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Chapter 15 ยท Changes

It took about ten minutes but I did finally get some answer. While waiting for Zoey to come back, from getting coffee or so Felix said, I walked into the office.

Felix later came out with a sheet of paper filled with numbers and a 'magic for dummies' book.

"Read the book and have Zoey do the form with you that Void gave you. That what that number sheet is for. Also... I'm sorry for today. Were all a bit on edge with stuff." I heard him say with his bouncy voice now almost normal. I looked up to see he had disappeared again.

"Stupid magic," I Muttered while opening the book.

It took a little while but I got about halfway into it. It started off talking about the different types of magic. There were lots. There were elements such as fire, water and so on but they could also be split into subsections like stream or lightening. Then there was faith magic of priest from gods, a lot of different gods. There was healing, plants, sound and pages more.

Then there was multi caster. They could do spells but only to a limited amount per day and they have to remember spells. I tried to look at some of the most basic ones in the book. The book then went on to explain spells. It went on to say.

'Most spells while hard to learn for those with the skills or training of mages, wizards or in some rare case sorcerer. This is for the magic that is found in that of the words of spells is believed to be almost living and like most wild beast it wishes not to be tamed. However, some basic spells can be learnt even by those who show very little skill in magic with time. Some would even say, such a high mage Zollton of the London tower, the only way to truly learn and master a spell is with time.'

It went on and on. To be truthful its a bit boring.

I opened my mouth for a deep yawn. I looked out the tinted window. The sun was still high up it looked to be noonish but it was still the end of winter so it was hard to tell. Why was I always so sleepy and why did I suddenly become so clumsy.

I stood up and did a quick run. I felt fine a bit sleepy but fine. I looked around and found the toilet. I headed in. It was a simple room with a toilet, basin and mirror. I turn to look in the mirror.


I wasn't me. I mean it was me but my face was sharper. My cheekbones were higher and my swallow cheek looked normal. My once unhealthy yellow coloured skin, while it was still pale from a lack of going outside no longer, had a tint of illness to it.

It was me but not me. It was a better me. I looked at the book still in my hand. Was this magic. I remember every from Void to Bane and even Zoey was good looking and healthy.

Quickly I scanned the book and found the page I wanted.

'Magic can be used to bend space and the rule of the universe it can also affect the user in different ways. This can be down to the bloodline, magic wields or even moulding a person physical body based on their soul itself. It can some help or hinder the user. WARNING: in case of mass magical mutation seek medical help!"

I look back at the mirror. Well, I ever have to believe magic is real or that I just got super high, had a facelift and everyone was in on it. It's bad when I hope that its magic. I sound like I'm ten again.

A note from Silver tail

Sorry if this chapter felt different from the others. I felt like it was a bit bulky but I need to give a bit of an info dump at some point.

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