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Chapter 13 ยท Weirdos

"Well, are you coming then." Came the giggling voice of Felix.

"How are you doing that and why is that guy so mean," I asked still pissed at that guy.

"Number one: magic. Number two: he's been dumped with a load of paperwork from the top lady, has to keep an eye on all the lemmings, haven't slept in four days and is a recovering alcoholic. Is that all my lady?" saying the last part with a deep over the top bow.

"Um yes," I replied a bit shocked at the quick reply.

"Now to the lab!" Felix shouted with a flick of his lab coat. He started walking out of Voids office and to the large metal door. I followed with Zoey behind be playing on her phone.

And she had the sound on. Some people.

As the door slowly opened Felix waved his hands and in a bellowing tone said "welcome to the great lab of stuff and many things."

White tile walls and a large metal fan for the room of the room. Tables were cluttered with items some long, thin and made of glass whiles glowed and beeped. Everything was everywhere and compared to the formal and clean office this looked like a bomb had hit it.

"Sorry about the mess. I'm doing stuff in the storeroom sooooo yes. Also, Zoey don't go into the storeroom."

"Why what did you do?" She asked a fit of fear forming on her face. God, she was easy to read.

"Its fine, it fine I've done worse," he said while moving around the room. Upon moving to an examination table he swept away all the boxes stored on top onto the floor.

He looked at me and patted the table.

"Wait. You're not going to do anything weird to me. Right." I asked the fear easy to hear in my voice.

"You don't trust me," He cried wiping away a fake tear "after all I have done for you now you wish to frow me to the street rats."

"I've known you for less than five minutes" I tried to shout my voice cracking as I did so.

"Oh and in that time we've shared so much. Your soft legs, my endless charm." He declared with a smug look like the cat that got the cream.

Suddenly he was right in front of me. "Maybe a kiss to make you feel better."

I opened my mouth to shout back but then he kissed me. On my lips. On my fucking lips.


I slapped him as hard as I could.

I wish I hadn't had come out of my flat. There was no need for my uncle paid for it all but oh no. My stupid feelings. That damn cold. That damn nothingness.

I turn around. This was too much. I can't deal with people like him who treat life as a game. A sick fucking game.

That's when I tripped and everything went dark. 

The white tile room and blue sheeted bed. The sounds of people running around me. Back and fro, back and fro their footsteps echoing along the long hall they walk along. I remembered this place.

I was back in that hospitable from all those years ago. Laying in my bed looking out the windows at a nearby park. There were children playing their. I remember it now. So clearly.

The door opened and income two people. One was faceless like a blurred image but the over clean as day to see. My uncle.

I tried to move but my body didn't. A dream or more of a nightmare at the time.

"If you would leave us." came his voice but it sounded wrong like it was from far away or down a well.

He walk towards me and sat down blocking my view of the window and the light of the setting sun.

"Hello, their Jade. It nice to meet you" came his voice again but they seemed to be out of sink with his mouth.

"You likely don't know me but I'm your sister brother. Me and your mom didn't talk much but now I'm here to look after you." He said with a smile. His face was wrong. It was all wrong. The room looked like it was melting almost."

Slow his hand reached for something in his pocket. Soon he held a small glass marble which he placed in my open hand. I didn't remember this. Not at all.


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