Finley- The Lost Prince

Finley- The Lost Prince

by HavenCustos

Life was okay for Finley. It wasn't great, wasn't bad but it was okay. He went to a prestigious school, had a couple of friends and a decent future awaiting him. 
Or he would have if the people who had abandoned him hadn't shown up with wings, horns and a proverbial wrench for his life plan. 
It makes for some strange days when you find out you weren't just an average guy all along.

Book one of the Universes Series.

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4th Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
EDITED Chapter 1: You mean me? ago
EDITED Chapter 2: William ago
EDITED Chapter 3: The Prince is found ago
EDITED Chapter 4: I know an odd guy. ago
EDITED Chapter 5(a): The Winged lady ago
EDITED Chapter 5(b): The Other World ago
EDITED Chapter 6(a): Esmeralda ago
EDITED Chapter 6(b): The Man in the Mirror ago
EDITED Chapter 7: The Video ago
EDITED Chapter 8: Negotiation ago
EDITED Chapter 9: One day ago
EDITED Chapter 10(a): At school ago
EDITED Chapter 10(b): Getting emotional ago
EDITED Chapter 11: At work ago
Chapter 12: The Lesson ago
Entry one: Fairy heritage ago
Chapter 13(a): The Ex ago
Chapter 13(b): The stranger in my house. ago
Chapter 14 (a): Throwing my Weight around. ago
Chapter 14(b): The Reckoning ago
Chapter 15: Elder sister ago
Chapter 16(a): He's not so harmless ago
Chapter 16(b): The Reckoning (2) ago
Chapter 17: Flying ago
Chapter 18: A peasant and a princess. ago
Chapter 19: Theodulus ago
Chapter 20: A Guest is coming! ago
Chapter 21: An Ally ago
Chapter 22: The Prince and The General ago
Chapter 23 (a): The General and The Prince ago
Chapter 23 (b): The General and The Prince ago
Chapter 24: Just pick an archetype and stick to it! ago
Chapter 25: Jake and Alice (Part 1) ago
Chapter 26: The General's Apology (Part A) ago
Chapter 26: The General's Apology (Part B) ago
Chapter 27: Jake and Alice (Part 2) ago
Chapter 28: The General's Apology (Part C) ago
Chapter 29: Jake and Alice are through ago
Entry: Rest (Fairies) ago
Diary Entry: Brief explanation on the Great wars. ago
Diary entry: The Impact of Royalty ago
Diary entry: Genealogy of the royal family (Fairies) ago
Diary entry: Magic ago
Diary Entry: Aide ago
Chapter 30: The Generals Apology (Part D) ago
Chapter 31: Can you come home with me? ago
Chapter 32: Caught up in the moment ago
Chapter 33: The Sealing ago
Chapter 34: The Sealing Worked ago
Chapter 35: Comradeship ago
Chapter 36: Going out ago
Chapter 37: The Course ago
Chapter 38: Finley, Cai and Aies ago
Chapter 39: Finley, Cai and Aies (Part B) ago
Chapter 40: Acker ago
Chapter 41: Is this what a poor government-dependent student lives like? ago
Chapter 42: I'm not a hero ago
Chapter 43: What do we do? ago
Chapter 44: A nagging memory ago
Chapter 45: A blood feud ago
Chapter 46: The Little Tyrant ago
Chapter 47: The Confrontation ago
Chapter 48: I did like her ago
Chapter 49: A Little Monster ago
Chapter 50: Confirmed ago
Chapter 51: What if you were a bad person? ago
Chapter 52: Tacky ideas ago
Chapter 53: Watch out! ago
Chapter 54: Overprotective ago
Chapter 55: Using your own resources isn't cheating. ago
Chapter 56: a Regalis and an Olcay ago
Chapter 57: Beast vs Bug ago
Chapter 58: The Three ago
Chapter 59: The Inter-species ball ago
Chapter 60: Jaya returns ago
Chapter 61: Annoying ago
Diary entry: Contamination ago
Chapter 62: A Lost Cause ago
Chapter 63: Rubella ago
Chapter 64: Deadweight ago
Chapter 65: Only one shot ago
Chapter 66: Have you ever. even once. considered thinking before you spoke? ago
Chapter 67: Your highness... are you an idiot? ago
Chapter 68: Listen kid ago
Chapter 69: For my sake ago
Chapter 70: Nothing good for me ago
Chapter 71: I need your help ago
Chapter 72: What if ago
Chapter 73: Priorities ago
Chapter 74: What happens after? ago
Chapter 75: Unnatural harmony ago
Chapter 76: I want her head ago
Chapter 77: One trick pony ago
Chapter 78: Embarassed ago
Chapter 79: My role to play ago
Chapter 80: Esmeralda is no more ago
Chapter 81: A tiresome day ago
Chapter 82: Regardless ago
Chapter 83: Proud ago
Chapter 84: Back to reality ago
Chapter 85: Tiresome work ago
Chapter 86: A lot to think about ago
Chapter 87: A Wish ago
Chapter 88: Awfully Naive ago
Chapter 89: A Futuristic-Dystopian-Steam Punk mess ago
Chapter 90: Tired ago
Chapter 91: 6 points is a win ago
Chapter 92: Go ago
Chapter 93: Prove it ago
Chapter 94: Changes ago
Chapter 95: At this point ago
Chapter 96: Disconnect ago
Chapter 97: Growing worries. ago
Chapter 98: A Week ago
Chapter 99: Doctor's Orders ago
Chapter 100: Votric ago
Intermission Interview: Finley ago
Chapter 101: Uneasy ago
Intermission Interview: Jake ago
Chapter 102: Intruder ago
Intermission Interview: Mei ago
Chapter 103: The Real Thing ago
Chapter 104: Panic ago
Chapter 105: A human ago
Chapter 106: Call it what you want ago
Chapter 107: Break of character ago
Chapter 108: How can you be sure? ago
Chapter 109: Giving in ago
Chapter 110: Derela ago
Chapter 111: A Human Thing ago
Chapter 112: Not okay ago
Chapter 113: Down ago
Chapter 114: Iren ago
Chapter 115: Soft ago
Chapter 116: Suspicions ago
Chapter 117: Tiny creature ago
Chapter 118: Pixie ago
Chapter 119: Tyus ago
Chapter 120: Plan ago
Notification ago
Chapter 121: Why? ago
Chapter 122: Running ago
Travelling ago
Chapter 123: Seeing Red ago
Chapter 124: Old hag ago
Chapter 125: Disconnect ago
Chapter 126: Conflicted ago
Character Interview: Sparrow ago
Re-written: Chapter 1: You mean me? ago
Chapter 127: Heliose ago
Chapter 128: Memories ago
Chapter 129: Aies ago
Chapter 130: Difficult ago
Chapter 131: Hard to accept ago
Chapter 132: Goal ago
Chapter 133: Tempting ago
Chapter 134: Milo ago
Chapter 135: Rank ago
Chapter 136: Yes or No ago
Chapter 137: Cold ago
Chapter 138: One person ago
Chapter 139: Galen ago
Chapter 140: Drills ago
Chapter 141: Grandparents ago
Chapter 142: I ago
Chapter 143: Plan ago
Chapter 144: Unfair ago
Chapter 145: Hurry up ago
Chapter 146: Moment ago
Chapter 147: Nothing to do with me ago
Chapter 148: Worried ago
Chapter 149: Thank you ago
Chapter 150: Choice ago
Chapter 151: Different ago
Chapter 152: Risk ago
Chapter 153: Carnage ago
Chapter 154: Outnumbered ago
Chapter 155: The locket ago
Chapter 156: Attrition ago
Chapter 157: Promise ago
Chapter 158: Pep Talk ago
Chapter 159: Tagged ago
Chapter 160: Intimidated ago
Chapter 161: Scolding ago
Chapter 162: Happy ago
Chapter 163: Home ago
Chapter 164: Hope ago
Chapter 165: News ago
Chapter 166: Normal ago
Chapter 167: Visit ago
Chapter 168: The end ago
Announcement Chapter! ago
Announcement: Editing ago

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A good story for those looking for it's kind.

As of chapter 20, I would say this is a good story. A good style, grammar could use some edits, and the author is doing a decent job to flesh out the character's and build the world. Now my only issue would be that the story seems a tad bit too slice of life for my tastes, like a Disney princess/high school  story, not a bad thing but not what I'm looking for at the moment. All said ,it's a good story if action and mad fights aren't your speed or your looking to take a break from all that,then you would probably enjoy this. Best of luck to the author.


First of I stopped reading after the 14(b) chapter (+ The Finley- Diary Entries).

My problem with this story starts with is its lack of structure and world-building in the beginning. 15 chapter in the story and I still feel like I know nearly nothing of the MC, neither his likes and dislikes nor his personal history or goals for the future. His general personality is a mystery to me.

When the MC gets explained who and where he is, it feels like a huge portion is missing and he simply goes along with everything. Also, his reactions to those changes are either avoided or feel empty. Seriously he gets told he is the prince of a magical race and is told to find a suitable mate because he is only a male and his reaction is nothing...

His behavior at the human school and the school's general "power structure" feels completely unrealistic to me.

Last but not least is the Matriarchy of the Fairies. Now the author wants to write about a Matriarchy and that is fine by me, though it would probably be good if he added a tag for it since quite a few people dislike it. No, it is how he presents it. It isn't just that the females are the stronger ones and inherit everything, no males are apparently a minority that is seen as second class citizens who are crippled by their own parents if it helps a twin sister gaining more magical power. Again fine you can do that, but at least be honest and portray the world as the darker place it is. The MC's reaction to finding out this practice is one sentence where he thinks it's sickening, that's it. That guy is supposed to become a ruler of these people!!

That all said the grammar is fine, the author writes in an easily understandable style and is building an interesting world. But is definitely not a story for me, I am unable to relate to MC even a little bit.




Too much of a hassle to read

Reviewed at: Chapter 143: Plan

Read up to chapter 25.

The premise sounds great but the execution has much to be desired. My biggest issue with the story is that it is confusing.

The setting is constantly changing with little to no transitions. Every single chapter feels like it begins with a time skip. Character after character after character is introduced without any real depth being given to any of them. Characters often have non-traditional names that all seem to blend together into a pile of blandness. Viewpoint changes happen nearly every chapter. None of the characters are likeable or even personable, at least as far as I have read. Near future events are described but then glossed over or ignored post occurence with no discernable outcomes being made visible to the reader.

It is frustrating because it seems like the author is creating an amazing world, but is keeping 90% of it in their head and not on the (figurative) paper. Every chapter feels like a non-sequitor from the previous one. It is frustrating to try and follow along.