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Chapter 47 · Train trip

I looked at Zoe.

She looked at me.

"Why?" I asked my voice quiet. Not that it was ever loud but you get the point.

"Well it's cheap because Felix owns it and I managed to guess this riddle and..." Zoe started until I waved my hand to stop her.

"Not that, him" I whispered pointing to the brown suit wearing guy sitting next to her.

"Um yes, Zoe why am I here?" Wick replied in an oddly high-pitched voice not looking away from me as I stared him down.

We, me, Zoe and Wick were sitting on a train currently heading towards my uncle home. It had started off as a nice trip. In fact, I was super happy at the start.

It had started when I had heard the price of rent. Just £400 a month which was good. Super good. I mean in total that was £1,200 between all of us and for the middle of London with a super nice setup. I think I'm saying super too much but anyway that was the good news. Then it had slowly gotten worse.

Zoe had tricked me into her room while I was in my little state of joy. Then she started with the clothes. Again. I had spent the next half an hour feeling like a doll as Zoe tried on set after set on me. It was only until I almost fell asleep that she had found one she liked. I didn't say anything about it since it wasn't that bad.

I mean I got to spend time with her and seeing her be happy with that smile of hers made me... warm. I think.

Oh. And the outfit, if you wanted to know, was a black skirt and tight of course, it was still the end of winter I'm not crazy. Zoe had also picked out a moss green shirt that she said went well with my eyes.

Anyway, we then headed off. It took about 20 minutes to get to the underground to a station I had nether heard of. It took a while but we finally got our tickets and started the trip. I had spent most of my time behind Zoe as I had felt the eye's on me.

Luckily we had made it onto a train that was mostly empty above ground and was able to grab seats and a little bit of privacy but I still felt a little off. Which was when he had walked in.


I didn't have anything against him. Much. I still owed him for the weird charm he used on me but it was for the best in the end so I guess it's ok. For now.

No, it wasn't that I disliked him but I had kind of hoped that maybe it could have been just me and Zoe. Felt weird when I thought of it like that but I just didn't like the idea of a tag along.

"Oh, what, Wick?" Zoey replied acting as if she hadn't even noticed him.

I gave a solid, single nod.

"Well he's kind of a bit of bookworm so I needed a reason to get him out of the library before he becomes a book himself," she replied without a hint of wrongdoing.

"Zoe I can not even begin to state how wrong that is. you said that this was field work that Void sent us," Wick complained as he got his phone out pulling up a text to show her. Wow, that's a lot of different emoticon in one text.

"I lied but if it makes it better you can stand in a field if you want," Zoe said with a poke to Wicks noes.

Wick quickly grew a beet red before pulling out a book and hiding behind it. I, on the other hand, felt even worse.

I mean I couldn't stay angry at Zoe but now I felt just bad like my insides were twisted. It had worsed when Zoe had, for lack of a better word, booped Wick on the noes.

A note from Silver tail

Sorry if the formatting was a bit odd. I don't tent to do it this way much but I couldn't happily start the chapter a different way.

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