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Chapter 29 ยท Getting ready

She must have planned it. There is no way she couldn't have not planned it.

I stood in front of Zoe's bathroom mirror looking at the dress Zoe had gotten me. The dark green pencil dress, while it was nice, made me feel like this event was more then Zoe let on.

Slowly and stiffly I changed into the green dress. I had never had a want for clothes or fashion in general but when I finally got changed and looked at the mirror I had to say I liked it. The dress seemed to fit perfectly which was a bit creepy maybe Zoe had been going through my clothes. note to self: get a lock for my door. It lucky wasn't that standout and went below my knees.

Thinking about it I might have to grab some tights with the weather outside still being bitter and the wind like ice razors. Looking in the bag they seemed to be a pair of matching of dark green high heels that had tiny diamond-like speaks on the tips. I look at myself again checking I had it on correctly and there was no label, which was removed when I found them before I walk out the bathroom.

I stepped into Zoe's room which was still filled with moving boxes. I quickly found Zoe standing in the corner her back to me, muttering under her breath. I walk up slowly trying not to slip in my new shoe.

"I'm done," I whispered tapping her shoulder from behind, still not sure what she was doing.

"Oh ok, great, give me a sec," Zoe grasp seeming to jump a little and quickly stuffing something in her pocket.

She turned to face me. I looked at the new clothes she wore with a loose red shirt and then down at the black formal trouser and then the pair of trainer's she was wearing. I looked down at my dress then back at her.

"Why am I wearing a dress and you have a suit?" I asked feeling my cheek turn pink and feeling a bit dum in my clothes now.

"Well Void said I had to dress smart and I always end up with my dress getting torn or burn or something so I can never wear them. I hate it that I have to wear stupid formal stuff but I only have to do it one more time thank fates. You don't mind do you?" Zoe explained

"No it ok but I kind of feel a bit dum wearing this like a kid," I replied rubbing my hand and looking down at the floor trying not to let Zoe see my now bright cheeks.

I felt the touch on my chin. Her hand was soft as she pulled my head up. I could see her eyes look into mine.

"I think you look cute," Zoe said making my mouth feel dry and my knees weaken.

"I... um.." I try to say something but my mouth felt weird like when you sleep on something weirdly. Dam brain why are you doing this.

"Sorry if you don't want to wear it but I do love cute clothes but they never fit me and Bane will not let me use her. I'm sorry if you want I wouldn't do it anymore if that what you want,"

"NO 'cough', I mean no its... I like it," I half shouted, half muttered.

"Great. Just let me do my make-up and then I can do you k," was all Zoe said before she skipping into the bathroom and shut the door.

Wait did she say make-up. Oh please whatever god is out there save me


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