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Chapter 28 ยท Boo

It took me a while to call Bane for help with Zoe's body. Slowly we, more Bane, moved Zoe to the sofa. Lucky she seemed fine.

"So what happened then. All I heard was a fud and then whimper," Bane commented look at me.

"I just wanted to talk to Zoe about something so I went to the door and when she came in she, kind of, fell on me," I replied a bit bitterly. I mean I know I'm not that loud but it was hardly whimpering.

Bane just nodded and uncrossed her arms. She walks next to Zoe and leaned closer. So close I could see Bane breath blowing the odd strand of Zoe amber hair.

I suddenly felt odd. Like something oily and cold was waking in my chest trying to break out. I looked away as Bane leaned closer to Zoe's face. What in the world is this feeling?

I looked back. The closeness. It... annoyed me was the closest thing I could think of. What was Bane trying...

"BOO," Bane suddenly yelled next to Zoe's ear causing not just me too jump back into the wall but also Zoe to suddenly wiggled on the sofa like a fish out of water.

"What the hell. Why are you shouting I'm napping," Zoe complained loudly as she seemed to work out what was going on?

"Good job miss sleeping beauty you fell asleep on Jade. In the doorway," Bane said with an eye roll.

"Oh. Sorry I guess. I mean I didn't mean too it just I had a load of paperwork and I had to run back and I got so sleepy I super didn't mean to," Zoe babbled now sitting up and looking at me while I rubbed the back of my head where I bumped it.

"It's ok," I whisper back

"No, it's not, I could have hurt you," she urged.

I stopping rubbing my head at that. I mean I know I'm weak but I'm not that weak.

"I'm not a kid I'm not that puny," I muttered.

"What's that," ask Bane

"Nothing, nothing. Just wanted to ask Zoe a favour," I muttered coming closer "um, I kind of need to go see my uncle and I wanted to know if, well, um I don't think it would be a good idea to go on my own and well... could you come with me, please?" I asked.

It felt super weird to ask. I didn't want to take any more of her time but I didn't want to be on my own. I knew I had to ask him about why my brain seeming to suddenly be having a breakdown. I just needed him to confirm I was just having weird dreams and there was nothing behind them I should know about. I just needed to be sure.

"Hmm, I would love to Jade but I need to go to an auction and I need to go. If you can wait a day I can come with you," She explained looking even more guilty making me feel like a bad guy.

"No I can wait," I said waving my hands. I didn't want her feeling sad when I owned her so much already.

"Great," Zoe exclaimed jumping up with a smile "you can come with me then."

"What like... to the auction but won't there be lots of people there?" I asked now taking a step back.

"It will be fine. If you come with me then I will go with you to see you uncle k," she said with a happy nod.

I look at Bane with pleading eyes. She raised her hands and gave me a look that seemed to say 'not my problem'. Great. I gave her a sad look before turning back to Zoe.

"Ok, I guess," I muttered hanging my head I defeat.

"Yay," was all I heard before I was engulfed in a warm hug. At first, I stiffen but slowly I loosed up but to slow to enjoy the hug as she let me go after that. "We have to go in the morning as I have some stuff to do there but I got this for you,"

I look up to see her pull a bag from out of fin air before handing it to me.


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