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Chapter 43 ยท Room mate's

You didn't have to buy all that for me," I told her as we walk back.

"It's fine. I wanted to," Zoe said carrying at least five bags of clothes

"But they were expensive," I retorted turning my head to look at her.

"Meh, if I didn't buy them then I wouldn't get to see you in them," she said turn toward me with a smile.

I felt my face flush as I turned my head away from hers. I don't think I was fast enuff to stop her from seeing me that as I heard her giggles next to me.

We walked for a few more minutes. I didn't say much and Zoe just seemed to be happy to hum to herself.

"I think this should be are one," Zoe said as we walked past one of the many plain doors. She started walking towards it, reaching for the handle.

"You think?" I whispered behind her as she opened it.

The door creaked open revealing the room beyond. A simple room sat before us, red carpet floors and white painted walls with dark wood rafters were silk drapes of all kind of royal colours hanging in the corners of the room. On the forward facing wall, there was a... well I guess a balcony overlooking a large hall like that you would see in theatres but I didn't really have a good look at it from where I was standing. Three people sat inside on some simple metal folding chairs.

I couldn't help the small smile spread to my lips as looked at the people sitting there.

Few all the odds I saw a very similar pair of people. The white hair, the dull voice who was in an argument with that of a voice filled with rich emotions.

"Brother you were meant to bring the food, do you wish to starve me. I might faint from the lack of sugar," came the dull tone of Edlin.

"Oh but sister dearest too much sugar will make you so large how will you ever fit into a wedding dress. Even your maids think so," came the voice of her brother who was currently on his knees. I didn't need to look to see what was coming next as I soon heard the sound of walling arms. And why would I want to look away when something much funnier was going on.

He looked the same as the last time I had met him. Black suit, bulging mussels and the same snaking tattoo along his whole body. however, unlike last time his face was no longer tired but the look of competent was easy to read. His eyes seemed to stare at the two siblings and if looks could kill they would currently be on fire and need a whole ocean to put them out.

Slowly his eyes moved over to us as he unclent his fist and tried, and in my mind failed, to smile. His whole face seemed to scream 'save me from this before I kill them'.

"Good, Zoe your here. I had believed we were to meet again twenty minutes ago or did you get lost finding the toilet?" Came Voids voice through gritted teeth.

"Oh, I was? Super sorry I had to do stuff," Zoe replied quickly hurrying to the seat next to him and sitting down leaving one chair for me at the end. Thankfully not next to any of the... overs.

"Jade," was all he said to me. It was more of an observation than any kind of welcome. I just hurry to my seat hoping not to be seen by the two twins who were still fighting. It seemed to work as neither of them reacted to my presence.

A note from Silver tail

I feel like I may I spent to much time on this little bit. I think it will only be a few more chapter's until the arc starts moving a bit faster. 


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