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Chapter 35 ยท Leaks

We soon walked to the over the end of the hall. There seemed to be a few more people down this end but nothing about them seemed to catch my eye. Luckily I didn't seem to catch any of there attention also, which I gave a silent thanks for.

We soon came to a stop next to display table filled with many small items, each in their own little box which I felt was a little odd as it seemed to waste a lot of room.

"Why are they in boxes like that?" I asked as we approached them.

"That miss is to stop any mana leaks and also to act as a safety feature. They are quiet effect at stopping the odd thieve," my guide explained with a few nods.

"Mana leaks? Like magic leaking," I asked now getting a better look at the items inside the boxes.

Item's from large ruby rings to a leaf thin knife that looked more like a letter opener. All manner of small trinkets sat in front of me, all under glass, polished and sparkling.

"Yes, when an item is enchanted depending on such things as the spell infused and the material used it can cause an item to have mana leaks. This is were the power overflow but it can also be how the item draws in power. Anyway, the greater the leaks the more chaotic the wild mana in the air around you becomes. As you can imagine that can cause some quiet... interesting effect there's some quite funny story's of lords being tricked into buying to many enchanted items and..." he seemed to realise that he had lost me as I looked at him blankly, "Anyway as I was saying it can be quiet bad and small items often are affected the worst."

"Ok... so is there a way to know how much is... bad," I asked trying to take in the load of information I just received.

"Well are items here are on the universal measurement. That means that they have there own rating on a score of twenty, I would recommend ten as the highest safe score.

I nodded. I still had no clue what half of what he just said was but I guess going above ten is bad for some reason.

I quickly turn back to the items hoping that I can work the rest out on my own. It really was quite cool seeing all the different stuff there and thankful it all was a lot cheaper than before but still costly.

Quite a few of them were a bit boring like a selection of pens that never ran out of ink however I'm sure I would lose that in a few days and for two-hundred pounds it was not worth it also a spoon that would heat, I guess to eat cold foods but even all you needed was to not leave your normal spoon in the cold to do that.

Next was items that were just plain weird like a tissue that was always wet for only fifty pounds, my guide told me they really want to get rid of that one as it was a nightmare to store. Then there was a metal blue ball that always stays at a level, while it wasn't on display there was a small pitcher and a warning telling the buy 'not on site must pickup at other warehouses'.

However, there were a few cool little items.

"Erm, can I ask what this one is priced at?" I asked pointing down at it.

A note from Silver tail

Sorry for the slow upload. In good news, I got a job. Yay money.

In bad news, I got a job. It drained me and sadly that's why I have been so slow but as I get used to it I will likely not be so drained spend more time on other days writing.

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