


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enjoyed it so far, "truth" is a unique and well done character

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It’s fan fiction....what do you expect?!

This is a pretty solid story as of chaos on nirvana. It details the life of a Mary Sue. Not much too it besides great grammar and style that is kinda ruined by the pure edge and angst in the story almost making it unreadable for anyone not in the “special mood” or a 13 year old. 

Style:Very solid style with some hints of anime thats normal in fan fiction writings. It doesn’t make me mad or angry and instead brings a bit of depth to the story.

Story:It’s pure fucking edge/angst with the main character being a Mary Sue. Proably the worst part of this story is the weird power fantasy it try’s to become and the way the main character is tortured in the beginning but in a fucking dark guilds organization she is pityed. It’s like other edgy people pitting someone almost as edgy as them. It’s bad.

Grammer: This is grammer that is way better than it should be for this story. It brings you in and describes it just the amount you need. Makes me feel loved and want to keep reading. Than I realize what it’s describing and immediately have the irrational urge to give it a 0.5 star vote. But it’s mechanical ability is to good so here I am.

Character:The first chap gives a very accurate telling of a mentally challenged child getting more scared and hurt. With its voices and not being a Mary Sue yet. It has a accurate enough retelling of what our society does to the insane. It ruins it when it gets to the electric chair part. With the characteristics of the characters from Brian to Cobra and Angel getting more and more unrealistic and catering to the MC. 

If your in a edgy mood and want to see the world burn at the same time as the people you care about cater to you this is the book you should read, if you’re not in this mood than stay away.You won’t like what you see.