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Chapter 16 · Crowds

Finally, Zoey came back. I was sitting now in the lobby staring at the glowing logo above the door when I heard the door open wave of morning air hit me. A large smile lit up her face yet as she came closer I couldn't smell a hint of coffee.

"Felix said you were getting coffee," I said a bit confuses.

"Yep, I booked a table. Did Felix do his job or do I have to go find him because I think I run out of tuna cans." She asked while offering her hand to me which I took. So warm.

I held up the sheet of papers that he gave me and passed it to Zoey papers that he gave me. She gave me a nod and walked out the door.

"See ya, Felix," Zoey shouted as the door shut behind us. I turn to the now busy street. The humming Of passing cars mixed with people talking on phones and to each over as they walk down the street.

Zoey pulled me along in a small jog. Now with the rising sun, I could see around me much better. Buildings lined the streets like however, they had more space to them with larger gardens and the pathways were lined with streets lights like the old oil ones from the Victorian times.

As we carry on I got good looks at the people around us. Most were human but a few stood out. A group of scaled people walked past with extended shout and short but still clawed fingers. They walked past by us talking in a hissing language that I didn't understand.

We carry on till we got to a small shop with a metal sign hanging above the door showing a steaming teapot. Large drapes covered windows which behind them showed table filled with people holding hot drinks. The door stood open with the words 'golden stream' written on the door and seemed to shimmer like shifting golden sand.

We step up with Zoey leading us to the little queue of people waiting to order. I looked at the tables to see people mostly hidden in booths. They all seemed to be talking a laughing the sound echoing around the room. I moved closer to Zoey into her side.

I wasn't used to this many people. I can almost feel peoples eyes moving onto me like a seal being hunted I sharks. My hands started shaking. I felt like I was being crushed as I shrunk into Zoey shadow to help hide.

I felt a poke to my side. I looked up to see Zoe's face as she nodded towards a staircase. "Go on ahead I will grab us a drinks ok."

I half crept, half sprinted to get up the stairs. I don't care if looked weird doing it I just wanted to be out of here. Away from the noise.

Upon stepping up the finale steps I got to a much quieter landing. It was the same as downstairs but with only one booth filled. An odd group of a goblin with a creepy mask, a blue demon looking person and a pink hair super tall guy with grey fur coving his body. I went to sit at a different table in the corner next to a window.

The sunlight seeped into the room and warmed me as I sat down in it. I had always like room to be warm and sitting in the sun was the best way I found to do it. It was a shame I never went outside much now I was thinking about it but I just couldn't stand people looking at me so I never left my flat.

Now I had time to sit and without the fear of a cat ear weirdo over my should I start to make a plan. Taking the book on magic and a pen I had gotten from Zoe's office I started writing:

To do -
· Find my uncle to explain weird dreams
· Find out about magic (magic school?)
· Find a way to say thanks to Zoe

I didn't know how to do the last one but she saves me from me and I had to do something.

"Now let's fill out that paperwork" came Zoe's voice over my should. I quickly shut the book with the list inside of it. Then I looked at her trying to do my sweetest most innocent smile. From the way she raised an eyebrow, I felt like I haven't done a good job at it.

A note from Silver tail

I do love list. Thanks to DroneMilk for the feedback. 

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