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Chapter 12 ยท Forms

Zoey pushed open the door to reveal a simple office. Framed document lined the walls, a small metal document draw sat in the corner while a small window let in the light of the rising sun. At the end of the room sat a wooden desk littered in forms and other paperwork with a small computer humming away giving out a pale light.

Sitting in that pale light sat a large bulking man. Grey hair, grey eye's matching with a grey suit. Black rippling tattoo ran around his hands and up his arms. His face gave away no details apart from the bags under his eyes and his body slumped into the chair giving away his lack of sleep.

"Zoey how can I help you." came the deep voice of Void.

"Um, well I need Felix to have a look at Jade," Zoey muttered with puppy eyes at Void.

"Zoey you know that will not work on me," he replied with a yawn before turning his eyes to me "Zoey would you please leave for a second."

"Sure thing boss man," she agreed" you coming Jade."

"I meant Zoey that me and Miss Jade here should talk. Alone if you please." He replies in an even tone.

"Oh.. alright then I guess I will be outside if you need me." She said slowly walking out the door and shutting it behind her.

"Please take a seat" Void directed me to a small leather couch next to the wall.

"So miss Jade do you happen to have a last name." Void chuckled crossing his arm.

"I do. It's Rivera. Jade Rivera" I babbled

"Any family I should know about" Void responded

"No. No one. Can I ask why?" I replied now starting to get annoyed. I wasn't used to talking this much.

"Work it out yourself. Now, do you know about magic" he sighed?

"No. Is that some type of joke."I snapped back now getting very annoyed.

With a deep sigh, he started reaching into a draw. " I have a form here; fill this out in your own time. The basics you need to know is magic is real. Some people have it some can see it and most can't see it. People can gain magic sight and magic from any age but more likely if other people in their family have magic. You have to go to a school of types that what the forms for. Now then Felix get off her lap and do your job."

"Aw no fair." Came a sound of a teens voice next to me.

I jumped up and failed. looking down to see a person laying on top of me. A slim blond hair guy who looked to be about 20. with Green eye, white lab coat, cat ear and tail. Wait... what.

"Your a cat," I said shocked.

"No, I'm not. Mew." He said raising a hand and using it as a paw.

"Felix stop it." Voids voice grumbled from his chair.

"Your no fun." Came a voice from the corner. I looked down to see he had disappeared.

"What... how... what" I stuttered.

"That Felix. He has many skills. He can teleport and be a pain in the ass at the same time." Void chimed now standing up and walking to the door.

"Your so cute Void when your half asleep," Felix said with a beaming smile.

"Whatever you say. Lock up when you leave. Night Zoey." Void muttered stumbling out the door.

"It morning just to say." Zoey hummed as he walked away.


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