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Chapter 44 ยท Wet dream

I didn't mean to fall asleep but the auction seemed to drag on. At first, it hadn't been that bad and at times funny when the two siblings would fight over how much to spend but at the end of the day, it was just dull. Nothing happened, I couldn't afford half the items for sale even if I wanted to and I didn't know half the words the guy on stage was talking about.

We were seated quite far back above the rest of the quite huge hall that seemed to be filled with people. This was good because I didn't have to be around them, the people, but also bad for me as I couldn't see anything at all. I had no idea how the siblings seemed to know what was being sold or how they were even bidding as no one was around to hear them, mostly the brother, call out.

Zoe had also bid on a few items at first but it always seemed to be in an exciting burst and after the fifth or so shout she stopped. Mostly because Void told her to stop wasting her money on a 'betting high' but also I like to think because after she court me off guard the last time I nearly fell off my chair. And it was one hundred per cent her fault and not because I was starting to drifting off. 

Dripping. A lake. No. River's, lots of them. All going, flowing, dripping. All from my pond. It was mine. So clear I could see the tiny fish.

One golden. Old but peaceful. Its form like a large goldfish. It seemed to flow endlessly with the flows leading from my pond to the rivers but it never left me.

One was white. It was... smaller or maybe just far away. Tiny dots of all types seem to fill its body but I never could tell what they were. Its scales seemed to change from deep greens to blood red. It body like that of a salmon as it swam far from me also out of reach. it seemed to look at me with a deep judgement with its little glowy eyes.

But as I look down I could see much more fish. Each was tiny like grains of sand almost compare to the mountains of the gold and dotted fish. Tiny. Most were of deep green with golden sparks to them but a few were different. In fact.

I looked closer at one little fish close toe but hidden. It was different. It swam oddly slight unbalanced on one side. I could see it was a baby black eel with green and purple eyes. It seemed to be trying to get closer to me but the other fish. The tiny fish were pushing it away.

I reach forward. To part the clear waters. Hesitate they were. The other fish did not wish to let it cross but slowly they let the black eel in.

Its form was... to be blunt ugly. A fat head with a tiny body made it look like an eel pug almost. But still, it was mine. My fish.

"Swim fast, little one," I sang as it came to me.

I smiled as it did do. Around and around. 

"Zoe you are not... no," came the cold voice from above me.

"But I can't wake her up, look at her," Zoe's voice filled my ears. I felt her every word. Like it was hummed threw me.

I opened my eyes to see the very nice plain sealing and the filling of something warm next to me. And soft.

I turned my head and felt a button scape my noes. It kind of stung. Like badly. Wait.

Suit. Zoe. Soft and warm.

Was Zoe's carrying me?

I focused my eyes only to see nothingness. My head must be next to her chest but why was it so soft. Oh well. I mean she was carrying me so she must be fine with it. And I mean its only fair that I help her keep fit. I... also... kind of didn't want her to let go.

So I clung to her as she carried me and maybe it was the heat or the rocking but I found it hard to kept my eyes open for long

A note from Silver tail

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