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Chapter 14 ยท Friend's

I felt the pain. It was like someone was flicking my face. As I open my eyes I soon found out why. Felix was flicking my face.

I didn't move. That dream. It was so wrong, what did it mean. I couldn't understand...

"Wakey wakey little chaos." I felt his breath on my ear. I jumped and fell off the chair I was sat on with a 'thump'.

"You are so very clumsy. Its a wonder you're still living." Came to his voice again coated in a sheen of venom.

"Screw you creep," I muttered.

As I started to stand up my eyes adjusted to the room dim light. I look to see Felix with his tail whipping around sitting on one. of the workbenches. His face now sporting a black eye and the ends of his golden hair blacken with ash and still slightly smoking.

"You call me a creep. I get stuck in a lab every day and because I try to have fun people over reactor," he rebuked with a yawn "if it makes you feel better I can answer some question if you want but only if I get some in return."

"What would I want to know from you pervert?" I asked now nonchalantly heading for the metal door out.

"Well, maybe the best place to nap in the sun maybe was the best fish. Oh and that one question from you so now I get one free." He finished with a smile.

"Are you crazy?"I asked still confused as to what he was on about.

"Me first dear. Why did you have this note in your jean pockets." He purred holding up a folded up piece of paper. My note.

"Give that back," I shouted trying to grab my note.

"Ok after you tell me." He said with a smile while holding it above my head.

"You read it to you," urr "know what it's about." I tried to shout my voice breaking halfway. I needed a drink.

"You're so boring. No fun at all. So I will tell you this now if you're a spy or if you do try to kill yourself I will get your soul and bury it so far from everything you will spend the rest of you in a worse place then the nine hells. Zoey is my family and I will not let her lose anymore." I felt his breath hiss at me while room seemed to grow dark the lights dimming.

I felt like the room was almost squishing me. I look up at his face.

Slowly his face moves away from mine and he smiled at me "I'm sorry to be a meanie but Zoey is my friend. One thing you will learn about magic is that it will not fix your issues and sometimes friends are your only way out of the fiery pits."

"I understand. But there is one more thing." I asked my body able to move again.

"Go on." He said.

"Why is your hair smoking," I whispered trying not to stain my voice.

He looks at me stand so close I could smell him. A mix of chemicals and mint. I think. It was hard to smell over the smell of burnt hair. I could hear the soft breathing. Then I heard a deep laughing.

"Maybe your not too boring after all."

A note from Silver tail


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